Ultrasonic Extraction of Caffeine

Ultrasonik adalah metode yang efektif yang digunakan untuk ekstraksi kafein dan senyawa-senyawa aktif lain dari kopi. Perangkat ultrasonik yang kuat membantu proses ekstraksi serta memaksimalkan hasil dan memperpendek waktu pengolahan.

Improve Caffeine Extraction with Power Ultrasound

The flavour of coffee and the effects of caffeine are a passion shared by millions around the world for centuries. As coffee aficionados and scientists alike seek ways to enhance the extraction of caffeine, bioactive compounds and flavours from coffee beans, innovative techniques have emerged to revolutionize the process. One such method, harnessing the power of ultrasound, has emerged as a promising tool to improve caffeine extraction efficiency. Hielscher sonicators allow to extract higher yields of caffeine and unlocking new dimensions of flavours and aroma in the coffee beverages, food additives and extracts.

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Ultrasonicator UIP6000hdT for the industrial decaffeination of coffee beans, tea and cocoa. Ultrasonication facilitates and intensifies the Swiss Water Decaffeination process.

Industrial ultrasonicator UIP6000hdT for the continuous caffeine extraction from coffee beans


Ultrasonic extraction is the superior method to produce cold-brew coffee from coffee ground. Sonication releases the flavour compounds and caffeine within seconds.

Ultrasonic Extraction of Caffeine and Brewing Cold-Brew Coffee

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The Advantages of Coffee Bean Extraction using Sonication

High efficiency and superior coffee extract quality are only two criteria, which make the use of Hielscher probe-type sonicators the best method for the extraction of caffeine and coffee compounds from coffee beans. Below are the most important benefits of ultrasonic coffee extraction listed:

  • Efisiensi: Probe-type sonicators generate intense ultrasonic waves that can penetrate solid materials effectively. This helps break down the coffee bean structure and facilitates the extraction of caffeine.
  • Precise Control: Probe-type sonicators allow for precise control of the ultrasonic energy and exposure time. This control is essential to avoid over-extraction, which can lead to unwanted flavours and bitterness in the coffee extract.
  • Speed: Sonication is a rapid process, and probe-type sonicators can significantly reduce the extraction time compared to traditional methods, making the process more efficient.
  • Uniformity: The ultrasonic waves can provide more uniform extraction throughout the coffee bean material, ensuring that caffeine is extracted evenly.
  • Reduced Solvent Usage: Ultrasonic extraction often requires less solvent compared to traditional methods. This can be environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  • Preservation of Flavor Compounds: Probe-type sonication can be optimized to selectively extract caffeine while leaving other flavor compounds largely intact. This is important for maintaining the quality and taste of the coffee extract.
  • Scalability: With Hielscher Ultrasonica, ultrasonic extraction processes can be linearly scaled up for industrial applications. This means, feasibility and process optimization can be on lab scale and then risk-free and easily scaled to production throughput.
Ultrasonic probe UP400St for the efficient extraction of caffeine from coffee beans, tea and cocoa. Ultrasonication intensifies and improves the Swiss Water Decaffeination process.

Ultrasonic probe UP400St for the efficient extraction of caffeine from coffee beans, tea and cocoa.


In this presentation we introduce you to the manufacturing of botanical extracts. We explain the challenges of producing high-quality botanical extracts and how a sonicator can help you to overcome these challenges. This presentation will show you how ultrasonic extraction works. You will learn, what benefits you can expect using a sonicator for extraction and how you can implement an ultrasonic extractor into your extract production.

