New Industrial Ultrasonic Processors: The hdT series

The new series of Hielscher’s industrial ultrasonic devices show their superiority: The industrial ultrasonic processors with 500W up to 4000W convince with the high ultrasound power and reliability, which Hielscher’s customers are acustomed to, but they excel by their new operational features: The new ultrasonicators of the hdT series are equipped with colored touch-displays, browser remote control, automatic data recording on an integrated USD/SD ComboCard, temperature sensor, LAN and Ethernet connection and many other features, which make the sonication process even more user-friendly and easier to operate and control. Hielscher’s industrial ultrasonic equipment is designed to fulfill all requirements of reliable and powerful processing on bench-top and industrial scale. Typical applications of Hielscher’s industrial ultrasonicators include homogenization, emulsification, dispersing & deagglomeration, milling & grinding. To achieve the best results from an ultrasonic process, the full control over the process parameters is crucial.

Ultrasonic generator of the UIP2000hdT for precise sonication control.

Generator of the industrial ultrasonicator UIP2000hdT

Precise process control and automatic data recording are only two of numerous features of Hielscher industrial ultrasonicators.

The industrial hdT series features a color touch-display for precise control of ultrasonic process parameters such as amplitude, energy input, temperature and pressure.

What to expect from the hdT version:

  • reliable heavy duty ultrasonic processor
  • available with 500W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, or 4000W ultrasonic power
  • 24/7 operation
  • industrial grade
  • colored touch display
  • browse remote control
  • automatic data recording of power, amplitude, sonication time, temperature
  • integrated SD/USB ComboCard
  • plugable temperature sensor
  • LAN connection
  • Ethernet connection
  • no software installation
  • automatic frequency tuning
The new hdT series offers high performance & reliability and best user-friendlieness.

UIP2000hdT – the new digital 2000 watts industrial ultrasonicator

Upgrade of industrial ultrasonic processors from hd to hdT

Take the chance and upgrade your UIP500hd, UIP1000hd, UIP1500hd, UIP2000hd to the new digital hdT standard!
For an improved and more convenient sonication, Hielscher Ultrasonics offers his existing customers the opportunity to upgrade their ultrasonic processors of the hd-series to the new hdT-standard, which is characterized by touch control and various features.
The upgrade includes all functions and features of the touch control:

  • color touch display w/ touch- and stylus-sensitive screen, and intuitive digital control menu
  • SD-Card slot (SD/USB-data card included) for automatic recording of all sonication parameters (CSV file)
  • display of power, net power, frequency, and temperature
  • browser remote control
  • temperature sensor w/ extension cord
  • Ethernet: Browser Remote Control via LAN web interface (ethernet cable included)

The average work time is 1 week at Hielscher’s workshop. An on-site modification is not available. 
Existing control inputs (Sub-D connector) at the back panel of the generator are maintained. On the UIP2000hd, the existing built-in wattmeter will be removed. Attention: The former PC control (UPC) is not any longer operative after device upgrade to hdT-standard!
On all performed works and replaced parts, Hielscher gives a 12 month warranty.

Requirements for the Upgrade

    • To take advantage of this offer, following requirements must be fulfilled:
The device (transducer, generator, cable) must be shipped in clean condition and carefully 
packed to: Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH, Oderstr. 53, 14513 Teltow, Germany
    • Organization and costs for shipping, customs, and insurance are to be borne by the customer. It is recommended to give a low/adequate declaration for temporary import. Customs sticker can remain on the device during upgrade work. The device modification is subject to export control (possibly subject to BAFA approval. In case of prohibited export, the device must remain at Hielscher and will be destroyed after 12 months). Our staff will assist 
you regarding the shipping formalities.
Before the device modification, the functionality and performance of the device will be 
tested. If during testing, modification work or final 24h-performace test other faults, damages or problems are recognized, which are not covered by warranty, the customer will be informed and a repair subject to charge will be offered.
    • Hielscher reserve the right to fulfill the device upgrade by supplying of a new generator.

Costs: EUR 2,385.00 net/ USD 2,860.00 net for fully functional devices

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