Utrasonic topic: "How to use Ultrasonic Reactors"

Ultrasonic reactors are used for manifold applications to homogenise and disperse nano materials, to extract bioactive substances and to initiate chemical reactions (sonochemistry). Since sonication is a highly efficient process intensifying technology, ultrasonic reactors are used in chemistry and material science, the production of biodiesel and aqua-fuels, and in the food, pharma and cosmetic industry.
Ultrasonic chemical reactors are available for laboratory and industrial. Learn more about the applications of ultrasonic reactors and their easy integration!

Power ultrasound is the preferred technique when it comes to high-quality extracts from botanicals. (Click to enlarge!)

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Ultrasonic dispersion is a highly efficient technology for detangling and deagglomerating nanoparticles. Therefore, ultrasonicators from Hielscher Ultrasonics are widely used in industry to produce larger-scale nanodispersions and nano-structured suspensions.

Reliable Nanoparticle Dispersion for Industrial Applications

High power ultrasonication can efficient and reliably break-up particle agglomerates and even disintegrate primary particles. Due to its high-performance dispersion performance, probe-type ultrasonicators are used as preferred method to create homogeneous nanoparticle suspensions. Reliable Nanoparticle Dispersion by Ultrasonication Many industries


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