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W.Last is an experienced company based in South Africa, which specializes in the production of premium extracts and tinctures from botanicals. W.Last uses ultrasonic extraction to manufacture their high-quality extracts, which are used for medicinal purpose, food flavouring and in cosmetics and fragrances.

W.Last has been in business for more than 100 years and is an expert when it comes to the manufacturing of premium extracts from botanicals such as herbs and medicinal plants.

‘We believe we are the only company in South Africa that can extract botanicals in a variety of extraction media. Historically, we’ve used ethanol, just like many other companies. Yet W.Last is at the forefront of hydroglycerol extraction, which is both ethanol- and sugar-free, and propylene glycol extracts used primarily in the perfume, cosmetics and vape industries.’

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Ultrasonic extraction allows for the preparation of premium tinctures containing phytochemicals.

UIP1000hdT at W.Last Liquid Herbs for the preparation of superior botanical extracts.

Premium liquid extracts are available in ethanol 62%, vegetable glycerine 80% or propylene glycol 80%.
‘We have over 20 years experience in extracting herbal and homeopathic starting materials. There is definitely a gap in the market for botanical extracts that taste good and outperform conventional tinctures. We’ve invested heavily in cutting edge technologies to meet market demands and believe W.Last is the only company on the African continent using ultrasonic technology for mainstream botanical herb extraction.’

Ultrasonic extractor UP400St for the production of botanical extracts from herbs and medicinal plants.Ethanol based extractions have been manufactured relatively the same way for more than 200 years. Although an ethanol based tincture is highly stable and has many favourable characteristics, the taste is unpleasant and a high ethanol percentage is not suitable for children and many religious groups. To overcome these challenges, W.Last has developed an ethanol-free, sugar-free liquid extraction.
‘Initial trials where favourable but the extraction period was prohibitively long which made the commercial viability unlikely. So, we searched the world for suitable technologies and came across ultrasound from Hielscher in Germany. Hielscher assisted us with customising a machine and extraction methodology that yields an extraction 20 percent stronger than conventional methods and in a fraction of the standard time.’
The herbal starting materials as well as extracted materials are tested by a third party laboratory. As a result, W.Last has been able to standardise an extraction methodology and test the strength of extractions against previous standards.

W.Last is a small company with big intentions to grow. It fulfils a gap in the market where customers, who require large quantities of botanical raw materials, need to wait long lead times for international deliveries.
‘We hold stock of a large variety and large volumes of botanicals and have over 350 extractions in stock. If we don’t have the volume to meet the customer’s needs, we will immediately manufacture the bulk, which takes less than a week on average’.
Customers not only benefit from a much shorter lead time when ordering from W.Last, but also have the advantage of the full shelf life of the extract.

W.lastIndustrial scale manufacture of plant extracts and tinctures. If you are interested in W.Last’s premium extracts, please contact them:
ph: +27116821691
m: +27116822817
e: info@wlast.co.za

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Ultrasonic probe-type extractor for the isolation of alkaloids from plant materials such as leaves, bark, roots and stems.

Ultrasonic extractor UIP1000hdT with stirrer for extraction of phytochemicals from herbs and other plant in batch mode.

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