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UIP1500hd – High Ultrasonic Processing Power

The ultrasonic processor UIP1500hd (20kHz, 1500W) combines high processing power with flexibility. Is is suitable for process development, optimization and for production processes. This includes emulsifying, dispersing & sonochemistry, lysis & extraction or homogenizing.

The UIP1500hd bridges the gap between laboratory testing and the industrial processing of liquids. Its wide range adaptability and easy operation meet the requirements of research and development. The UIP1500hd is built for heavy-duty operation in 24hrs/7days production processes under demanding conditions.

Seamless Scale-Up from Lab to Production

The UIP1500hd is suitable for the sonication of many materials and a variety of processes, such as, nanomaterials, paint & ink, coatings, food & beverage, cosmetics, or chemical processes.

(Click for larger view!) This chart shows a typical setup ultrasonic recirculation processing!The UIP1500hd is commonly used for inline sonication (single pass or loop) in order to obtain a better processing quality. Of course, it can be used for batch sonication, too. The UIP1500hd allows for running at a wide range of ultrasonic parameters sets. You can vary ultrasonic amplitude, liquid pressure and liquid composition, such as:

  • sonotrode amplitudes of up to 170 micron
  • liquid pressures of up to 10 bars
  • liquid flow rates of up to 15L/min
    (depending on the process)
  • liquid temperatures of up to 80 degC
    (other temperatures on request)
  • material viscosity of up to 100.000cp

This flexibility allows for finding the optimal process configuration. The UIP1500hd offers you exact reproducibility and linear scaleability. Any sonication setup can be reproduced and can be used at continuous operation or can be scale up to any larger unit. We offer a wide range of accessories, like sonotrodes, boosters and flow cell reactors and sound protection boxes. The PC-Control (optional software interface) allows for the recording of the individual test runs.

Typical flow rates for the UIP1500hd are between 0.5 and 6.0L/min or 1 to 8m³/day. For higher production capacity, we recommend using either multiple units or one of the more powerful ultrasonic devices:

Industrial Grade and Outstanding Efficiency

While the UIP1500hd can be used in the lab, it is designed and built for industrial processing. It requires little maintenance, is easy to setup and simple to clean and to sanitize. We offer special flow cell reactors meeting the advanced CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (sterilize-in-place) requirements. The transducer of the UIP1500hd is IP65 grade and withstands dirt, dust, moisture or outside operation.

(Click for larger view!) The overall energy efficiency is important for the ultrasonication of liquids. The efficiency describes how much of the power is transmitted from the plug into the liquid. Our sonication devices have an overall efficiency of more than 80%.Due to its outstanding transformation efficiency, the transducer does not require forced cooling, such as cooling water or compressed air. It is built into a closed housing and there are no louvers in the transducer case. Lower heat losses means, that more energy is transmitted into the liquid, resulting in a better sonication. The overall energy efficiency of the UIP1500hd is approx. 80-90% from the power plug into the liquid (click at the image above to enlarge the chart).

Full Control and High Performance

Of course, the UIP1500hd can be run at 1500W continuously. It delivers the power at a controlled amplitude level, so that the magnitude of the mechanical ultrasonic vibrations at the sonotrode is constant under all load conditions. You can change the amplitude from 50 to 100% at the generator and by using various booster horns. The set amplitude is constant, while sonicating any material at any pressure. This feature gives you full control over the most important sonication parameter: Amplitude.

The UIP1500hd comes with an intelligent automatic frequency tuning that finds the optimal operational frequency, automatically. This gives you a higher overall energy efficiency and reliability.

Testing and Evaluation on Good Terms

If you would like to test the UIP1500hd for your process, you can rent all standard items at good terms. Alternatively, you can run tests with the UIP1500hd in our process laboratory. Please use the form below, to ask for a proposal or for a UIP1500hd.

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