UIP2000hdT – 2000 Watts Powerful Industrial Ultrasonicator for Full Process Control

The new digital probe-type sonicator UIP2000hdT (20kHz, 2000W) is a powerful ultrasound processor for liquid treatments on bench-top and industrial scale. Common applications include homogenization, emulsification, dispersing and particle fine milling, lysis and extraction, dissolving or sonochemical reactions, such as sono-synthesis and sono-catalysis. The color touch display, browser remote control, automatic data recording, integrated SD Card and plugable temperature and pressure sensors allow for precise process control and operation comfort.

UIP2000hdT: High Power Ultrasonic Homogenizer with Precise Process Control

Powerful sonication is the process solution for manifold liquid processing applications, such as emulsifying, dispersing, milling or dissolving. The sonicator UIP2000hdT provides intense ultrasound waves to fulfil demanding tasks without problems. To ensure a consistent process quality, not only the power delivered is essential, the control and monitoring of all important process parameters is key. The new generation of hdT ultrasonicators enables the operator to control the ultrasonic device via touch display or browser remote control. All relevant process parameters, such as amplitude, sonication time, temperature and pressure, are automatically recorded and saved as CSV file on the SD Card.
Thereby, the UIP2000hdT excels with a broad range of exceptional features, which makes the ultrasound process much more user-friendly. From the operational view, the precise control of all ultrasonic process parameters are absolut key functions.


Ultrasonicator UIP2000hdT for powerful sonication and optimum process control

High-performance ltrasonicator UIP2000hdT (2kW, 20kHz) for efficient mixing, homogenization, nano-dispersion, nano-emulsification and extraction

The probe-type ultrasonicator UIP2000hdT at a glance

  • 2000 watts powerful ultrasonicator
  • reliable for heavy duty sonication processes
  • 24/7 operation
  • industrial grade
  • colored touch display
  • browse remote control
  • automatic data recording of power, amplitude, sonication time, temperature, pressure
  • integrated SD Card
  • pluggable temperature sensor
  • pluggable pressure sensor (optional available)
  • LAN connection
  • Ethernet connection
  • no software installation
  • automatic frequency tuning

Full Color Touch-Screen

Coloured touch display of Hielscher digital ultrasonicators.A great enhancement from the operational view is the colored touch-screen. This touch- and stylus-sensitive screen allows for easy handling, whilst the accurate setting of operating parameters and the display of the ultrasound power setting are guaranteed and combined with highest comfort for the operator. The digital control menu is intuitive to use as reduced to the main settings. The amplitude or power setting and the pulse mode can be adjusted by a colored touch-slider (with 1%, 5% or 10% snap). The user decides, if he prefers the display of amplitude and power as colored bar graphs or numerical representation. The display can be changed from regular view mode to BIG NUMBER display mode, characterized by heavy contrast and big font-size for improved visibility.

Operate Your Ultrasonicator UIP2000hdT via Browser Remote Control

Hielscher ultrasonicators can be remotely controlled via browser control. Sonication parameters can be monitored and adjusted precisely to the process requirements.The UIP2000hdT can be controlled using any common browser, such as Internet Explorer, Egde, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, mobile IE/Safari using the new LAN web interface. The LAN connection is a very simple plug-n-play setup and requires no software installation. The ultrasonic device acts as DHCP server/client and requests or assigns an IP automatically. The device can be operated directly from the PC/MAC or using a switch or router. Using an optional pre-configured wireless router, the device can be controlled from most smartphones or tablet computers, e.g. the Apple iPad. Using the port-forwarding of a connected router, you could control your sonicator via internet from any place in the world, your smart-phone or tablet being the remote control.

Ultrasonic Homogenizer UIP2000hdT with Built-In Network

Another smart feature of the UIP2000hdT is the operation and control via LAN (local area network, see right box) which facilitates the operation and allows for high processing flexibility. All information of the sonication process is recorded on SD data card, automatically. A plugable sensor measures the temperature permanently whereas an optionally available pressure sensor can be additionally plugged.

Automatic Frequency Tuning

Like all Hielscher sonicators, the UIP2000hdT comes with an intelligent automatic frequency tuning. When the device is switched on, the generator will sense the optimal operational frequency. It will then drive the device at this frequency. That improves the overall energy efficiency and reliability of our ultrasonic devices. All you need to do, is to switch the system on. The generator will perform the frequency tuning automatically in a fraction of a second.

The UIP2000hdT: A Robust Work Unit for Manifold Applications

Device UIP2000hdTThe UIP2000hdT is a robust and reliable system for all kind of ultrasonic liquid processes. Important applications for the ultrasonic processor UIP2000hdT are the breakage (particle size reduction), deagglomeration and dispersion of nano materials, the functionalization of nano particles, emulsification, the production of biofuels (e.g. biodiesel, bioethanol), the formulation of paints and coatings, and various sono-chemical applications (e.g. sono-catalysis, phase transfer catalysis, precipitation or sol-gel routes).
With 2000 watts ultrasonic power, UIP2000hdT handles easily applications in pilot and large scale. Corresponding sonotrodes e.g. the cascatrode™ provide the required intensity of ultrasonic treatment of the liquid. Corresponding flow cells are offered for continuous operation. When installed in an optionally available sound protection enclosure, the ultrasonic system is housed in a robust stainless steel cabinet with wheels. The picture above, shows a disintegration system of 24xUIP2000. The combined power of 48kW is used for the processing of approx. 6m³/hr.