Ultrasonic Botanical Extraction - How to use sonicators to extract botanical compounds

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Ekstraksi Senyawa Kopi dengan Ultrasonik

Ultrasound membantu ekstraksi yang merupakan metode umum dan digunakan untuk mengisolasi bahan bioaktif dari material tanaman [Dong et al. 2010]. Mengenai biji kopi, kafein dan antioksidan fenolik kemungkinan senyawa yang paling berharga untuk ekstraksi karena berbagai aplikasi dalam industri farmasi dan makanan. Tetapi juga flavonoid, asam klorogenat dan asam protocatechuic ekstrak yang digunakan sebagai aditif.
Menggunakan metode ekstraksi tradisional seperti ekstraksi cairan dalam pelarut, pada umumnya efisiensi ekstraksi meningkat dengan meningkatnya suhu ekstraksi. Hal ini menyebabkan seringnya kerusakan dan kehilangan kualitas ekstraksi sebagaimana suhu mempengaruhi stabilitas senyawa fenolik.
The ultrasound-assisted solid-liquid extraction has been shown as an effective and time-saving extraction method. The highly powerful ultrasonic forces provide the necessary energy for the extraction, so that less or even none solvents are needed. The temperature can be well controlled as the sonicated batch or flow cell reactor can be efficiently cooled (or heated if necessary).
Karena kekuatan ekstraksi ultrasound yang intens, juga kopi yang sudah habis (sisa dari kopi) masih menjadi bahan baku yang kaya dengan senyawa yang dapat diekstrak. Karena bahan limbah kopi murah dan tersedia dalam jumlah banyak, ini adalah bahan baku yang ideal untuk ekstraksi sisa senyawa aktif. Meski kandungan kafein dan komponen lainnya dalam limbah kopi lebih rendah daripada bubuk kopi yang tidak digunakan, masih banyak yang tersisa dan bisa diekstrak. Untuk melepaskan senyawa ini dari bubuk kopi, pengaruh penuh pada parameter pemrosesan menjadi sangat penting. Ultrasound berdaya tinggi mampu mengekstrak senyawa aktif dalam jumlah tinggi dalam waktu pemrosesan yang singkat.

Ultrasonic extractor installed on a reactor for the extraction of bioactive compounds from tea and coffee

Ultrasonic extractor UIP2000hdT for the extraction of bioactive compounds from coffee beans

High-Power Sonicators for Coffee Extraction

Acoustic cavitation as shown here at the Hielscher ultrasonicator UIP1500hdT is used to initiate and promote chemical reactions. Ultrasonic cavitation at Hielscher's UIP1500hdT (1500W) ultrasonicator for sonochemical reactions.Untuk memastikan pemahaman yang lebih mudah dari ultrasound membantu prosedur ekstraksi , efek ultrasound didalam cairan harus dijelaskan.
Ultrasound – dipertemukan pada cairan – causes locally very extreme effects. When sonicating liquids at high intensities, the sound waves that propagate into the liquid media result in alternating high-pressure (compression) and low-pressure (rarefaction) cycles, with rates depending on the frequency. During the low-pressure cycle, high-intensity ultrasonic waves create small vacuum bubbles or voids in the liquid. When the bubbles attain a volume at which they can no longer absorb energy, they collapse violently during a high-pressure cycle. This phenomenon is termed acoustic cavitation. During the implosion very high temperatures (approx. 5,000K) and pressures (approx. 2,000atm) are reached locally. The implosion of the cavitation bubble also results in liquid jets of up to 280m/s velocity. [Suslick 1998] By these extreme forces sonolysis occurs, cell walls are disrupted, and intracellular material is extracted.
Ultrasonikasi membantu ekstraksi yang merupakan alternatif yang murah, sederhana dan efisien dibandingkan dengan teknik ekstraksi konvensional. Keuntungan utama dari ultrasound dalam ekstraksi solid–liquid adalah termasuk peningkatan hasil ekstraksi dan kinetika lebih cepat. Ultrasonik ekstraksi adalah teknik yang sering digunakan untuk ekstraksi bahan tanaman menggunakan pelarut cair dan terbukti untuk proses ekstraksi lebih cepat dan lebih lengkap dibandingkan dengan metode tradisional karena luas permukaan antara fase padat dan cair secara signifikan lebih besar diseñaban oleh cell disruption dan dispersi partikel.
By the use of sonication also the operating temperature can be reduced, allowing the extraction of temperature-sensitive components. Compared with other novel extraction techniques such as microwave-assisted extraction, the ultrasound apparatus is cheaper and its operation is easier. Furthermore, the ultrasonically assisted extraction can be used with any solvent, such as the Soxhlet extraction, for extracting a wide variety of natural compounds. [Wang et al. 2006]
Keuntungan besar dari ultrasonics adalah pengaruh pada proses parameter utama: amplitudo, waktu, suhu, tekanan, dan viskositas. Dengan demikian, proses ekstraksi dapat dioptimalkan untuk memastikan bahwa struktur ekstrak tidak menjadi rusak.

