UP200St with VialTweeter for Simultaneous Sample Preparation

In laboratories, it is often necessary to prepare multiple samples simultaneously at the same process conditions. The VialTweeter enables for the simultaneous sonication of up to 10 vials at the same intensity. Thereby, the VialTweeter is a reliable lab homogenizer for homogenization, emulsification, dispersing and deagglomeration, extraction, lysis, dissolve, as well as the degassing of fluids. Due to the principle of indirect sonication, no probe is immersed into the sample so that cross-contamination and sample loss is completely avoided.

VialTweeter for The Intense Sonication of Closed Vials


In the lab, often multiple samples of small volumes have to be prepared simultaneously – in order to mix, homogenize, emulsify, disperse, disintegrate or degas a liquid medium. The VialTweeter provides high power ultrasound to fulfill the required application by introducing ultrasonic cavitation indirectly through the vessel’s wall into up to 10 samples at the same time. Thereby, cross-contamination and sample loss are completely avoided.
In combination with the digital ultrasonic processor UP200St, the VialTweeter allows for the effective and comfortable sonication of up to 10 vials simultaneously and without cross-contamination. As the same ultrasound intensity is delivered to each sample, the sonication results are even and reproducible.

The VialTweeter is a unique ultrasonic system for the simultaneous sonication of up to 10 vials under the exactly same conditions without cross-contamination.

UP200St with VialTweeter for Sonication of Closed Vials

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While ultrasonic cleaning baths and tanks provide only low ultrasound energy resulting in incomplete sample preparation results, the VialTweeter transmits intense ultrasonic forces through the vessels into the sample. During the indirect sonication, the test tubes remain permanently closed so that the sample cannot be contaminated, spoiled or volatilize. Sample losses are avoided, too.
Many standard test vials, such as auto-sampler vials, micro-centrifuge vials, reagent vials such as Eppendorf tubes or Nunc tubes of 1 to 5 mL fit into the VialTweeter. To provide even more flexibility, the adjustable and removable VialPress allows to press larger sample vessels to the front surface of the VialTweeter block sonotrode. Thereby, up to 5 larger vials can be sonicated indirectly at the same time.
Advantages of the VialTweeter at a glance

  • Intense sonication of up to 10 vials simultaneously
  • Indirect sonication at high ultrasonic intensity through vessel wall into the sample
  • Indirect sonication avoids cross-contamination and sample loss
  • Reproducible results due to adjustable and controllable sonication amplitude
  • The VialPress enables you to sonicate larger tubes
  • Adjustable pulse mode from 0 to 100%
  • Autoclavable

The VialTweeter Setup consists in three major components, which are easy to mount and provide high user-friendliness and work comfort: The ultrasonic processor UP200St-G, the transducer UP200St-T and the VialTweeter.
The 200 watts ultrasonic processor is the ultrasonic driver of the VialTweeter. Due to its 200 watts of ultrasound power, it becomes possible to sonicate up to 10 vials at an ultrasonic intensity of up to 10 watts per each test tube. This makes the VialTweeter a very powerful and reliable work unit.

Complete VialTweeter setup: VialTweeter sonotrode at ultrasonic processor UP200St

Complete VialTweeter setupVialTweeter sonotrode at ultrasonic processor UP200St

About the UP200St Core Unit

The UP200St offers so many applications due to the manifold available accessories. The core unit UP200St can be used as conventional probe ultrasonicator, too. Just dismount the VialTweeter block sonotrode and use one of the various sonotrodes, which are available for the UP200St.
This allows the user to change easy and quickly between indirect and direct sonication of very small up to mid-size samples. With its 200 watts ultrasound power, the UP200St handles effortlessly volumes from 0.1mL to 1000mL.

The ultrasonicators UP200Ht and UP200St are both powerful 200W homogenizer models for sample prep, emulsification, dispersing, extraction and chemistry.

