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To facilitate your travel plannings, Hielscher Ultrasonics has partnered with GINN Hotels. When you book a room through the link below and use the booking code “CCORP”, you get 10% discount on the actual daily rate.

Use the booking link and insert the code “CCORP” into the field “booking code” for 10% discount on the daily rate.

GINN Hotel in Teltow

The GINN Hotel Berlin-Potsdam is located in Teltow – just a few meters away from Hielscher Ultrasonics’ facility. It is the ideal accommodation when you plan your visit at Hielscher Ultrasonics.

GINN Hotel Berlin-Potsdam
Warthestrasse 20
14513 Teltow
Click here to book you room at the GINN Hotel Teltow and us the corporate code “CCORP” for 10% discount!

Front entrance of the GINN hotel Teltow, which is just a few steps away from the Hielscher Ultrasonics Headquarter.
GINN Hotel Teltow Logo
The map shows the location of Hielscher Ultrasonics and the GINN hotel. The GINN Hotel in Teltow is in walking distance from Hielscher Ultrasonics' facilities.

The GINN Hotel in Teltow is in a short walking distance from Hielscher Ultrasonics’ headquarter.

Main features of the GINN Hotel Teltow:

  • modern, comfortable rooms
  • restaurant
  • bar
  • billiard and table soccer “kicker”
  • terrace
  • near to bus station

Hielscher Ultrasonics in Teltow

Hielscher Ultrasonics’ headquarter in Teltow

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