Multiwell Plate Sonicator

The Hielscher UIP400MTP is the most advanced and most powerful multiwell plate sonicator on the market. It is designed to deliver unparalleled sonication efficiency, precision and reproducibility across a wide range of applications. It works with your multiwell plates, PCR plates and assays. This ability makes this plate sonicator invaluable across different scientific fields including chemistry, biology, and material science. Whether you are in an academic setting or a private sector laboratory, the UIP400MTP plate sonicator is engineered to enhance your research capabilities.
Hielscher UIP400MTP multiwell plate sonicator with PCR plate

Hielscher UIP400MTP multiwell plate sonicator with PCR plate

The Multiwell Plate Sonicator For Research and Analytics

For researchers in academic research labs who are pushing the boundaries of science, the UIP400MTP is an indispensable tool for facilitating complex experiments. From next generation sequencing (NGS) to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and assay sonication, this plate sonicator ensures reproducible results without sample loss or cross-contamination. It is particularly adept at handling delicate tasks such as DNA shearing, where precision is paramount.
In fast-paced commercial environments where process time and accuracy are critical, the UIP400MTP excels. Its ability to rapidly and uniformly process sonicate multiple samples at a time makes it an ideal choice for applications like enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology and PCR, where throughput and consistency can significantly impact productivity and profitability.

Ultrasonic Multi-Sample Processing

Upgrade to the Hielscher UIP400MTP multiwell plate sonicator for effective multi sample sonication and homogenization. Whether streamlining daily tasks, enhancing the reproducibility of results, or exploring new methodologies, the UIP400MTP is your laboratory’s gateway to innovation and efficiency.

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Key Features of the UIP400MTP Multiwell Sonicator

High-Throughput SonicationPerfectly suited for 96-well sonication and other multiwell plates, the UIP400MTP allows for simultaneous, identical sonication of multiple samples, dramatically reducing preparation time and increasing the throughput of high-volume tests.
Versatility Across Multiwell PlatesThe Hielscher UIP400MTP can sonicate your standard multiwell plates, PCR plates, Elisa plates or a microtiter plates ensuring optimal sonication regardless of the container type. Round-bottom or flat bottom plates, coated or uncoated plates, skirted or unskirted plates, 96, 384, or 1536 wells or any other configuration, the Hielscher UIP400MTP will work with your standard plates. This versatility makes it an excellent PCR instrument for laboratories conducting diverse analytical tasks.
Precision and ControlWith state-of-the-art controls, users can finely tune the ultrasonic parameters to suit specific processing needs, ensuring maximum sonication efficiency and effectiveness for every experiment.
Temperature ControlSet a specific temperature for your sonication. The UIP400MTP plate sonicator can monitor sample temperature and adjust the sonication accordingly. A recirculating cooling liquid chills each well in the plate for precise temperature control.
Non-contact SonicationThe Hielscher multiwell plate sonicator UIP400MTP sonicates without sample contact and it can process closed vessels and vials or sealed multiwell plates. Hielscher makes custom sample holders for any non-standard vials or vessels.
Protocoling and Remote ControlEach sonication run can be controlled from a computer. No software installation is needed. You can use your standard browser (e.g Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari) on any operating system (e.g. MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS or Linux) to control and monitor the UIP400MTP remotely. Each sonication run produces a detailed sonication protocol for evaluation and documentation. The protocol file is in a non-proprietary CSV-format, that you can open with your preferred program, e.g. Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or OpenOffice Calc.
Robust and ReliableBuilt in Germany to Hielscher’s high quality standards, the UIP400MTP is not just powerful but also remarkably durable, designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in a professional lab environment. You can use the UIP400MTP continuously 24 hours, 7 days a week in high-throughput operations.
The video shows the multiwell plate sonicator UIP400MTP, which allows for the reliable sample sonication of any standard 96-well plates using high-intensity ultrasound. Typical applications of the UIP400MTP include cell lysis, DNA, RNA, and chromatin shearing as well as protein extraction.

