Ultrasonic Tank Agitators

Ultrasonic tank agitators are mechanical agitators. Ultrasonic agitation mixes liquids with other liquids or solids to improve process kinetics in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing. Hielscher Ultrasonics agitators range in size from lab agitators to industrial tank agitators for batch or in-line use.

Ultrasonic Tank Agitators

The purpose of tank agitation is the improvement of process kinetics. Ultrasonic tank agitators assist the following processes:

For many processes, ultrasonic tank agitators can reduce the process time significantly. For example, instead of soaking botanicals for hours in a cold water extraction, agitation by ultrasonication can reduce the processing time to minutes or even seconds. The addition of ultrasonic probes to your existing batch reactors, is a simple method to reduce process time and to increase your production capacity effectively. By this, ultrasonic tank agitation helps to improve performance and to reduce production costs.

Ultrasonic Lab Agitators

Ultrasonic agitators are an essential tool in process research and development. While conventional agitators, often require a significant minimum volume, ultrasonic agitation can be used from as little as 150µL. Hielscher Ultrasonics makes compact handheld ultrasonic mixers and stand-mounted ultrasonic homogenizers for the agitation of various processes. Flowcell reactors are available for all Hielscher ultrasonic devices.

Industrial Ultrasonic Agitators

Hielscher ultrasonic agitators mix a wide range of substances in the manufacture of liquid products, such as paints, inks, color coatings, adhesives, or grease lubricants. Hielscher industrial agitators range from 500 watts to 16 kilowatts of ultrasonic power per single ultrasonic probe. You can use an arrangement of multiple ultrasonic probes for higher total ultrasonic output power.

Linear Scale-Up of Agitator Capacity

One of the key advantages of Hielscher ultrasonic agitators over conventional, traditional mechanical tank agitators is the perfectly linear scale-up. Any results from lab or pilot-scale agitation setups can be scaled up linearly to any larger size.

Ultrasonic Agitator Installation

You can retrofit industrial ultrasonic agitators to existing stirred tank reactors and combine them with other in-tank-mixer types. Alternatively, you can install the ultrasonic agitation probes in-line with a pump to recirculate your product through the ultrasonic reactor. Ultrasonication couples no heat into the product. The ultrasonic probe transmits mechanical energy in the form of mechanical vibrations, only. The liquid mix can heat up up as a result of friction in the liquid when moving.

2000 watts ultrasonic tank agitator on a mobile lift stand

Industrial Ultrasonic Agitator – UIP2000hdT – on Mobile Lift Stand

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Ultrasonic Lab Agitator UP400St

Ultrasonic Agitator UP400St in Plastic Tank for Extraction

Easy-to-Use Tank Agitation

Ultrasonic probe type agitators have no rotating seals. You can mount the probe flange in any direction, angle or position to a reactor tank or any other vessel. Therefore, the same ultrasonic probe is usable as top-entry agitator, side-entry agitator or bottom-entry agitator. You can mount ultrasonics probes for agitation to glass reactors, steel tanks, stainless tanks, or plastic containers, such as IBCs.
The intensity of agitation and the total ultrasonic power coupled into the liquid can be varied by the number and the size of the ultrasonic probes and by the amplitude of ultrasonic vibration. When using multiple ultrasonic probes in one tank, each probe is adjustable independently.
When using ultrasonic tank agitation for the mixing of high viscosity products such as grease lubricants, adhesives, polymers, resins or paints the combination of ultrasonics with a propellor agitator helps to produce more uniform process results.

Easy Clean-in-Place of Wetted Agitator Parts

Ultrasonic agitator probes are made of Titanium Grade 5. This Titanium is a very strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant alloy. General probe diameters vary from 1mm to 40mm for lab use and from 40mm to 90mm for industrial tank agitators. Therefore ultrasonic agitators require small tank ports, only.
Ultrasonic tank agitators can be cleaned easily, because ultrasonic agitators have very simple rotary symmetric geometries and no rotary seals, that can leak or wear out.
During Clean-In-Place procedures (CIP), the ultrasonic probes can assist by intense ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic treatment with 2kW system UIP2000hdT

UIP2000hdT (2kW) for large scale batch treatment

Available Test Setups for Ultrasonic Process Agitation

If you would like to buy an ultrasonic tank agitator, please use the form below to contact us! We will be glad to discuss your process agitation requirements. Please provide additional information about your project, such as volume to be processed per day, material composition and process objective. Based on this information, we can send you details and the price of a suitable tank agitator setup.

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  • For an easy-to-use tank agitation, we do recommend the UP400St (400W, 24kHz) with a sonotrode S24d22L2D (22mm tip diameter). Other diameter sonotrodes are available, of course. This powerful ultrasonic homogenizer, comes with a temperature probe and automatic SD-card protocoling. The UP400St device can operate 24 hours, 7 days a week continuously at full power.

  • The Hielscher UIP1000hdT (1000W, 20kHz) with a sonotrode CS4d40L4 (40mm diameter) has more power, can run at higher amplitudes and process larger volumes. The unit comes with a temperature probe and automatic SD-card protocoling. Larger diameter sonotrodes, longer and shorter sonotrodes are available. We can supply you with the necessary accessories, such as a stand, hight adjustment, a powerful coolant chiller or a jacketed batch vessel with mounting flange.

  • The Hielscher UIP4000hdT (4000W, 20kHz) with a sonotrode CS4d64L4 (64mm diameter) has more mixing power for the processing of very large volumes. The unit comes includes a temperature probe and automatic SD-card protocoling. Other sonotrodes are available. We can supply you with the necessary accessories, such as a mobile lift stand, a powerful coolant chiller or a jacketed batch vessel with mounting flange.

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Facts Worth Knowing About Tank Agitators

There are various mechanisms of agitation and several types of agitation machines. This includes:

  • Stirrers (anchor and frame agitators, radial propellor agitators)
  • Turbine Agitators, Pitch Blade Turbines
  • Paddle Agitators
  • Shakers
  • Magnetic Stir Bars

Many mechanical tank agitators are creating a very low intensity of agitation due to the limited speed of motion and the lack of cavitation. Ultrasonic agitation is a very intense means of mechanical process agitation. Every second, ultrasonication creates more than 20,000 mechanical vibrations in the liquid. This results in intense mixing and forceful shear forces that are useful in the creation of many product formulations. A two-blade propeller would need to run at 600,000 RPM to match that frequency.

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