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UP50H – Compact Lab Homogenizer

The ultrasonic processor UP50H is typically used for the sonication of small lab samples. This homogenizer allows for the handheld or stand-mounted emulsification, dispersing, dissolving or cell disruption.

(Click for larger view!) The UP100H is a compact yet powerful ultrasonic device for handheld and stand-mounted operation.The ultrasonic processor UP50H (50 watts, 30kHz) is the smallest model of our aesthetic laboratory devices, that are only supplied by Hielscher Ultrasonics in that compact form. The UP50H is used in particular in medical, biological or chemical laboratories, where small volumes need to be sonicated. Application fields are found mainly in the analytical field with applications such as the disruption of tissues, the cracking of bacteria or the homogenizing of samples in the food industry.
This device is perfectly suited for handheld operation with its lightweight 1.1kg, but it can also be operated at a stand. Generator and the transducer are combined in one unit, so there is only one cable. One power supply cord – that’s all. For volume samples from 10µL up to 250mL we offer various replaceable sonotrodes with diameters from 0.5 to 7mm. Further accessories such as flow cells made of stainless steel or glass, timers or our PC-control are part of our standard program. Click at the links below, to read more about the applications of our ultrasonic devices.

The UP50H can be used in combination with a flow cell D7K for the sonication of material in continuous flow, e.g. at 10 to 50mL/min. By this, you can simulate continuous sonication processes in smallest scale. For samples larger than 250mL we recommend using the UP100H (100 watts), UP200Ht (200 watts) or the UP400S (400 watts).

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  • (Click for larger view!) UP50H ultrasonic lab homogenizer for handheld and/or standmounted operation
    115 Volts, AC, single phase, 1A, 50-60Hz
    230 Volts, AC, single phase, 0.63A, 50-60Hz