Ultrasonics for Vaccine Production

  • Ultrasonics is a proven method to destroy or inactivate viruses, bacteria and yeast.
  • Ultrasonics are reliable for the lysis of cells, e.g. viral or bacterial cells and the release of intracellular matter, e.g. proteins, DNA/RNA, enzymes and bioactives.
  • Ultrasonic Dispersion and Deagglomeration can be applied at various steps during vaccine production to obtain a homogeneous suspension.

Ultrasonic Vaccine Production

For the preparation of vaccines, including inactivated, attenuated, protein subunit or conjugate vaccines, cells have to be either inactivated, lysed or killed. With the appropriate dose and intensity of sonication, cells and microbes can be treated in accordance to the process goal.

Apply ultrasonic waves to:

  • disrupt and lysate cells
  • inactivate viral and bacterial cells
  • release of intracellular material, e.g. proteins, antigens
  • stimulate bacterial activity
  • prepare nano drug carriers
  • activate/ inactivate enzymes
  • prepare nano-emulsions and double emulsions

Ultrasonic Vaccine Preparation on Lab and Industrial Scale

Hielscher Ultrasonics offers a broad range of ultrasonic devices from lab scale to full industrial grade equipment for commercial production. We cover your needs from small ultrasonicators for your research department up to the full-stream processing of your commercially produced pharmaceuticals.

Reliable and Adjustable to Your Application Needs

By adjusting the parameters of ultrasonic processing, the effects of sonication can be precisely controlled. This means that a low amplitude and short sonication has very soft effects, while high amplitudes, elevated pressure and longer sonication duration results in intense processing.
Hielscher supplies powerful ultrasonic devices that can be precisely controlled in accordance to the process requirements. Manifold sonotrodes and accessories complete the offering.

Safe and Clean

Hielscher’s ultrasonicators can be easily installed in cleanroom laboratories and production facilities. The housings of our devices are made from antibacterial plastic or stainless steel. All wetted parts, such as our sonotrodes and flow cells, are made from titanium or stainless steel and can be autoclaved.
Hielscher Ultrasonics offer a manifold range of standard devices and accessories as well as customized equipment.


  • precisely adjustable to the process
  • clean & hygienic processing
  • highly reproducible
  • linear scale-up
  • easy & safe operation
  • reliable & robust equipment
  • high efficiency
  • The brand new 200 watts ultrasonic lab devices UP200St and UP200Ht are powerful homogenizers for homogenization, emulsification, dispersing, deagglomeration, milling & grinding, extraction, lysis, disintegration, degassing, spraying, and sonochemical applications.

    Ultrasonic tissue homogenizer UP200St

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    Prepare Tissue
    Disrupt Cells
    Prepare Lysates
    Extract DNA / RNA
    Extract Proteins
    Homogenize Susupensions
    Emulsify Liposomes
    Stimulate Bacterial Activity
    Accelerate Enzymatic Reactions
    Accelerate Chemical Reactions
    Prepare Emulsions
    Disperse Powders
    Degas Liquids
    Deaglomerate Particles
    Dissolve Powders
    Dissolve Tablets

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    Facts Worth Knowing

    Ultrasonic tissue homogenizers are often referred to as probe sonicator/ sonificator, sonic lyser, ultrasound disruptor, ultrasonic grinder, sono-ruptor, sonifier, sonic dismembrator, cell disrupter, ultrasonic disperser, emulsifier or dissolver. The different terms result from the various applications that can be fulfilled by sonication.