Most Efficient Ultrasonic Dismembrators

Ultrasonic dismembrators are commonly used in the laboratory, bench-top and industry to prepare homogeneous colloidal suspensions such as emulsions and dispersions with droplet or particle sizes in the submicron- and nano-range. Furthermore, ultrasonic dismembrators are used for cell disruption, lysis, DNA fragmentation and extraction. Ultrasonic dismembrators are valued as most efficient, highly reliable and easy-to-use lab homogenizers.

What is a Dismembrator?

A dismembrator is a device to remove the membrane from a liquid. Typical applications of dismembrators are the preparation of emulsions, dispersions, cell lysis and dissolving. Ultrasonic dismembrators are known as highly reliable and efficient in the preparation of emulsions, including submicron-emulsions and nano-emulsions, suspensions as well as dispersions with sub-micron and nano-sized particles. In biology, biochemistry and bio-science, dismembrators are used to open cell structures by disrupting cell membranes or cell walls. Ultrasonic lysis releases intracellular material such as proteins, organelles and bioactive compounds into the solvent.

Applications of Ultrasonic Dismembrators

  • Sample Preparation
  • همگن
  • Emulsification (nano-emulsions)
  • Dispersing (nano-dispersions)
  • Nano-Particle Technology
  • Cell Disruption
  • Lysis
  • Homogenization of Cell Supensions / Cell Cultures
  • Protein Extraction
  • DNA / RNA shearing
  • Dissolving Powders and Tablets
  • Degassing and De-aeration
Ultrasonic dismembrators are used as reliable and efficient tools to prepare emulsions, dispersions and cell extracts (lysates).

Ultrasonic dismembrator 200 خیابان

How to Operate an Ultrasonic Dismembrator

Ultrasonic dismembrator UP100H (100 watts) with micro-tip for small samplesHielscher Ultrasonics supplies a broad range of dismembratorsfrom the compact hand-held lab device over bench-top ultrasonicators to industrial dismembrators. From 200 watts upwards, all ultrasonic dismembrators are equipped with a digital touch-display, intelligent software that allows the pre-setting of operation modes (e.g. duty cycle, sonication duration, pauses etc.) programming of operation modes, automatic data protocolling on a built-in SD-card (e.g. amplitude, sonication time, net energy, total energy, temperature (if pluggable temp sensor is used), pressure (if pluggable pressure sensor is used), date and time stamp), browser remote control and many more features, which make Hielscher dismembrators the most user-friendly homogenizer.

  • For sample volumes less than 20mL, a micro-probe is recommended. For larger samples, ultrasonic probes with a larger diameter are more suitable.
  • Connect the ultrasonic dismembrator to the power supply and switch the device on. The digital colour display will turn on. Use the settings in the menu to adjust amplitude. Often, an amplitude of 100% is recommended. Optionally, you can pre-set sonication duration, duty cycles and/or total energy input.
  • Temperature Control:
    Sonication is a non-thermal treatment. However, if energy is coupled into a medium, it finally turn into heat (1st law of thermodynamics / law of conservation of energy). Depending in the heat-sensitivity of the sample material, the use of an ice bath might be recommended. Using the cycle mode, allows the sample to cool-down during sonication pauses.
    Also, temperature limits can be pre-set. If the pluggable temperature sensor measures temperatures above the set limit, the ultrasonic dismembrator pauses until a set temperature delta is reached and starts then sonicating again.
  • Use ear plugs or a sound enclosure box.
  • Lower the ultrasonic probe (sonotrode) into the vessel with the sample. The tip of the sonotrode should not be less than 1 to 1.5 times of the tip diameter into the sample liquid.
    Press the ON button to start the sonication process. Depending on the sample volume and vessel geometry, you might move the ultrasonic probe gently through the medium to obtain a most even treatment. The use of a magnetic stirrer is also a helpful option to improve the macro-movement in the liquid.
  • After sonication, turn the device off and remove the probe from the liquid. The sample is ready for subsequent processes. Clean the sonotrode by wiping it thouroughly with alcohol.

Applications of sample preparation such as homogenisation, dispersing, emulsification, dissolving, cell disruption, lysis, protein extraction, DNA / RNA extraction, DNA and chromatin shearing / fragmentation, ChIP assays, Western Blotting, degassing / de-aeration amongst others are common tasks for ultrasonic dismembrators.

This tutorial explains what type of sonicator is best for your sample preparation tasks such as lysis, cell disruption, protein isolation, DNA and RNA fragmentation in laboratories, analysis, and research. Choose the ideal sonicator type for your application, sample volume, sample number and throughput. Hielscher Ultrasonics has the ideal ultrasonic homogenizer for you!

How to Find the Perfect Sonicator for Cell Disruption and Protein Extraction in Science and Analysis

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Click here to read more about best practices for ultrasonic cell lysis and extraction, lysate preparation and recommendations for process improvements!

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The Working Principle of Ultrasonic Dismembrators

Ultrasonic dismembrators work on the basis of acoustic cavitation. Through the ultrasonic probe (also known as sonotrode), high-intensity ultrasound waves are transmitted into the process medium (i.e. liquid, slurry, cell suspension etc.). The ultrasound waves travel through the liquid, where there they create alternating high-pressure, low-pressure cycles. During the low pressure cycles minute vacuum bubbles, so called cavitation bubbles, occur. These cavitation bubbles grow over several pressure cycles until they reach a size, where they cannot absorption any more energy. At this point, the cavitation bubbles implode violently and create locally extreme conditions such as very high temperatures, pressures, extreme temperature and pressure differentials (due to high heating / cooling rates and pressure fluctuations), micro turbulences and liquid streams with velocities of up to 180m/s. Those conditions exhibit significant mechanical effects on particles in the medium, since the high-velocity liquid streams accelerate the particles in the medium so that particles collide. By inter-particle collision, solid matter (e.g., particles, fibres, cells) erode, shatter and are fragmented into micron- and nano-sized bits. In cell cultures and cell suspensions, cell walls, cell membranes and tissue are disrupted and intracellular material is released due to the cavitational impact of sonication.
The high turbulences created by ultrasonication also increase the mass transfer between phases and promote thereby the dissolving of powders or heterogeneous chemical reactions. This makes ultrasonic dismembrators the preferred tool in lab, pilot and industrial facilities to carry out processes such as milling of nano-materials, dispersing, emulsification, lysis, cell extraction, and dissolving.

