Ultrasonic CupHorn

The Hielscher Ultrasonic CupHorn is the world’s most advanced ultrasonic cuphorn. The ultrasonic intensity of the Hielscher CupHorn exceeds conventional ultrasonic baths by a thousand times. Precise control and user-friendliness ensure reliable and repeatable outcomes and comfortable operation. That’s why the Hielscher CupHorn is used in laboratories and research facilities around the world.

This video shows the 200 watts ultrasonic cuphorn for dispersing, homogenizing, extracting or degassing of lab samples.

Ultrasonic Cuphorn (200 Watts)

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UP200St TD_CupHorn for the indirect sonication of samples

UP200St-CupHorn for the indirect sonication of samples

The Hielscher CupHorn is ideal for:

  • sample preparation
  • pre-analytical sample prep
  • homogenization
  • cell lysis
  • DNA shearing
  • dispersions
  • emulsions
  • extraction
  • dissolving
  • degassing / deaeration

Efficient Sample Preparation with the CupHorn

The UP200St-CupHorn is a 200 watts powerful ultrasonicator for the indirect sonication of multiple sample vials at the same time under same conditions. The CupHorn works by the principle of indirect sonication and functions as high-intensity ultrasonic water bath. The indirect sonication is ideal, when closed vials or tubes must be treated, e.g. to prevent contamination or to keep hazardous samples (pathogens, toxins) in a closed container. Alternatively, the CupHorn can be used as small ultrasonic reactor, in which the sample is sonicated directly. The ultrasonic oscillations are transmitted via the water bath in the cuphorn coupling acoustic cavitation into the sample tube.

With this high ultrasonic intensity, the Hielscher CupHorn is ideally suited for homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying, extracting or degassing of laboratory samples. This makes the Hielscher CupHorn an essential tool, e.g. in microbiological, pharmacological and chemical laboratories, in material research or in analytical labs. Pharmacies benefit from the easy and reproducible handling of the instrument when preparing standard formulations and compounding drugs.

For Vials, Tubes, and Beakers:
The vial insert can hold up to 5 standard tubes such as Eppendorf vials and positions them in the cuphorn.A special holder facilitates the sonication Eppendorf tubes and autosampler vials and allows the simultaneous treatment of multiple samples under same conditions. You can also use the cuphorn to sonicate larger sample volumes, larger test tubes, beakers, small laboratory flasks or syringes placing them in the water bath of the cuphorn.

Precise Control and Repeatable Results:
The maximum ultrasonic power of 200 watts and the ultrasonic amplitude of 10 micrometers can be precisely adjusted on the coloured touchscreen of the generator. An adjustable timer and cycle function are of course included as standard, as is the PT100 thermal sensor for recording and logging the temperature and the SD card. On the latter, the parameters and performance data are logged in real time for each sonication. The resulting CSV files can be opened with any spreadsheet program or as a text file.

The Hielscher CupHorn is a high-intensity ultrasonic bath for sample preparation steps such as lysis, extraction, DNA fragmentation, dispersion and emulsification.

The CupHorn excels conventional ultrasonic baths in intensity and allows for a reliable and rapid sample preparation.

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Temperature control:
To maintain a certain sample temperature, cooling water can be circulated through the cup during operation (a small pumps is required, which is not included). For convenient draining of the coupling fluid, the CupHorn has a deep outlet. The innovative quick-lock system, allows easy disassembly for cleaning.

Certified Quality:
Hielscher Ultrasonics in Teltow, Germany is an owner-managed family business. Hielscher Ultrasonics is ISO certified. Of course the 200 Watt CupHorn is CE compliant and meets the requirements of UL, CSA and RoHs.

The Hielscher ultrasonic CupHorn excels conventional ultrasonics baths and is a reliable tool for sample preparation.

The Hielscher ultrasonic CupHorn offer high intensity, precise control and user-firendliness. These features make the CupHorn a reliable tool for sample preparation.

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