Ultrasonic Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee prepared using a sonicator is a process in which ultrasound waves are used as cold brewing technique. Instead of heat, powerful ultrasound waves extract flavor compounds from coffee grounds. Cold brew coffee offers a flavor profile that tends to be smoother and less acidic. With ultrasonication, the time-intense steeping for 24 hours or longer in cold water is shortened to a few seconds.


Ultrasonic extraction is the superior method to produce cold-brew coffee from coffee ground. Sonication releases the flavour compounds and caffeine within seconds.

Ultrasonic Extraction of Caffeine and Brewing Cold-Brew Coffee

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Cold brew coffee using the UP200Ht sonicator - delivering 200 watts ultrasound power at a frequency of 24 kHz

Sonicator UP200Ht for rapidly brewing cold coffee using ultrasound waves


Ultrasonic extractor installed on a reactor for the extraction of bioactive compounds from tea and coffee

Industrial sonicator UIP2000hdT for cold brew coffee production

Why preparing Cold Brew Coffee with Ultrasonics?

Ultrasonic cold brew coffee is prepared by applying ultrasonic energy during the cold brewing process. Compared to the highly time-consuming traditional cold brew methods, ultrasonic cold coffee extraction offers significant advantages. As ultrasonic cold brew coffee preparation is a faster, more efficient brewing method, ultrasonic cold brew coffee convinces with a bolder, smoother flavor. Consumers describe the taste experience of ultrasonic cold brew as highly balanced aroma profile with reduced bitterness and acidity.

But sonication not only improves the flavor richness in cold brew coffee beverages. It facilitates the production process by time efficiency, consistently high quality and simple flavor modifications for customized coffees.

  • Faster Extraction: Ultrasonic waves help accelerate the extraction of flavors, oils, and caffeine from the coffee grounds, reducing the steeping time required for cold brewing. This can result in a more efficient extraction process, producing a flavorful cold brew in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.
  • Enhanced Flavor Profile: The use of ultrasonic energy can enhance the extraction of flavor compounds from the coffee grounds, resulting in a more complex and robust flavor profile. The gentle agitation provided by ultrasonic waves helps release aromatic compounds and oils, contributing to a richer and more aromatic cold brew.
  • Improved Extraction Efficiency: Ultrasonic cold brew can achieve higher extraction efficiencies compared to traditional methods, ensuring that more of the desirable compounds present in the coffee grounds are extracted into the final brew. This can lead to a more concentrated and flavorful cold brew with fewer wasted coffee grounds.
  • Customizable Extraction Parameters: Ultrasonic cold brew systems often allow for precise control over extraction parameters such as temperature, intensity, and duration of ultrasonic treatment. This flexibility enables coffee enthusiasts to fine-tune the brewing process according to their preferences, resulting in a customized cold brew with optimal flavor characteristics.
  • Reduced Bitterness and Acidity: Ultrasonic cold brew methods can help mitigate the bitterness and acidity often associated with traditional cold brews. By optimizing extraction parameters and promoting more uniform extraction, ultrasonic processing can produce a smoother and more balanced cold brew with reduced bitterness and acidity levels.
  • Consistency and Reproducibility: Hielscher sonicators for cold brew coffee offer greater consistency and reproducibility in the brewing process, ensuring that each batch of cold brew maintains the desired flavor profile and quality standards. This reliability makes ultrasonic cold brew an attractive option for commercial coffee production and specialty coffee shops.
Ultrasonic probe UP400St for the efficient extraction of caffeine from coffee beans, tea and cocoa. Ultrasonication intensifies and improves the Swiss Water Decaffeination process.

Sonicator UP400St – preparing a batch of ultrasonic cold brew coffee within a few seconds

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The Science behind Sonicated Cold Brew Coffee

The principle of cold brewing coffee using ultrasound waves is the known as ultrasonic extraction. Ultrasonic extraction is a process intensifying technique based on acoustic cavitation.
Ultrasonic cavitation for cold brew coffee: When you immerse coffee grounds in water and apply ultrasonic waves, these waves create microscopic bubbles in the liquid. As these bubbles collapse, they generate intense localized heat and pressure, leading to a phenomenon known as cavitation.
During acoustic cavitation, the collapsing bubbles release energy, which causes micro-jets of liquid to form. These micro-jets penetrate the coffee grounds, facilitating the extraction of flavor compounds more efficiently than traditional methods. Additionally, cavitation helps to break down cell walls in the coffee grounds, further enhancing the extraction process.
Cavitation is used exte in botanical extraction and it has been proven in numerous studies that probe-type sonication highly efficiently breaks up cell structures. Destroying the cell walls facilitates the release of antioxidants, polyphenols, flavours and aroma compounds.
This means that breaking up coffee grounds using a probe-type sonicator yields in an excellent coffee aroma, a bold flavour, and higher antioxidant levels.


In this video clip we show you how you can quickly prepare your cold brew coffee using a coffee pad and the UP200Ht probe-type-ultrasonicator.

Cold Brew Coffee with Sonicator (Hielscher UP200Ht Sonicator)

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Sonicators for Cold Brew Coffee

The result is a cold brew coffee that boasts a fuller flavor profile and smoother taste compared to conventional methods. The use of ultrasonic waves reduces the extraction time significantly, allowing for a more efficient brewing process without compromising on taste or quality.
Hielscher Ultrasonics offers sophisticated state-of-the-art sonicators for enthusiastic up-scale baristas and industrial sonicators for the coffee beverage industry.

Why Hielscher Ultrasonics?

  • high efficiency
  • state-of-the-art technology
  • reliability & robustness
  • adjustable, precise process control
  • batch & inline
  • for any volume
  • intelligent software
  • smart features (e.g., programmable, data protocolling, remote control)
  • easy and safe to operate
  • low maintenance
  • CIP (clean-in-place)

Design, Manufacturing and Consulting – Quality Made in Germany

Hielscher ultrasonicators are well-known for their highest quality and design standards. Robustness and easy operation allow the smooth integration of our ultrasonicators into industrial facilities. Rough conditions and demanding environments are easily handled by Hielscher ultrasonicators.

Hielscher Ultrasonics is an ISO certified company and put special emphasis on high-performance ultrasonicators featuring state-of-the-art technology and user-friendliness. Of course, Hielscher ultrasonicators are CE compliant and meet the requirements of UL, CSA and RoHs.

The table below gives you an indication of the approximate processing capacity of our ultrasonicators:

Batch VolumeFlow RateRecommended Devices
0.5 to 1.5mLn.a.VialTweeter
1 to 500mL10 to 200mL/minUP100H
10 to 2000mL20 to 400mL/minUP200Ht, UP400St
0.1 to 20L0.2 to 4L/minUIP2000hdT
10 to 100L2 to 10L/minUIP4000hdT
15 to 150L3 to 15L/minUIP6000hdT
n.a.10 to 100L/minUIP16000
n.a.largercluster of UIP16000

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