UP200Ht - Handheld Ultrasonic Homogenizer

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From the user aspect, the color touch display, the browser remote control, the built-in network as well as the automatic data recording on an integrated SD-Card are the most outstanding features, which allow for reliable, successful and comfortable ultrasonication.

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  • UP200St-G Ultrasonic Generator 200 watts

    ultrasonic generator, 200W, 26kHz (autom. tuning system), touch screen, amplitude adjustable 20-100%, pulse 10-100%, dry running protected, IP51, incl. power measurement, socket for ethernet, power supply, network cable, portable case, manual

  • UP200St-T Ultrasonic Transducer 200 watts

    ultrasonic transducer, Ø45mm, approx. length 230mm, titanium horn Ø10mm (amplitude 70µm), IP65 grade, start/stop button, socket for PT100, LEDs for sample illumination, with ST1-Clamp, with mounting tools

  • Hielscher VialTweeter for ultrasonic device UP200St

    Vial-Tweeter-Sonotrode, made of titanium, for ultrasonic processor UP200St, with 10 bores ø11mm, for the excitation of up to 10 Eppendorf tubes 1.5ml or others, (see also clamping device VialPress for vessels with other dimensions)

  • sonotrode for direct sonication, made of titanium, Ø2mm (3mm2), approx. length 120mm, male thread M6x0.75, for samples ca. from 2ml up to 50ml, amplitude ratio approx. 1:3, autoclavable

  • Hielscher VialPress for VialTweeter on ultrasonic device UP200St

    Clamping device as accessory for VialTweeter-Sonotrode S26d11x10, stainless steel, for the excitation of up to 5 vessels with Ø of up to 20mm

  • remote foot switch

    Remote Foot Switch, pedal button, with RJ45 plug (male), black coated steel with rubber, 1.5m cable, for all Hielscher ultrasonic homogenizers with touch control (e.g. UP200Ht, UP200St, activate remote control RJ45 in settings), see Remote Foot Switch

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n this video, we showcase a specialized version of the Hielscher VialTweeter (https://www.hielscher.com/VT) designed for sonication of closed sample vials. The standard Hielscher VialTweeter is an essential tool in biotech research and sample preparation for analyzing a diverse range of laboratory samples. This device enables intensive, consistent, and reproducible sonication of up to 10 closed sample vessels simultaneously. This capability facilitates high-throughput processes such as cell disruption, DNA fragmentation, emulsification, dispersion, and degassing, all achieved with short sonication times. For sample vessels that don't fit the standard VialTweeter, Hielscher Ultrasonics offers custom larger or smaller versions, accommodating one to ten specialized sample vessels.

Ultrasonication of Closed Sample Vials - The Hielscher VialTweeter

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The Ultrasonic VialTweeter in Research and Science

The VialTweeter is a 200 watts powerful ultrasonic processor, that is ideal for simultaneous ultrasonic sample preparation of multiple Eppendorf vials or similar test tubes. Therefore, the VialTweeter is frequently used in biological and biochemical laboratories for research and life science. Below you can find a selection of scientific articles featuring the ultrasonic processor VialTweeter. The articles cover various applications such as from ultrasonic sample homogenization, cell disruption and lysis, DNA shearing and fragmentation, extraction of proteins and bioactive compounds as well as the inactivation of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.
For alpha-synuclein fibril fragmentation, used e.g. in Parkinson research, the VialTweeter is the established sonicator for the efficient and reliable α-syn fragmentation. Find protocols and references here!
If you are looking for a specific application and related scientific references, please contact us!

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VialTweeter with 2.0mL Eppendorf tubes for ultrasonic device UP200St - 02

VialTweeter with 2.0mL Eppendorf tubes

Probe-type insonifier UP200St for lysis

UP200StDirect Sonication

Hielscher VialTweeter with VialPress for the Indirect Sonication of Larger Vials

Hielscher VialTweeter with VialPress for the Indirect Sonication of Larger Vials


VialTweeter for 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0mL Eppendorf tubes as well as various NUNC vials

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