Advantages of Hielscher Ultrasonic Dismembrators

  • Highly Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Safe to Operate
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Robust
  • Programmable
  • Intuitive Menu / Settings
  • Various Accessories Available
Ultrasonic dismembrator UP200Ht wit various sonotrodes (probes) and flow cell reactors.

Accessories available for the ultrasonic dismembrator UP200Ht

High-Performance Dismembrators at Any Size

Hielscher’s portfolio of ultrasonic dismembrators covers the full range from compact hand-held devices to full-industial dismembrator systems to treat large volumes. Small and medium-size samples are commonly treated in vials, cryo vials, tubes (e.g. Eppendorf tubes Falcon tubes), and glass beakers or plastic vessels. The sonication of larger volumes is often preferrably carried out in continuous flow-through mode using an ultrasonic inline reactor.
Hielscher offers a wide variety of ultrasonic accessories to modify your ultrasonic membrator ideally to your processing requirements. Probes are available in various sizes and shapes, you can choose from flow cells and reactors in different volumes and geometries. Temperature and pressure sensors, sound enclosure cabinets, remote foot switch and many more accessories are of-the-shelf add-ons.

Ultrasonic lab dismembrators UP100H and UP400St

Ultrasonic dismembrators UP100H (100 watts) . UP400St (400 watts)

Ultrasonic homogenizer UIP1000hdT for batch sonication and continuous flow-through sonication

UIP1000hdTa 1000 watts powerful ultrasonic dismembrator for batch and inline sonication

Precise Process Control and Superior User-Friendliness

Hielscher's industrial processors of the hdT series can be comfortable and user-friendly operated via browser remote control.Hielscher Ultrasonics focusses on high-performance cell dismembrators with highest user friendliness and state-of-the-art technical advances. This means that the standards of Hielscher lab dismembrators adapt more and more to the intelligence of industrial machinery. The user can control Hielscher’s digital ultrasonic devices via browser remote control. The automatic data recording software writes all important ultrasonic parameters such as net power, total power, amplitude, temperature, pressure, time and date as CSV file on a built-in SD-card. Furthermore, the ultrasonic dismembrators can be programmed to automatic shut-off after a determined time or a specific energy input or program pulsating sonication modes. Pluggable temperature and pressure sensors allow for tracking the sample conditions carefully. Since temperature-control of heat-sensitive materials is a crucial factor for the quality of the process results, Hielscher offers various solutions to keep the process temperature in the targeted temperature range.
The sophisticated functions of Hielscher ultrasonic homogenizers assure the highest process control, reliable and reproducible sonication results, user-friendliness and working comfort.

Highest Quality StandardsMade in Germany

As a family-owned and family-run business, Hielscher takes pride in the high quality of its ultrasonic processors. All ultrasonic dismembrators are designed, manufactured and tested in our headquarter in Teltow near Berlin, Germany. The robustness of Hielscher’s ultrasonic equipment allows for 24/7 operation at heavy duty and in demanding environments.

Buy Your Ultrasonic Dismembrator

You can buy Hielscher ultrasonic dismembrators in all different sizes and the price range offers an affordable ultrasonicator matching your budget. From sample preparation in small lab vials to the continuous flow-through dispersing and emulsification of slurries in industrial production, Hielscher Ultrasonics has the perfectly suitable dismembrator for you! Please contact uswe are glad to recommend you the ideal ultrasonicator for your application and requirements!

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حجم دسته اینرخ جریاندستگاه های توصیه شده
1 تا 500 میلی لیتر10 تا 200 میلی لیتر در دقیقهUP100H
10 تا 2000 میلی لیتر20 تا 400 میلی لیتر در دقیقهتا 200 هرتز، UP400St
0.1 تا 20 لیتر0.2 تا 4 لیتر در دقیقهUIP2000hdT
10 تا 100 لیتر2 تا 10 لیتر در دقیقهUIP4000hdT
ن.ا.10 تا 100 لیتر در دقیقهUIP16000
ن.ا.بزرگترخوشه ای از UIP16000

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Hielscher Ultrasonics manufactures high-performance ultrasonic homogenizers for dispersion, emulsification and cell extraction.

High-power ultrasonic homogenizers from ازمایشگاه ها تا pilot . . scale.

This video of the UP100H ultrasonic homogenizer shows its compact design and versatile applications, such as dispersing, homogenizing, mixing, degassing or emulsification.

Ultrasonicator UP100H (100 Watts) - Compact Ultrasonic Homogenizer

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Ultrasonic dismembrators are flexible devices, which can be used to carry-out various different applications such as homogenisation, dispersing, emulsification, milling, disintegration, cell disruption, lysis, protein extraction, DNA shearing, degassing & de-aeration, dissolving and sono-chemical reactions. Therefore, ultrasonic dismembrators are known as tissue homogenisers, cell disrupters, ultrasonic disintegrators, ultrasonic extractors, ultrasonic mixers, ultrasonic mills or ultrasonic dissolvers.

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