PT100 Thermo Couples for Ultrasonic Homogenizers

Liquid temperature is an important factor for ultrasonic processes. For temperature monitoring, controlling and recording, Hielscher offers two PT100 temperature sensors (PT100 and PT100-0G5) for use with all its ultrasonic devices with Touch control. Please see the compatibility chart for details. Connecting the temperature sensors (thermo couples) to the Hielscher ultrasonic processor simplifies the record-keeping during bench-top testing or production.
The standard immersion-type PT100 comes with a 3m extension cable. Additional extension cables are available on request.The heavy-duty PT100-0G5 stainless steel version comes with 1/2″ NPT connection for simple mounting.

The T-connector T-2D25-0G5 connects the temperature sensor PT100-0G5 with two 25mm sanitary fittings, e.g. to incorporate a temperature sensor into the feed connection to the flow cell reactor.

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  • Temperature Sensor PT100, immersion type, operational temp. 250-500K, stainless steel, 3mm diameter, 3m cable, for Hielscher ultrasonic homogenizers with touch control

  • Temperature Sensor PT100-0G5, operational temp. 250-500K, stainless steel, 0.5 inch thread, 1.5m cable, for Hielscher ultrasonic homogenizers with touch control

  • T-Connector T-2D25-0G5, stainless steel for adaptation of temperature sensor PT100-0G5 to diam 25mm sanitary fittings (ID13.5mm)

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Temperature Sensor / Thermo Couple PT100-0G5

Temperature Sensor PT100-0G5

Temperature Sensor / Thermo Couple PT100

Temperature Sensor PT100

Pressure Sensor / Transmitter Compatibility Chart
Pressure SensorPT100PT100‑0G5
UP50H, UP100H, UP200H, UP200S, UP400SNoNo
UP200Ht, UP200St, UP400StYesYes
UIP500hd, UIP1000hd, UIP1500hd, UIP2000hdNoNo
UIP500hdT, UIP1000hdT, UIP1500hdT, UIP2000hdT, UIP4000hdTYesYes
Temperature Sensor / Thermo Couple PT100-0G5 with T-2D25-0G5

Temperature Sensor PT100-0G5 with T-2D25-0G5

T-Connector T-2D25-0G5

T-Connector T-2D25-0G5

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