Technical Training and Service

Hielscher offers extensive service to support your ultrasonic process R&D, engineering, process testing and optimization as well as installation support and maintenance training.

Hielscher’s service and training programs save customers time and money. A wide range of service options are available in the form of in-house technical training, laboratory or on-site testing, process engineering service or installation support. Hielscher training sessions provide the knowledge you’ll need to maximize your ultrasonic’s process efficiency and output. Moreover, the problem-solving skills presented in these sessions will teach you how to analyze and work through future process changes, such as modified product formulations or capacity scale up. Working jointly with our distributor partners, a number of on site field services are also available.


Hielscher offers ultrasonic technical training for both distributors and end users. A basic ultrasonic technical seminar, provides training in Hielscher products, ultrasonic processing and cavitation characteristics, common applications, troubleshooting and failure analysis. End user training is also available covering topics from installation, system integration, data monitoring and maintenance to improve performance for individual ultrasonic installations. Training’s and seminars are offered on-site or at Hielscher’s German Headquarter.

Ultrasonic Process Laboratory

Hielscher Ultrasonics has a process laboratory equipped with ultrasonic devices, process accessories and analytic equipment. This laboratory can be rented for the development and optimization of ultrasonic processes. Alternatively, Hielscher can perform sonication test of customer liquids. Combining our extensive application expertise with your processing needs will make sure the best process solution has been selected for your application.

Field Services

In general, Hielscher ultrasonic devices are easy to install and start up. If you want to make sure, your ultrasonic processor is installed correctly, Hielscher technicians can assist the installation and oversee start up process.

When an ultrasonic system fails, short response time and a quick repair are essential. Hielscher’s large inventory of replacement generators, transducers and accessories and our highly trained service technicians can make this happen.

Engineering and Customization Services

Special applications require special equipment. Hielscher has unique R&D and prototyping capabilities to design, machine, manufacture and test customized ultrasonic devices and accessories.

We will be glad to assist in your application development.


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