If you have a predecessor such as the UIP500hd, UIP1000hd, UIP1500hd, UIP2000hd, you can upgrade your device to the digital hdT version. Click here to learn more about the upgrade from hd to hdT version!
UIP2000hdT industrial ultrasonic probe with flow cell for inline processing of liquids and solid-liquid mixtures.

High-performance ultrasonicator UIP2000hdT for heavy duty applications under full process control


Precise process control and automatic data recording are only two of numerous features of Hielscher ultrasonic homogneizers.

Adaptable Ultrasonic System for Versatile Usage

Ultrasonicator UIP2000hdT is a mobile overhead homogenizer for numerous liquid and solid-liquid applications.An extensive list of various accessories, such as sonotrodes, boosters and flow cells is available for the UIP2000hdT. In combination with a sonotrode and the stand, you can sonicate samples in a batch to test or develop various liquid formulations for their response to sonication.

For the processing of batches larger than 5 liters, we generally recommend to sonicate using a flow cell reactor (flow mode) in order to obtain a better processing quality. When used with a flow cell you can run larger samples in recirculation to establish the correlation between parameters, such as amplitude, pressure and liquid composition, and the process results and efficiency. When used for the sonication of liquids in flow mode, the UIP2000hdT can typically process between 1.0 and 8.0L/min (The actual rate will depend on your process). As the UIP2000hdT is full industrial grade, it can be operated 24 hours per day (24h/7d). A UIP2000hdT can typically process approx. 2 to 10m³ per day. For higher production throughput, we recommend using either multiple units or one the larger ultrasonic devices:

High-Performance Ultrasound at Industrial Grade and Outstanding Efficiency

(Click for larger view!) The overall energy efficiency is important for the ultrasonication of liquids. The efficiency describes how much of the power is transmitted from the plug into the liquid. Our sonication devices have an overall efficiency of more than 80%. The UIP2000hdT is designed and built for commercial production. This ultrasonic processor requires little maintenance, is easy to setup and simple to clean and to sanitize. Despite the enormous power of the ultrasonic processor UIP2000hdT (2000 watts, 20kHz), this ultrasonic device does not need any additional cooling by water or compressed air. The device can be operated continuously in air, too. The robust design of the transducer, made of stainless steel and titanium, enables use under extreme conditions of dust, dirt, higher temperatures and humidity.
As all our industrial ultrasonic processors, the UIP2000hdT has a very high efficiency in the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical oscillations of the sonotrode. This means, that more energy is transmitted into the liquid, resulting in better sonication results. The overall energy efficiency of the UIP2000hdT is approx. 80-90% from the power plug into the liquid. (Click at the image above to enlarge the chart).

Full Amplitude Control and High Performance

The amplitude of the UIP2000hdT is electronically controlled, so that the magnitude of the mechanical ultrasonic vibrations at the sonotrode is constant under all load conditions. You can change the amplitude from 20 to 100% at the generator and additional ranges by using various booster horns. The chosen amplitude is being held constant, while sonicating any material at any pressure. This feature gives you full control over the most important sonication parameter: Amplitude.

Testing and Evaluation

If you would like to evaluate the UIP2000hdT for your purposes, you can conduct process trials in our process laboratory. A list of standard accessories can be found below. All items are typically carried in stock, so delivery time is really short. Please use the form below, to ask for a proposal for a UIP2000hdT with suitable accessories. We make customized accessories, too. This includes special sonotrodes or flow cells. Feel free to describe your particular requirements in the comments field in the form below.

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Please use the form below to request additional information about the ultrasonic processor UIP2000hdT, applications and price. We will be glad to discuss your process with you and to offer you an ultrasonic system meeting your requirements!

Ultrasonic Homogenizer UIP2000hdT for the agitated batch extraction of botanicals

Ultrasonic Extraction of Botanicals - 30 Liter Batch - UIP2000hdT

Videon pikkukuva

The table below gives you an indication of the approximate processing capacity of Hielscher ultrasonic homogenizers:

Erän tilavuusVirtausnopeusSuositellut laitteet
0.5 - 1.5 mln.a.VialTweeter
1 - 500 ml10 - 200 ml / minUP100H
10 - 2000ml20–400 ml/minUP200Ht, UP400St
0.1 - 20L0.2–4 l/minUIP2000hdT
10-100L2 - 10L / minUIP4000hdT
15-150L3 - 15L / minUIP6000hdT
n.a.10-100L / minUIP16000
n.a.suurempiklusteri UIP16000

The industrial ultrasonic processor UIP2000hdT in Research and Science

The UIP2000hdT, a 2000 watts powerful high-performance ultrasonicator, is a popular ultrasonic machine, frequently used in pilot setups and industrial production. Below you can find a selection of scientific articles featuring the ultrasonic processor UIP2000hdT. The articles cover topics such as from ultrasonic extraction of bioactive compounds from botanicals, the exfoliation of graphene, nano-material processing, and wine making. If you are looking for a specific application and related scientific references, please contact us.

Faktoja, jotka kannattaa tietää

Ultrasonic devices are often referred to as probe sonicator, ultrasound homogenizer, sonic lyser, ultrasound disruptor, ultrasonic grinder, sono-ruptor, sonifier, sonic dismembrator, cell disrupter, ultrasonic disperser or dissolver. The different terms result from the various applications that can be fulfilled by sonication.

Powerful Ultrasonic Cavitation at Hielscher Cascatrode

Powerful Ultrasonic Cavitation at Hielscher Cascatrode

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