Utrasonic topic: "Ultrasonic Processing in the Food Industry"

The application of powerful ultrasound waves to liquid food products is used to homogenise and disperse them evenly, to extract aromatic and bioactive compounds (e.g. flavours, vitamins, natural colorants) and to improve microbial stability. As a non-thermal treatment, ultrasonication avoids the thermal decomposition of temperature-sensitive substances and is thereby a mild processing method. Hielscher Ultrasonics offers a wide product range of high-performance ultrasonic food processing systems, which can be operated in batch mode or continuous inline setup using an ultrasonic flow-through reactor.
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The Hielscher Ultrasonics SonoStation is an easy-to-use ultrasonic high-shear mixer setup for production scale. (Click to enlarge!)

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High-performance ultrasonic food homogenizers are used to disperse and stabilize nutmilks and other plant-based milk substitutes.

Vrhunska učinkovitost i kvaliteta u proizvodnji orašastog mlijeka s ultrazvukom

Nutmilks and plant-based milk alternatives are a growing food segment. For the production of nutmilks and plant-based milk analogues, ultrasonic extraction and homogenization has shown great advantages over conventional techniques. High-power ultrasound increases yield, product stability, nutrient content and overall


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