Hemp Extraction by Ultrasonic Equipment

Hemp extraction using ultrasonic solvent extraction equipment is a simple, cost-efficient and very scaleable method to extract CBD (cannabidiol) from hemp. Ultrasonic hemp extractors are easy to install and can extract hemp in batches or inline for higher throughput. Ultrasonic extraction produces very high hemp extraction yields and quality.

Hemp oil or CBD oil is all the rage for its exceptional health benefits. The extraction method and equipment, which is used to isolate the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, influences the quality and yield of the CBD oil significantly.

Hemp Extraction

CBD is one of many phytochemicals in the hemp plant. These phyto-compounds are encapsulated in the vegetal cells of the plant. In order to produce hemp extract such as CBD oils, tinctures, capsules, lotions, creams or other supplements, the CBD must be extracted and isolated. To release the valuable cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and terpenes from hemp, an extraction process is required. Hemp extracts can be produced using various methods such as ethanol extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, or supercritical CO2 extraction. Ultrasonic extraction is a very efficient, rapid, safe and easy-to-operate technique of hemp extraction.

Ultrasonic Homogenizer UP400St for the agitated batch extraction of botanicals.

Ultrasonic Extraction of Botanicals - 8 Liter Batch - Ultrasonicator UP400S

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Hemp Oil Extraction Process

UP400St - powerful ultrasonic extractor. Ultrasonic extraction uses sonomechanical effects, which release bioactive molecules such as cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, THC etc.), terpenes and other phyto-chemicals. (Click to enlarge!)Hemp oil or cannabis oil is a term often used for the isolated CBD oil from the hemp or cannabis plant, respectively. There are two types of CBD oil production, which result in two different products. One type is a CBD isolate produced by isolating the CBD, exclusively. The other type of CBD production results in full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD is extracted from the hemp leaves, stems, or flowers. It gives a pure oil containing the full spectrum of all cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant. Full-spectrum CBD oils have the benefit of the so-called entourage effect. The entourage effect describes the interplay of the various other cannabinoids other than CBD. The extraction of full-spectrum CBD oil is often the preferred extraction process, because the full spectrum extract contains not only the benefits of CBD but also the benefits of all the other cannabinoids found in the plant. Ultrasonic hemp extractors can produce both types of CBD oils, CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD oils.

Hemp Oil Extraction Methods and Equipment

How is CBD oil manufactured? In order to extract CBD oil from the cannabis or hemp plant, the cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG must be released from the cell matrix of the hemp material. There are several types of extraction equipments available. The most popular hemp extractors are ultrasonic CBD extractors, supercritical CO2 extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, and conventional solvent extraction (e.g. ethanol, methanol). Ultrasonic hemp extraction has the strong advantage that the sonication technology can be used with various solvents including water, ethanol, water/ethanol mix, glycerine or vegetable oils. This gives the manufacturer a wide range of possibilities to optimize the extraction. By selecting a specific solvent, the hemp extract can be produced to meet specific targets such as yield, purity, or final product.
After the extraction process, the phyto-compounds of the hemp plant (e.g. CBD, CBG, other cannabinoids and terpenes) must be isolated by a distillation. For the distillation, the crude extract can be optionally winterized before it is run through a short path distillation or evaporator.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Extraction of Hemp

  • より高い収量
  • Superior quality
  • 熱劣化なし
  • 迅速な抽出
  • Simple and Safe Operation
  • Green Extraction


Ultrasonic Hemp Oil Extractors

Hielscher Ultrasonics supplies professional hemp extraction equipment for any production scale. Ultrasonic hemp extractors can release the complete range of cannabinoids and other valuable phyto-compounds such as terpenes from the hemp plant.

Guide for Ultrasonic Hemp Extraction

Hielscher Ultrasonics offers the ideal setup for your hemp extract production. For smaller and mid-size production scale, Hielscher batch extractors are a safe-bet for easy and rapid extraction of superior CBD oils.

Ultrasonic Batch Extractors for Hemp Oil

Ultrasonic treatment with 2kW system UIP2000hdT
With the UP400St (400 watts), you get a powerful ultrasonic extractor, which easily processes up to 2 gallons per batch. The setup and operation of the UP400St homogenizer is quick and simple. It allows for a fast processing of a series of multiple smaller batches. The sonication of a 2 gallon batch of hemp slurry takes 2-5 minutes, only. The change between the batches is so simple and quickly done. Therefore, the UP400St is capable of processing up to 20 gallons per hour, easily. The picture on the right shows the ultrasonic hemp extractor UP400St for the extraction of cannabinoids such as CBD from industrial hemp in an 8L, 1.8 batch. The mechanical stirrer promotes the macro-agitation of the slurry for a uniform ultrasonic treatment of the hemp.
If your looking for an ultrasonic extractor capable to process larger barrels of hemp, the UP2000hdT (2000 watts, see pic. left) is the right hemp extraction equipment for you. Easy and safe to use as the UP400St, the UP2000hdT ultrasonic homogenizer comes with 2000 watts ultrasonic power and can handle batch extractions of up to 26 gal (120liters) barrel per sonication run.

