MultiSonoReactor for High-Throughput Inline Sonication

The Hielscher MultiSonoReactor is an ultrasonic flow-through reactor for large scale processing of liquids and slurries. Depending on the configuration, the MultiSonoReactor can process liquids and slurries with up to 30kW ultrasound power. Optimized flow conditions within the reactor ensure uniform ultrasonic processing of the fed liquid.

The MultiSonoReactor is Ideal for High-Throughput Applications, e.g.

  • Homogenization & karıştırma
  • Dispersion of particles and pigments
  • ekstraksiyon
  • Malaxation
  • Emulsion
  • Sonochemical reactions
  • Other large-volume processes

Ultrasonic Processing of High Volumes with the MultiSonoReactor

The MultiSonoReactor is available in two versions: The MSR-4 and MSR-5, which can hold 4 or 5 ultrasonic transducers, respectively.

High-intensity ultrasonication is introduced into chemical reactors in order to increase yields, improve conversion rate and to influence chemical systems beneficially.

The MultiSonoReactor is an industrial inline homogenization reactor suitable for the industrial of high throughputs. The picture shows the MultiSonoReactor MSR-4 with a total of 16kW ultrasound power.




Gradual Scale-up: Of course, the MultiSonoReactor can also be equipped initially with only one, two or three ultrasonic processors and additional processors can be added for process scale-up when the throughput increases with increasing production output targets.


The MultiSonoReactor is Hielscher's solution for large throughput sonication processes. The optimized flow pattern allows the uniform ultrasonication of large volume streams.

The MultiSonoReactor is Hielscher’s solution for large throughput sonication processes. The optimized flow pattern allows the uniform ultrasonication of large volume streams. The picture shows the MSR-5 in configuration with 5x UIP4000hdT.

MultiSonoReactor: Simple Installation and Operation

The MultiSonoReactor is equipped with a feeding inlet and outlet and can be easily connected to your processing flow stream. Amplitude, flow speed, pressure, and temperature are the most important process parameters of ultrasonic processes and thereby also the main parameters responsible for the process intensity and effects in the MultiSonoReactor.

  • Amplitude: The amplitude can be precisely controlled via the touch screen of the ultrasonic generator or via browser remote control. Higher amplitudes generate more intense cavitation. Hielscher Ultrasonicsindustrial ultrasonic processors can deliver very high amplitudes. Amplitudes of up to 200µm can be easily continuously run in 24/7 operation.
  • Flow Speed / Residence Time: The flow speed determines the residence time of the liquid in the cavitation field. A slower flow means the liquid / slurry remains longer in the acoustic cavitation field, whilst a higher flow rate means a shorter residence time under ultrasound. The flow speed of the liquid can be adapted to the process target.
  • Pressure: The MultiSonoReactor can be pressurized up to 5 barg. Since ultrasonic / acoustic cavitation is intensified when pressure is applied to the process medium, running ultrasonic processes under elevated pressures is an important factor of process optimization.
  • Temperature: The process temperature in the MultiSonoReactor can be regulated by cooling or heating via the wall of an interior pipe. The use of an industrial cooling or heating cuff, which can be mounted as a jacket to the outer reactor wall creates additional cooling / heating capacity.

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