Support and Trouble Shooting for Your Ultrasonic Device

Hielscher ultrasonic devices are built to the highest industry standards. Should you face any trouble or defect, please let us know! Our support team will be glad to assist you in getting your ultrasonic unit operational again, quickly.

Perform a Self Diagnosis

If you face any trouble with your ultrasonic device, you can perform a simple self diagnosis. Please prepare the diagnosis by checking the following prerequisites.

  • Please familiarize yourself with the manuals and with the technical specifications of the ultrasonic device. If your ultrasonic equipment has a touch screen, we supplied a soft-copy of the manuals on the SD card that comes with your unit.
  • All device parts, cables and plugs should be dry and free from visual defects. Cables of more than 2 meters length should be unrolled.
  • All fan outlets must not be blocked. Please refer to the manual regarding the maximum ambient temperature for your ultrasonic device. The device must not be wet or moist inside the electronics or plugs.
  • Connect your ultrasonic equipment to a power outlet of the designated voltage and sufficient amperage. Slow acting fuses are recommended.
  • If your ultrasonic device has an SD card slot, please install the SD card without write-protection.
  • Please inspect the sonotrode, booster and horn carefully for discolorations or damages. Cavitational pitting on the active surfaces is normal wear and tear resulting from ultrasonic cavitation.
  • The contact surfaces and the threads of the sonotrode, booster and horn should be clean, dry and free from defects. Wipe the surfaces with ethanol and let them dry before mounting.
  • Mount the sonotrode very tightly. Please see the instructions in the manual. The tight mounting of the sonotrode and of the boosters is very important.
  • If your ultrasonic device has a touch screen, please check the settings and reset the calibration. Please set time and date correctly.
  • Please adjust amplitude to 100% and cycle to 100%.
  • Prepare a beaker or a bucket with tap water that will fit your sonotrode size. The water should have room temperature.
  • Wear ear protection and goggles! Other personal safety equipment may be required for your sonication system.

Now, that all requirements are met, please do the following.

  • Start the ultrasonic device in air.
  • If the ultrasonic device starts up, please note down the operating power in watts. Not all ultrasonic devices come with a power meter or with a power display on the touch screen.
  • If the device makes loud noises or if it starts to pulse, please note this down. A short video sequence may help us to help you.
  • If the ultrasonic device does not start up, please mount a different sonotrode if available. Then repeat.
  • If the ultrasonic device does still not start in air, please stop here and contact us.
  • If the ultrasonic device is running in air, then immerse the vibrating sonotrode slowly into water. Spraying of liquid may occur. Please look at the power meter or at the power display on the touch screen. The ultrasonic power should go up, as you immerse the sonotrode deeper into the water.
  • If the ultrasonic device stops at the first contact of the sonotrode with water, please mount a different sonotrode or booster if available. Then repeat.
  • If your ultrasonic devices stops at a power level, that is significantly below the nominal power, please contact us.
  • Please note down any status or error messages.
  • If your ultrasonic device runs at full power when the sonotrode is fully immersed, please let it run for 5 to 10 minutes. The use of a stand is recommended for larger ultrasonic devices.

Contact Us!

If the steps above do not solve your problem, please contact us! Please do not try to perform a repair before you heard back from us. Please provide us with detailed information about your ultrasonic setup and your problem. Please help us to help you, by sending us the following information! Our support team will get with you in contact as soon as possible!

    • Please provide us with your device serial number. If you have a device with a touch screen, please go to settings and scroll down to the info section. Please send us the version numbers of hardware and software, too.
    • Please take several pictures of your ultrasonic device, accessories and of your complete setup. This should include a picture of the setup in which the problem occurs. A picture of the cavitational pitting on the sonotrode surfaces may allow us to estimate its state of wear and tear.
    • Please send us a detailed description of your problem and any error messages you observe.
    • Describe the conditions under which problem occurs. This should include the sonicated material, such as temperature, liquid type, viscosity, volume and liquid pressure. If you use a pump, specify the type and make and include a picture.
    • Take a picture or short video sequence that shows the problem or the error message while it occurs.
    • If your ultrasonic device has an SD card, please send us the CSV-files that were recorded during the trouble shooting, while your problem occurred. If available include a CSV-file of the last sonication run, before the problem occurred.

When sending us the information, please try to keep the attachment size below 6 MB total. Use ZIP-compression if necessary.

Technical Support Request Form

Please form below or send an email with attachments to Please make sure to include the serial number of your sonicator!

Please note our privacy policy.

Repair Don’t Replace

Even if a defect occurs after many years of heavy use, it makes good sense to repair Hielscher ultrasonic devices instead of replacing them. Repairs require substantially less resources and are environmentally friendly. Our technical support team will assist you with any information for trouble shooting or repair. Working Hielscher ultrasonic devices have good resale value on used equipment platforms or Ebay. Entrepreneurs and technology start-ups are constantly looking for used Hielscher equipment. If you have no further use for your ultrasonic homogenizer, consider donating it to a local college or university. It may contribute to a significant scientific discovery there.

Installation of the UIP2000hdT, a powerful ultrasonic processor. Hielscher Ultrasonics' support team assists you with installation, operation and trouble shooting.

Installation of UIP2000hdT for extraction

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