SonoStationHielscher’s Ultrasonic Pump Solution Setup

Ultrasonic processes are widely used in manifold industries for mixing, dispersing, homogenisation and extraction. Whilst small volumes easily can be sonicated in batch mode, for larger volume processes a sophisticated inline setup is recommended. The SonoStation is a complete self-standing ultrasonic setup consisting in an agitated tank with cooling jacket, a pump and ultrasonic processors equipped with flow cells. The sophisticated design of the SonoStation is the full-featured solution for successful ultrasonic processes.
SonoStation, Your Innovative Mixing SystemSimple!

Ultrasonic Processing Made Easy with the SonoStation

Ultrasonic processing is just one step in your process development or everyday production. The installation and operation of the ultrasonic reactor should as simple as possible. The SonoStation is an easy-to-use pumping system to move your liquid material to the ultrasonic reactor at constant flow and constant pressure. We integrated a 38L stirred tank (jacketed) with a progressive cavity pump into a mobile processing system. We even included a stand for up to two ultrasonic reactors. This high level of integration reduces the number and size or wetted parts, fittings and connectors. This makes the SonoStation easier to use and easier to clean than a conventional setup. It reduces the foot-print too.

Yet, this simplicity does not result in limited functionality. For this reason, our ultrasonic devices come with features, such as automatic frequency tuning, automatic data protocoling, automatic amplitude control and dry-run safety so you can focus on your process.

While our ultrasonic devices are sophisticated processing equipment, which can be reliably used as single processing tool, integrating them into a more complex processing setup allows to improve the complete production process. The SonoStation is a complete processing setup consisting in a stirred tank, pump and continuous ultrasonication. The SonoStation is a complete, compact and powerful setup that facilitates ultrasonic processes in medium-size production scale.
The complete processing design of the SonoStation helps you to progress faster!

Hielscher SonoStation for the ultrasonication of mid-size batches using one or two flow cell reactors. The compact SonoStation combines a 38 liter agitated tank with an adjustable progressive cavity pump that can feed up 3 liters per minute into one or two ultrasonic flow cell reactors.

Ultrasonic Mixing Station - SonoStation with 2 x 2000 Watts Homogenizers

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The Features of the SonoStation:

  • complete processing setup

  • easy-to-use
fully integrated

  • simple setup

  • small footprint
holds up to 4kW sonication power (2x UIP500hdT to UIP2000hdT)
  • robust for everyday use (pilot or production)

  • flexible for process development

  • stainless steel tank with cooling jacket
no sedimentation as in horizontal pumps
  • robust for everyday use (pilot or production)

Why the SonoStation?

For an ultrasonic production setup, you need besides the ultrasonicator also accessories such as tanks, pump, sonicator stand, and hoses or pipes. The SonoStation is a complete ultrasonic processing setup that gets you ready for production quickly!
Hielscher specializes in ultrasonic devices for liquid processes. Ultrasonic inline reactors require accessories, such as tank, pump, heat-exchanger, valve, pressure sensors. In order to facilitate setup and operation, we provide accessories designed for sonication processes. The SonoStation setup features a pneumatic pinch valve and a digital diaphragm stainless steel pressure sensor PS7. We wanted to improve the liquid handling.

Ultrasonic SonoStation - An All-in-One Ultrasonic production system consisting of tank, stirrer, pump and sonicator ready for production.

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SonoStation equipped with ultrasonicator UIP1000hdT

SonoStation equipped with ultrasonicator UIP1000hdT and flow cell reactor

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Hielscher ultrasonic homogenizers produce controllable and repeatable sonication for process development and production.

Technical Details of the SonoStation:

  • stainless steel

  • 230VAC or 115VAC
  • single phase for standard wall outlet

  • progressive cavity pump for constant flow and constant pressure
  • with VFD, 40 to 495RPM

  • max. 5barg
self priming
high viscosity, even grout

The Tank

The tank, pump and agitator of the SonoStationThe tank of the SonoStation is a 38L stainless steel tank. It is fitted with a cooling / heating jacket for thermal control. For example, using it as cooling jacket makes sure that hot materials do not bake to the tank walls and do not stick on its walls. Its conical shape avoids sedimentation of particles. Mounted on swivel casters (wheels) allow for 360 degree directional movement and ensure maneuverability even in tight spaces. In addition to mobility, the caster brakes are solid allowing a secure locking of the wheels so that the SonoStation stays secured at the desired location. To keep the unit securely in place is extremely important for applications.