96-Well Plate Sonicator UIP400MTP for multiwell plate sonication

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Applications of the UIP400MTP Multiwell Plate Sonicator

From advanced genetic research to biochemical assays, immunotherapy and cancer research, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical development and general laboratory applications, the UIP400MTP plate sonicator ensures high efficiency and reproducibility. Below, we explore the distinct sectors and key processes where this multiwell plate sonicator excels.

  1. Advanced Genetic and Cellular Research

    • Cell Lysis: Using the Hielscher UIP400MTP, ultrasonic cell lysis is performed to disrupt cell membranes efficiently, facilitating the extraction of proteins, DNA, and other cellular components for downstream analysis such as next generation sequencing (NGS). The UIP400MTP allows for precise control over sonication parameters, ensuring optimal lysis without damaging sensitive molecular components.
    • DNA Shearing: DNA shearing with the UIP400MTP is essential for preparing samples for next generation sequencing, where the creation of uniform and reproducible fragment sizes is crucial. This process benefits greatly from the UIP400MTP’s ability to deliver consistent ultrasonic energy, which is key for achieving high-quality sequencing results. The UIP400MTP can generate narrow fragment distributions centered in the range from 100 base pairs to 20000 base pairs.
    • RNA Extraction: The UIP400MTP sonication enhances the RNA extraction process, ensuring high yields of intact RNA necessary for critical applications like gene expression studies and viral research. The precise control over ultrasound parameters, such as amplitude and sonication time allows for efficient cell disruption while preserving RNA integrity.
    • Nucleic Acid Extraction: Nucleic acid extraction using the UIP400MTP is optimized to release DNA/RNA without shearing, essential for applications in molecular diagnostics and research that require high-purity samples for PCR and other analytical techniques.
    • Cell Cultures and Fixed Tissues: Use Hielscher UIP400MTP for extraction of proteins and nuclei acids from cell cultures, FFPE and fresh frozen tissue. Sonication allows for the efficient and quick deparaffinization of FFPE samples avoiding toxic substances such as xylene. Read here more about high-throughput sample prep of FFPE using the UIP400MTP.
  2. Biochemical and Microbiological Assays

    • ELISA Assays: Utilizing the UIP400MTP in ELISA assays enhances the mixing of reagents and samples in all wells. This ensures consistent and reliable immunological reactions and it is crucial for diagnostics and research, where assay sonication can influence the sensitivity and specificity of the results. The precision of the UIP400MTP in handling multiple samples simultaneously makes it a valuable tool in clinical and research laboratories.
    • Protein Crystallization: Protein crystallization aided by the UIP400MTP involves precise control of solute concentrations and environmental conditions to obtain high-quality crystals for X-ray crystallography. This process is fundamental in structural biology to determine molecular structures and interactions.
  3. Immunotherapy Research

    • Antigen Processing: The UIP400MTP facilitates the preparation and processing of antigens for vaccine development, enhancing antigen presentation for more effective immunotherapy treatments.
    • Cell Activation: Utilizing sonication to activate immune cells, the UIP400MTP promotes the proliferation and activation of T-cells and other immune cells crucial for targeted immunotherapy approaches.
    • Cytokine Release: Sonication with the UIP400MTP can be used to stimulate the release of cytokines from cells. This is an important process in developing and testing new immunotherapeutic drugs.
    • Lipid Nanoparticle Preparation: The UIP400MTP is instrumental in the preparation of lipid nanoparticles used in mRNA vaccine delivery, crucial for new-generation vaccines and immunotherapies.
  4. Cancer Research

