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Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH

Oderstr. 53, 14513 Teltow, Germany
Tel.: +49 3328 437-420, Fax: +49 3328 437-444
email: info@hielscher.com

Hielscher USA, Inc. – Administration / Accounting

530 Ringwood Ave., Lembo&Gray Bldg., Wanaque, NJ 07465, USA
Tel.: +1 (973) 532-6488 x101
email: usa@hielscher.com

Hielscher USA, Inc. – Order Processing / Warehouse

136 Hulme Street, Mount Holly, NJ 08060, USA
Tel.: +1 (973) 532-6488 x108
email: order@hielscher.com

Hielscher welcomes your questions, inquires and feedback. If you would like to receive more information about a certain ultrasonic product or process and for all other inquiries, please do either use the form below or contact us at any of the addresses below. We will get in contact with you shortly.