Ultrasonic Spraying, Nebulizing, and Atomizing

Ultrasonic vibrations can create very thin droplets. During ultrasonic spraying, the droplet size and distribution can be precisely controlled so that very small droplets and particles can be vaporized. Thereby, particles with high surface area are produced. The ultrasonic spay and atomization is a successful technology e.g. to apply thin coatings of high performance and quality to a substrate. Due to the acurate control over all process parameters of the ultrasonic atomization, overspraying can be avoided and a precise droplet distribution is achieved. Another very potential application is the ultrasonic spray drying or freezing.

Ultrasonic Spraying of Ultra-Fine Droplets

The ultrasonic spraying technique is implemented in various industrial branches for manifold applications. Most common fields of ultrasonic nebulizing and atomization are the thin-film coating and the spray drying or spray freezing of particles.
As an industrially proven technique, ultrasonic spraying is successfully implemented in production lines of high performance thin film coating during the manufacturing process of precision electronics such as semiconductors, precision devices, nanotechnology applications, fuel cells, and solar cells.
In the food industry, ultrasonic spraying is used to promote the spray freezing of powders, e.g. coffee, milk, whey and other powders.

Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis is a efficient technique to synthesize nano particles and to deposit them as thin film coatings. (Click to enlarge!)

Ultrasonic spray nozzle


Ultrasonic vibrations generated by the Hielscher ultrasonicator UP200St with spray sonotrode S26d18S are used to spray and nebulize fine-sized droplets.

Hielscher Ultrasonics Nebulizing / Spraying using the UP200St

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Industries and applications:

  • disintegration of liquids
  • thin-film coating for electronics
  • high performance coatings (e.g. containing functionalized nano particles)
  • anti-fog coating
  • adding moisture to a gas stream
  • encapsulation of active agents in pharmaceuticals
  • spray drying of powders and granules, e.g. nano-particles
  • food industry: milk & whey powder, instant coffee
  • particle engineering
  • spray drying of food powders, e.g. heat-sensitive products
  • in the production of semiconductors, fuel cells, medical equipment
  • chemistry: e.g. gas-liquid reaction, bondings

Benefits of ultrasonic drying:

  • no heat damages
  • no additives needed
  • long-time durability
  • reduced weight of the product
  • no clogged nozzeles
  • no or minimal change in taste
  • no loss of nutrients
Ultrasonic Spraying Sonotrode S26d18S

Ultrasonic Sonotrode S26d18S for Atomization, Nebulizing or Spraying


Ultrasonic Spraying

  • industrial equipment
  • 24/7 operation
  • adjustable flow/ spray rate
  • no contamination
  • no clogging
  • no erosion

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Facts Worth Knowing

Ultrasonic spray systems, also referred to as ultrasonic atomizers or ultrasonic spray nozzles, creates high oscillation and is thereby are able to produce extremely fine droplets, which is also known asdry fog. The advantages of ultrasonic atomization are the full control over droplet size, spraying intensity and droplet velocity. Industrial ultrasonic atomizers, which can be easily retro-fitted into existing manufacturing lines, allow for high throughput at stable quality output.
Ultrasonic spray drying is a very efficient and mild technique that allows for high throughputs. Due to its mildness, it is very effective for heat-sensitive materials. Furthermore, it promotes the processing capacity as it leads to a faster evaporation of aequeous liquids as well as solvents.

Ultrasonic Spraying in Research and Science

Hielscher ultrasonic spraying systems have been investigated and applied in various scientific experiments and research and development projects. Below, we present you selected scientific studies featuring ultrasonic spray nozzles for atomization, spray coating and nebulization.

Ultrasonic Spraying Sonotrode S26d18S

Ultrasonic Sonotrode S26d18S for Atomization, Nebulizing or Spraying

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