    • Tumor Cell Disruption: The UIP400MTP can disrupt tumor cells effectively for analysis or to increase the efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents, facilitating the study of cancer cells’ behavior and treatment responses.
    • Exome Isolation: Sonication helps isolate exomes from blood or other biological fluids. This is vital for cancer diagnostics and studying tumor progression.
    • Drug Penetration Studies: Enhancing drug delivery into dense tumor tissues via sonication, the UIP400MTP improves the efficacy of drug penetration studies, crucial for developing more effective cancer treatments.
    • Gene Therapy Preparation: The UIP400MTP aids in the preparation of vectors for gene therapy, an emerging field in cancer treatment that targets genetic alterations in tumors.
  5. High-Throughput Pharmaceutical Development

    • Drug Formulation and Development: Utilizing the Hielscher UIP400MTP plate sonicator, this process dramatically enhances the solubility and bioavailability of pharmaceutical compounds. This step is crucial for creating effective medications with optimized absorption rates, essential in pharmaceutical research where the efficacy of drug delivery systems is essential. The UIP400MTP ensures precise and reproducible results in multiwell sonication setups, making it a preferred tool for formulation scientists.
    • Liposome Preparation: The preparation of liposomes using the UIP400MTP multi sample homogenizer is key in developing targeted drug delivery systems. This process involves ultrasonic encapsulating active pharmaceutical ingredients within liposomes to improve targeted cell delivery and reduce systemic side effects, a critical advancement in nanomedicine. The UIP400MTP’s precision ultrasonication facilitates the stable encapsulation of compounds, enhancing the effectiveness of therapeutic formulations.
    • Preparation of Microemulsions: In the creation of microemulsions, the capabilities of UIP400MTP for high-throughput sonication are indispensable. These systems are used to enhance the delivery of hydrophobic drugs, increasing their bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy. The UIP400MTP sonication ensures uniform and stable microemulsion formation, critical for consistent pharmacokinetic properties in drug development.
  6. Nanotechnology and Material Science

    • Nanoparticle Dispersion: The dispersion of nanoparticles is critical in material science, where uniform particle distribution within a solution can determine the functional properties of the final product. The ability of the UIP400MTP to deliver uniform ultrasonication across a microtiter plate ensures optimal nanoparticle dispersion, essential for applications in electronics, pharmaceuticals, and composite materials.
    • Particle Size Reduction: This process, facilitated by the UIP400MTP, is crucial in improving the reactivity and solubility of particulate materials. Consistent particle size reduction and narrow particle size distributions are important aspects in catalysis, drug delivery, and materials synthesis, where the surface area-to-volume ratio and the specific surface area significantly impact material properties.
    • Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes: The UIP400MTP is perfect for dispersing carbon nanotubes uniformly within mediums, crucial for the production of advanced materials with enhanced electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. This process requires precise ultrasound parameters to achieve optimal dispersion without damaging the tubes.
  7. General Laboratory Applications

    • Cleaning of Small Devices: The Hielscher UIP400MTP can be used for the cleaning of intricate laboratory devices, nanodevices and nanorobots, using ultrasonic energy to remove contaminants efficiently. This process is vital in laboratories to maintain the sterility and cleanliness of equipment, especially those involving sensitive analytical measurements.
    • Synthesis of Chemical Compounds: The UIP400MTP accelerates the synthesis of chemical compounds by providing enhanced and frequent contact between reactants. This process is crucial in chemical research and industrial applications where speed and reaction efficiency can significantly impact productivity and innovation.
    • Accelerating Chemical Reactions: The UIP400MTP is used to increase the rate of chemical reactions through high-throughput sonication, enhancing reaction kinetics and yield. This is particularly useful in catalysis and pharmaceutical synthesis, where time and reaction control are critical to success.

These applications and sonication processes demonstrate the versatility of the UIP400MTP plate sonicator in laboratory settings, underscoring its importance in advancing research and improving experimental outcomes. By utilizing ultrasonic energy, researchers can achieve more precise, efficient, and repeatable results in their experimental protocols.

96-Well Plate Sonicator UIP400MTP for cell lysis, DNA extraction, DNA fragmentation, cell solubilization and protein purification.

96-well plate sonicator UIP400MTP for the sonication of multiwell plates, PCR and ELISA plates

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