Sterile Homogenization using Sonification

For sterile homogenization, a sample is placed into a sterile container which then is agitated in order to obtain a homogeneous blend. Ultrasonification is a highly efficient and reliable technique to treat one or multiple samples under sterile conditions and results in a rapid sterile homogenization.

Why is Ultrasonification Superior for Sterile Homogenization?

Sterile homogenization is a process used to reduce the size of particles in liquid or liquid-solid samples, usually for the preparation of analyis or testing. It is typically used in the production of pharmaceuticals, food and beverage products, and cosmetics, as well as in scientific research and development.
In the process of sterile homogenization, a sample is placed in a sterile container and then subjected to mechanical force, such as high-performance ultrasonication.
Ultrasonic shear forces – generated by acoustic cavitation – create highly intense mechanical agitation to break down the particles into smaller sizes. After sonication, sample is removed from the sterile container and then filtered to remove any large particles or debris that may have been generated during the homogenization process.
Sterile homogenization is important in many industries because it allows for the production of consistent, uniform products, whilst keeping the sample free from any contamination. This means sterile homogenization using indirect sonification helps to ensure the integrity and purity of the final product.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Sterile Homogenization

  • use standard sterile disposables
  • intense agitation
  • uniform and repeatable
  • for any sample number and volume
  • easy and safe to operate

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Ultrasonic cuphorn for the uniform and intense sonication of up to 5 closed tubes and vials for uniform and rapid sterile sample homogenisation.

Ultrasonic cuphorn for the intense sonication of closed tubes and vials for sterile homogenization of samples.

Powerful Sonication Systems for Sterile Homogenization

Hielscher Ultrasonics offers various solutions for sterile sample homogenization:
The VialTweeter is ideal for the sonication of up to 10 Eppendorf tubes and other vials simultaneously. The closed sample tubes are placed into the VialTweeter sonotrode. Additionally, larger sample vessels can be clamped to the front. The VialTweeter provides a uniformly intense homogenization of all samples.
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The VialTweeter is a unique ultrasonic system for the simultaneous sonication of up to 10 vials under the exactly same conditions without cross-contamination.

UP200St with VialTweeter for Sonication of Closed Vials

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UP200St_TD Cuphorn
The Hielscher ultrasonic cuphorn is a powerful ultrasonic water bath for the simultaneous sonification of larger beakers or up to 5 vials, which are put into the vial holder. Intense ultrasound waves are transmitted through the water bath into the sample vessels and provide a rapid and uniform homogenization.
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This video shows the 200 watts ultrasonic cuphorn for dispersing, homogenizing, extracting or degassing of lab samples.

Ultrasonic Cuphorn (200 Watts)

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The UIP400MTP is a versatile ultrasonic system for the sonication of any standard microtiter plate type as well as simultaneous homogenization of several vials and tubes. Additionally, the UIP400MTP is an potent alternative to flapping homogenizers. Just place your bag, pouch or sachet into the water bath. The UIP400MTP will reliably produce a homogeneous sample.
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The video shows the ultrasonic sample preparation system UIP400MTP, which allows for the reliable sample preparation of any standard multi-well plates using high-intensity ultrasound. Typical applications of the UIP400MTP include cell lysis, DNA, RNA, and chromatin shearing as well as protein extraction.

Ultrasonicator UIP400MTP for multi-well plate sonication

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The VialTweeter is a MultiSample Ultrasonicator that allows for reliable sample homogenisation under sterile conditions.

The VialTweeter with VialPress is a sterile homogeniser for uniform and rapid sterile sample preparation.

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The GDmini2 is Hielscher‘s ultrasonic micro-reactor for the continuous homogenization of samples using a disposable pipe or tube made from glass or plastics. The GDmini2 works as an ultrasonic homogenizer agitation a straight glass or plastic tube under sterile conditions. It homogenizes, disperses, disrupts cells or emulsifies liquids that flow through the mounted tube. It can be used as a sterile inline reactor for single-pass or recirculated ultrasonic processing.
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Syringe Agitation System
Sonicate any standard syringe with the Hielscher ultrasonicator for indirect syringe sonication. The syringe is clamped into a fixture of the Hielscher ultrasonic homogenizer. Intense ultrasound waves are transmitted through the syringe walls and coupled into the medium for effective homogenization. The Hielscher syringe sonication system is ideal for dissolving APIs and therapeutics before medical administration.

Hielscher GDmini2 at UP200St-TD Transducer (200 watts) for sterile homogenisation of samples in flow through mode.

Hielscher GDmini2 at UP200St-TD Transducer (200 watts) for sterile homogenisation in flow mode.

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Ultrasonic Multi-Sample Preparation Unit UIP400MTP for multi-well plate sonication. The UIP400MTP works also as alternative to flapping homogenizer, agitating sealed bags and pouches ultrasonically under sterile conditions.

UIP400MTP for sterile homogenisation of multi-well plates and sealed bags and pouches for sterile homogenisation.

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