Ultrasonic Cleaning Modules for Wire, Tube and Cable

Hielscher manufactures ultrasonic cleaning systems for the removal of contamination, such as lubricants, drawing oil, dust, dirt, soap or stearate from continuous profiles, such as wire, tube, flat strip or cable.

USCMA Modular Cleaning System

The USCM series is designed as number of cleaning modules. Each of the USCM modules in a self-contained cleaning unit ready for plug-and-play operation. The USCM modules are available at various lengths between 600 and 2000mm. For multi-stage cleaning or rinsing operations, you can combine two or more USCM modules along the line. Your cleaning requirements will define the length and configuration of this highly adaptable cleaning system. If you plan line-speed upgrades in the future (de-bottlenecking), you can buy a cleaning module with spare slots, so you can add more sonic heads later. Alternatively, you can add another USCM cleaning module to the line, should you need it.

Ultrasonic wire cleaning is a contact-less, yet mechanical cleaning method. It uses ultrasonic cavitation. Therefore, it requires less, less harsh or no chemicals at all. This makes ultrasonic cleaning an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional acid or solvent cleaning. Some clients use water, such as DI water only. This is ideal for food-grade or medical wires. Of course, using less harsh chemicals improves workplace safety, too.

Hielscher ultrasonic cleaning sonotrode for wire cleaning

USCM600 and USCM1200 for single strand wire cleaning

USCM600 and USCM1200

The USCM modules are made of stainless steel to last many years of operation. Each module includes intense ultrasonic cleaning, liquid filtration, heating and recirculation and air-wipes for drying.

Hielscher USCM cleaning systems can process profiles in-line at various line speeds of up to 200m/min, easily. For cross-sectional diameters of more than 25mm and for multi-wire cleaning, we do have customized solutions. Please contact us for more information!

This video shows the USCM600 and the USCM1200 configured for the ultrasonic in-line cleaning of two parallel wires.

The ultrasonic wire cleaning systems USCM600 and USCM1200 are used for the efficient and rapid cleaning of endless materials, e.g. wire, cable, rod and tape.

Ultrasonic Wire Cleaning USCM600 & USCM1200

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Ultrasonic Cleaning For Any Material

The USCM cleaning modules can be used for all kind of profile materials, such as copper, aluminium, stainless, brass, glass fibre, threaded yarns. Typical cleaning liquids are DI water or water with low concentrations of neutral detergent, alkaline or acidic cleaner.
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In this video the ultrasonic inline cleaning system USCM2000 is presented. This ultrasonic inline cleaner is ideal for the removal of drawing lubricant or stearate from wire surfaces, of punching dust from strips and for the cleaning of diverse profiles, threaded spindles, bars and other stranded products.

Ultrasonic Inline Cleaning System USCM2000 for Wire, Tube or Profiles

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Cleaning Applications


  • Oil or Fats
  • Drawing Soap
  • Stearate
  • Dust or Dirt

Installation Examples

  • Next to wire drawing process
  • After Stamping, Forming or Rolling
  • Next to Wire Pay-Off Station
  • Before annealing
  • Before coating
  • Before welding
  • Before wire extrusion
  • Separate Re-Coiling Station

Standard USCM Sizes

  • 600 mm
  • 1200 mm
  • 1500 mm
  • 1800 mm
  • 2000 mm

Cleaning System Components


  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Heads
  • Ceramic Wire Guides
  • Cleaning Liquid Tank
  • Bag Filter
  • Adjustable Heater
  • Air Wipes

  • Static Brushes
  • Rotating Brushes
  • Hot Air Dryer
USCM600 with rotating cleaning brushes

USCM600 with rotating brushes

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