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Caffeine Extraction Improved by Sonication

Kafein dapat dikatakan sebagai minuman yang paling sering dikonsumsi. Karena kafein tidak hanya dikonsumsi sebagai kopi yang diseduh, ekstraksi kafein digunakan di industri untuk mengolah produk lain dengan kafein sebagai aditif. Dengan demikian, memungkinkan untuk membuat kopi yang lebih kuat atau untuk merumuskan membuat minuman ringan (misalnya cola), minuman energi atau makarna lainnya (misalnya coklat).
But caffeine is not only used as additive in food production, it is also an important active compound in pharmaceuticals. A common application of caffeine extract is e.g. the admixture in drugs for headache and migraine or in pain relievers.
To extract caffeine, the main alkaloid in coffee, ultrasonication is a suitable method. Wang and his colleagues found that only a short extraction time is needed to reach a saturated state, if ultrasonication is used. This means that ultrasound a very efficient and time saving technique for gaining caffeine. [Wang et al. 2011]

Aromatic Molecules and Flavour Compounds

Caffeine can be extracted using sonicators. Ultrasonic caffeine extraction excels by higher yields and shorter processing times.Senyawa volatil kopi adalah bagian paling berharga dari biji kopi panggang dan memberikan rasa kopi dan aroma yang unik. Kualitas kopi yang larut dapat ditingkatkan secara substansial dengan menambahkan minyak untuk menyerap aroma bubuk kopi.
Sebuah studi perbandingan, menguji ekstraksi senyawa fenolik dari stroberi, menunjukkan bahwa ekstraksi ultrasonik menyebabkan kurangnya degradasi phenolic dan proses ekstraksi lebih cepat dibandingkan dengan metode ekstraksi lainnya termasuk air cair-padat, subkritis dan metode mikrowave. [Herrera et al. 2005]
The study of Wang and his colleagues shows that low frequency, high power ultrasound is more efficient for the extraction of coffee flavours. Especially for 4-Tridecanone and 2-Methoxy-3-Methylpyrazine, they found the ultrasonic extraction more easy and efficient technique obtaining very high extraction yields. Further, it is shown that the temperature must be controlled as coffee flavor components are very volatile at high temperatures. They achieved good extraction results in the temperature range between 35~65 °C under relatively short-time ultrasonic irradiation. [Wang et al. 2011]


In this video clip we show you how you can quickly prepare your cold brew coffee using a coffee pad and the UP200Ht probe-type-ultrasonicator.

Cold Brew Coffee with Sonicator (Hielscher UP200Ht Sonicator)

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Tea Extraction Improved by Sonication

Hasil yang dicapai dengan ekstraksi yang dibantu ultrasonik juga sesuai untuk ekstraksi senyawa teh (misalnya daun teh hijau). Sebuah studi oleh Xia et al. Menunjukkan kandungan polifenol teh yang jauh lebih tinggi, asam amino dan kafein dalam infus teh secara ultrasonik dibandingkan dengan yang diperoleh dengan ekstraksi konvensional. Hal ini menghasilkan hasil yang lebih baik selama evaluasi organoleptik yang ternyata: kualitas sensorik infus teh dengan ekstraksi ultrasonik dibantu lebih baik daripada infus teh dengan ekstraksi konvensional. [Xia et al. 2005]

Ultrasonikator Hielscher, misalnya UP200S (dalam gambar), sangat berhasil untuk ekstraksi materi intra seluler.