Ultrasonic Inline Extractors for Hemp Oil

For highly professional CBD extraction of hemp at commercial scale, the installation of an ultrasonic inline extractor gives you a large production capacity. The UIP4000hdT is a 4000 watts powerful ultrasonic hemp extractor. It is equipped with a flow cell that feeds the hemp directly into the ultrasonic cavitation field. There, the cannabinoids are released from the plant cells. Depending on the hemp slurry and solvent concentration, the UIP4000hdT can easily process up to 120 gallons per hour. You can increase the processing capacity easily by installing multiple UIP4000hdT homogenizers in parallel.
The UIP16000dhT comes with 16,000 watts of ultrasonic power and can extract up to 480 gallons of hemp slurry per hour.
All Hielscher ultrasonic extractors are designed and manufactured in Germany and fulfill the highest quality standards. They are built for 24 hour, 7 days-a-week operation under full load. Hielscher ultrasonic extraction equipment is robust, user-friendly and safe to operate. Digital touch-screens, automatic data protocolling, and browser remote control are just a few of the key features, which make Hielscher ultrasonic extractors the preferred ultrasonicators for hemp oil extraction.

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UP400St 攪拌8L抽出セットアップ

Ultrasonic extraction of hemp oil and CBD extracts with 超音波装置UP400ST

Why is Ultrasonic Extraction the Best Method?


  • より高い収量
  • 迅速な抽出プロセス – 数分以内
  • 高品質の抽出物 – mild, non-thermal extraction
  • Green solvents (water, ethanol, glycerin, veget. oils etc.)


  • Plug-and-play – Set-up and operate within minutes
  • High throughput – For large scale extract production
  • Batch-wise or continuous inline operation
  • Simple installation and start-up
  • Portable / Movable – Portable units or built on wheels
  • Linear scale up – add another ultrasonic system in parallel to increase capacity
  • Remote monitoring and control – via PC, smart phone or tablet
  • No process supervision required – Set-up and run
  • High-Performance – designed for continuous 24/7 production
  • 堅牢性と低メンテナンス
  • 高品質 – designed and built in Germany
  • Quick load and discharge between lots
  • お手入れが簡単


  • Simple and safe to run
  • Solvent-less or solvent-based extraction (water, ethanol, vegetable oils, glycerin, etc.)
  • No high pressures and temperatures
  • ATEX-certified explosion-proof systems available
  • Easy to control (also via remote control)

Hemp Extract vs Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

CBD oil is a concentrated extract from cannabis/hemp flowers or leaves that is dissolved in an inert carrier oil. The carrier oil can be an edible oil such as MCT, coconut, sunflower, hemp seed, or olive oil. Extracted CBD oil from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, it is often called hemp extract or hemp oil. In comparison to the marijuana plant, which is high in THC and low in CBD, the industrial hemp plant contains large amounts of CBD. It is therefore predestined for the production of CBD extracts. The term hemp oil is sometimes used for hemp-derived CBD extracts and hemp seed oil. However these two products are very different in their composition, effects and use.
Hemp seed oil is the vegetable oil, which is obtained by the cold pressing of hemp seeds. Hemp seeds do not contain CBD, but is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp seed oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids for vegetarians and vegans. It is used for cooking or cosmetic formulations. Hemp seed oil should be listed as cannabis sativa seed oil, whilst CBD-containing oils are listed as cannabidiol, full-spectrum hemp, hemp oil, phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp extracts.

Benefits of Hemp Extract

CBD is well tolerated in humans and maintains a very high safety profile. Neither abuse nor dependence has been demonstrated. Research studies show that CBD offers a high potential therapeutic efficacy against various medical conditions including epilepsy, psychotic symptoms, anxiety, depression, inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegeneration, symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain.
As OTC drug and supplement, hemp oil and CBD extracts are used to reduce inflammation, anxiety, pain (e.g. muscle and joint pain), as well as to support the immune system and the overall well-being.


Solvents for Hemp Oil Extraction

For the production of CBD oil, various solvents can be used. Organic solvents, such as ethanol, isopropyl alcohol are commonly used. Alternative solvents, such as petroleum-ether, naphtha, or supercritical fluids (e.g. butane, CO2) are more dangerous in production. The exact conditions and solvents applied have a great impact on hemp oil quality, taste, color, and appearance of the final product.
Ultrasonic hemp oil extractors can be used with various solvents. Typically used are solvents such as ethanol, alcohol, water/ethanol mix, pure water, glycerine or vegetable oils (e.g. MCT, coconut, hemp seed or olive oil). This gives ultrasonic CBD extraction the important advantage of using harmless, organic solvents.

Hemp, CBD and THC

Cannabis sativa is distinguished into two main species, hemp and marijuana. Both contain CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is well known for its beneficial medical effects, acting anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety. THC is mostly known for its psychoactive abilities. Hemp contains a higher percentage of CBD and extremely low amounts of THC. This makes hemp an excellent source to produce high-quality CBD extracts, which are therefore also known as hemp extracts.

超音波抽出 – Cavitational Effects

When power ultrasound waves are couples into a liquid (e.g. a suspension consisting of botanical material in a solvent), the ultrasonic waves travel through the liquid causing alternating high-pressure / low-pressure cycles. During low-pressure cycles, minute vacuum bubbles (so-called cavitation bubbles) are created, which grow over several pressure cycles. At a certain size, when the bubbles cannot absorb more energy, they implode violently during a high-pressure cycle. The bubble implosion is characterised by intense cavitational forces, including micro-turbulences and liquid streams with velocities of up to 100m/s. These cavitational shear effects are also known as sonomechanical effects. Ultrasonic extraction of bioactive molecules is mainly caused by sonomechanical effects: the agitation and turbulences disrupt cells and promote mass transfer. This means the bioactive molecules such as polyphenols, terpenes, essential oils and cannabinoids are released from the plant cell matrix into the solvent.


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