USCM700 Ultrasonic Inline Cleaning Machine

The ultrasonic wire cleaning machine USCM700 is a powerful and efficient device for the effective cleaning of continuous endless materials such as wires, rods and strips. The USCM700 features an optional belt filter, allowing for the avoidance of filter cartridges, which are prone to clog and high-maintenance.

Contact-Less Cleaning of Endless Materials with USCM700

Endlesss profiles such as wires, cables, cords, strips, rods, tubes and fibres are efficiently cleaned with the ultrasonic inline cleaning system USCM700 (designed and manufactured by Hielscher Ultrasonics, Germany)With the modular cleaning system USCM700, cables, wires, strips, fibres, ropes, and other endless profiles can be efficiently cleaned continuously without contact, yet applying mechanical effects generated by acoustic cavitation (ultrasound-induced cavitation). A specially designed sonotrode for the ultrasonic cleaning treatment of endless profiles is used to generate the amplitude required in order to remove the contamination. Typical contaminations are lubricants, soaps, grease, dirt and dust from the wire or endless profile production process. High-efficiency air nozzles or air wipes for drying after the cleaning remove the cleaning medium.
The small footprint of 700x700mm makes the integration of the USCM700 into existing wire production lines easy. Even in a cramped production facility, for the USCM can be found space due to its space-saving design. Additionally, the flow direction of the endless profile is variable.

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Ultrasonic inline cleaning system USCM700 with belt filter for high-efficiency cleaning of endless profiles such as wires, rods, strips, cables, plastic fibres etc.

The modular ultrasonic cleaning machine USCM700 equipped with belt filter for high-performance cleaning of endless profiles.

Ultrasonic Intensity Adapted to Your Cleaning Requirements

Ultrasonic sonotrode for intense inline cleaning of endless profiles.The USCM700 is a modular system that can be equipped with the ultrasonic power most suitable for your cleaning requirements. Customized to your cleaning needs, USCM700 can be outfitted with a UIP500hdT (500W), UIP1000hdT (1kW), UIP1500hdT (1.5kW), or UIP2000hdT (2kW). The unique sonotrode design (see technical drawing on the left) for Hielscher inline cleaning systems transmits powerful amplitudes and creates intense acoustic cavitation, which removes drawing lubricants, soaps, dust and dirt particles reliably and efficient from the endless material that passes through the cleaning sonotrode. The standard sonotrodes are designed for cleaning materials with up to 20mm in diameter. Sonotrodes with holes for endless profiles with thicker diameters are available on request
An optional fleece belt filter allow to avoid the use of filter cartridges, which are prone to clogging and require high maintenance, and contributes thereby to a trouble-free continuous operation.
The USCM700 is equipped with connection port for compressed air (for drying after cleaning), fresh water, waste water and for emptying the residual tank.

The USCM700 Belt Filter

The Ultrasonic Inline Cleaning Machine USCM700 for endless profiles features a fleece belt filter.The USCM700 wire cleaning machine is optionally available with an efficient fleece belt filter to remove shavings, splinters and other contaminating dirt particles.
The major advantages of the belt filter over cartridges include the avoidance of clogging and
Filter cartridges are prone to congestion due to larger particles and loose thereby rapidly their filter capacity. The frequently recurring replacement of filter cartridges is not only expensive, but also requires a production stop for maintenance work. The Hielscher USCM700 with its simple, but effective belt filter solution makes frequent maintenance unnecessary and support a continuous trouble-free operation of your inline wire cleaning line.

Application fields of the USCM700 ultrasonic inline cleaning system

  • Endless profiles
  • Wires
  • Rods
  • Strips
  • Fibres
  • Medical wires
  • Precious metal wires
  • Other endless materials

Ultrasonic inline cleaning machine USCM700 with special sonotrode and wire guide to feed the endless profiles through the ultrasonic cavitation zone.

Detail view of the ultrasonic cleaning sonotrode and wire guide of the high-performance ultrasonic cleaning system USCM for endless profiles

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Efficient and Reliable: Ultrasonic Cleaning of Endless Profiles

The USCM700 is ideal to remove heavy contaminations such as drawing lubricants, soaps, grease, dust, dirt and other residuals from the production process from the surface of the endless profile.
Typical endless materials, that are frequently cleaned using a Hielscher ultrasonic inline cleaning system (e.g., USCM700) include the following:
cables, rods, tubes, strips, wires (e.g. of precious metals for watches and jewellery or medical wires), braided wires, cords, ropes, aluminum conductors, spring wires, braided wires, staples, hair pins, medical wires, plastic fibres, spindles (e.g., tapping spindles, screw spindles, threaded spindles), springs, and perforated strips amongst others.
The outstanding efficiency of Hielscher ultrasonic inline cleaning system allows in many cases for cleaning with water alone or using small amounts of mild detergents. This makes the cleaning process significantly more environmental-friendly. The expensive and laborious process of disposal of harsh cleaning chemicals becomes thereby unnecessary.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning at a Glance:

  • ઉચ્ચ કાર્યક્ષમતા
  • adjustable amplitude for best effects
  • high amplitudes of up to 20 μm for intense cleaning
  • removes even heavy, sturdy contamination
  • contact-less, yet mechanical cleaning method
  • for various diameters
  • operation with water or mild cleaning agents
  • robust belt filter (optional)
  • air wipes for drying
  • continuous operation
  • મજબૂતાઈ
  • ઓછો નિર્વાહ ખર્ચ
  • built for 24/7/365 operation

Function Principle: Ultrasonic Cleaning of Endless Profiles

The ultrasonic processor generates longitudinal mechanical oscillations (reversed piezo-electric effect) with a frequency of 20 kHz by electrical excitation.
The oscillations are amplified by the sonotrode mounted on the horn and designed as a ƛ/2 oscillator and transmitted via its bottom surface to the liquid medium, which is then pumped into the cleaning water tank. Ultrasound vibrations at the sonotrode (20,000/s) with a large mechanical amplitude of up to 20 μm cause cavitation in the sonicated medium. The locally occurring high pressures, temperatures and respective differentials, that are generated as result of acoustic cavitation, trigger processes that are advantageous for the intense surface cleaning of endless materials such as wires, rods, strips and other continuous materials.

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Superior cleaning efficiency with the ultrasonic inline cleaner USCM700 for endless profiles

USCM700 Ultrasonic Cleaning Module for high-performance cleaning of endless profiles

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