Ultrasonik ekstraksi dari tumbuh-tumbuhan

Conclusion: Highly Efficient Caffeine Extraction with Ultrasound

Ultrasonically-assisted extraction is an efficient, time-saving and controllable method for the extraction of active compounds from coffee. The most interesting and valuable compounds are caffeine, and the antioxidants such as phenolic diterpenes (cafestol, kahweol), and ascorbic acids. The main advantages of the ultrasound-assisted extraction are extract of excellent quality at high yields. These benefits of ultrasonic extraction are achieved by optimization and precise control of the ultrasonic extraction parameters.

High-Performance Sonicators for Caffeine Extraction

When it comes to caffeine extraction at any processing scale, Hielscher Sonicators stand as the pinnacle of innovation and efficiency. Whether you are a small-scale artisanal producer or a large-scale industrial manufacturing facility, Hielscher sonicators offer a precise and powerful solution for extracting the pure essence of caffeine from your source material.

  • Precision and Consistency: Hielscher probe-type sonicators are designed to deliver precise control over the extraction process. Their state-of-the-art technology ensures consistent results batch after batch, allowing you to maintain the quality and potency of your caffeine extract.
  • Scalability: Hielscher offers a range of sonicators suitable for various processing scales. From compact benchtop models for research and development to robust industrial systems capable of handling high volumes, Hielscher provides the flexibility needed to meet your production requirements.
  • Efisiensi: With Hielscher sonicators, you can significantly reduce extraction times compared to traditional methods. The ultrasonic waves generated by these machines create intense cavitation forces, rapidly breaking down cell walls and releasing caffeine molecules, resulting in shorter processing cycles.
  • Versatility: Hielscher sonicators are not limited to caffeine extraction alone. Our sonicators are adaptable to a wide range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Whether you are extracting caffeine from coffee beans, tea leaves, or other botanical sources, Hielscher sonicators offer versatility to suit your needs.

Hielscher Ultrasonics is an ISO certified company and put special emphasis on high-performance ultrasonicators featuring state-of-the-art technology and user-friendliness. Of course, Hielscher ultrasonicators are CE compliant and meet the requirements of UL, CSA and RoHs.

Tabel di bawah ini memberi Anda indikasi perkiraan kapasitas pemrosesan ultrasonikator kami:

Batch VolumeFlow RateDirekomendasikan perangkat
0.5 untuk 1.5mLn.a.VialTweeter
1 hingga 500mL10-200mL/minUP100H
10-2000mL20 hingga 400mL/minUP200Ht, UP400St
0.1 hingga 20L0.2 sampai 4L/minUIP2000hdT
10 sampai 100L2-10L/minUIP4000hdT
15 to 150L3 to 15L/minUIP6000hdT
n.a.10 sampai 100L/menitUIP16000
n.a.kristal yang lebbigcluster UIP16000

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Coffee and Coffee Extracts

Kopi – dibuat dari biji kopi yang di panggang – is a very popular drink that is worldwide consumed. Besides to its vitalizing impact if consumed as a stimulant drink, the compounds of coffee are of interest for the food, pharmaceutical (e.g. in pain relievers) and cosmetic industry as used as valuable additives in various products. This applies especially for the caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine) and the antioxidants, which are known for their positive effects on the human health. Coffee contains, amongst others, phenolic diterpenes such as cafestol and kahweol, and ascorbic acids, which are known for their antioxidative activity. Epidemiological studies suggest that coffee’s ingredients may have a preventive effect on several chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma.
Ultrasonics is a well known and proven tool for many different applications in various industries. One of the most prominent and successful applications of power ultrasound is the extraction of bioactive compounds from plants. Ultrasonic cavitation disrupts cells and causes thereby the release of the intracellular matter. Due to these effects, sonication gives higher and more complete extraction yields within a very short processing time. As a non-thermal processing technique, bioactive molecules are prevented against degradation by high temperatures resulting in high-quality extracts.

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