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우트라소닉 주제: "식물학"

Botanicals is another term for plants. Botanicals are rich in bioactive compounds (so-called phytochemicals), which are used e.g. to produce health-promoting dietary supplements, food and beverage additives, medicines, or active ingredients in cosmetic products. Botanical ingredients can be produced from various plant parts, e.g. herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, or bark.
In order to separate the active ingredient from the plant, a extraction method is required. Bioactive compounds such as vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenes etc. can be extracted by various extraction techniques such as infusion, steam distillation, maceration or solvent extraction. These extraction processes are often time-consuming, inefficient or involve toxic chemicals.
High-performance ultrasonication is a process intensifying technique, which accelerates the extraction of phytochemicals, increases the extraction yield and allows often for the use of milder, non-toxic solvents (e.g. water, ethanol, glycerine, vegetable oils etc.). As a non-thermal method, ultrasonic extraction prevents the thermal degradation of temperature-sensitive compounds and results in high-quality extracts.
Read more about the ultrasonic extraction and its advantages!

8L 배치에서 식물의 UP400St 초음파 추출8L 배치에서 식물의 UP400St 초음파 추출

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수도사 과일에서 모그로 사이드의 초음파 냉수 추출

수도사 열매 (S. 그로스 베노리) 추출물 및 특히 화합물 모그로 사이드 V는 천연 비 칼로리 감미료로 사용됩니다. 모그로사이드. 초음파 추출은 간단하고 빠르며 재현 가능하며 신뢰할 수있는 추출 방법으로 승려의 천연 비 칼로리 감미료를 생산하기 위해 성공적으로 적용되었습니다.…


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