The Pump

Hielscher ultrasonic reactors mix, homogenize and mill liquids materials. For easier setup and handling, we designed the VerticalPump50. This integrated setup combines a stirred 50L holding tank with a progressive cavity pump. Simplicity, ease of operation and robustness are key design features of this pumping station.
Details of the Pump:

  • progressive cavity pump for constant flow and constant pressure
  • with VFD, 40 to 495RPM
  • 15-180L/h
  • max. 5barg
  • self priming
  • high viscosity, even grout
  • no sedimentation as in horizontal pumps
The Hielscher SonoStation is an All-in-One ultrasonic process solution. This ultrasonic homogenization system features tank, pump and agitator for efficient sonication results.

SonoStation view from above into tank with agitator

SonoStationthe ultrasonic processing setup for ready-to-process applications

The Agitator

The agitator speed is adjustable and can deliver up to 500RPM, thereby capable to provide good macro-mixing of liquids and slurries moving the material through the tank. The reliable agitation ensures that the material is uniformly transported into the ultrasonic flow cell rector(s) and processed.

Last but Not LeastThe Ultrasonicators for the SonoStation

The SonoStation is compatible with the industrial grade ultrasonicators UIP500hdT (500 watts), UIP1000hdT (1000 watts), UIP1500hdT (1500 watts), and UIP2000hdT (2000 watts). Each SonoStation can hold and be operated with either one or two ultrasonic processors. By equipping the SonoStation individually with the ultrasonic power adjusted to your process requirements ensures that you get the optimum setup!
The SonoStation pump transports the liquid or slurry into and through the ultrasonic flow-through reactors. In accordance with the raw material and process target, the ultrasonicators can be configured with the ideal probe and flow cell. A broad range of sonotrodes / cascatrodes and flow cell reactors are readily available.

Hielscher ultrasonicators can be remotely controlled via browser control. Sonication parameters can be monitored and adjusted precisely to the process requirements.All industrial-grade ultrasonicators allow for precise control over all important process parameters such as amplitude, pressure, temperature and sonication time. This makes the ultrasonic process reliable and reproducible. Hielscher Ultrasonics knows of the importance of continuously high product quality and supports manufacturers to implement process standardisation and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) by intelligent software and automatic data recording. Our digital ultrasonic homogenizers automatically record all ultrasonic process parameters on a built-in SD-card. Digital touch displays and browser remote control allow to continuously monitor the process and enable to adjust the process parameters precisely whenever required. This facilitates process monitoring and quality control significantly.
The Hielscher’s ultrasonic equipment is designed for user-friendliness, high-performance and robustness. All ultrasonicators are built for 24/7 operation at heavy duty in demanding environments and have long life cycles with low maintenance.
The table below gives you an indication of the approximate processing capacity of our ultrasonicators that are compatible with the SonoStation:

Batch VolumeFlow RateRecommended Devices
0.25 to 5L50mL/min to 1L/minUIP500hdT
0.5 to 10L100mL/min to 2L/minUIP1000hdT
0.75 to 15L200mL/min to 3L/minUIP1500hdT
0.1 to 20L0.2 to 4L/minUIP2000hdT

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The UIP2000hdT is a 2000 watts powerful ultrasonic homogenizer used for liquid applications such as homogenization, emulsification, dispersing and extraction.

The UIP2000hdT is a 2000 watts powerful ultrasonic processor, which can be mounted to the SonoStation

SonoStation - Hielscher's ultrasonic pump solution Hielscher's ultrasonic pump solution features high-performance ultrasonicators, a stirred tank and pump

As a ready-to-use pumping system, the SonoStation moves your liquid material to the ultrasonic reactor at constant flow and constant pressure.

Facts Worth Knowing

How Does High-Shear Mixing by Sonication Work?

Ultrasonic homogenizers, high shear mixers and disintegrators use the same mechanical principle as industrial mixing systems such as high speed rotor mixers, multi-shaft mixers, colloid mills, high pressure homogenizers, and impeller systems do. Ultrasonic mixing systems are applied to disperse and mill particles, to emulsify oil and water phases, to solubilize solid matter and to produce homogeneous mixtures of any kind of materials in liquids and slurries. Ultrasonic homogenizers integrate an ultrasonic probe, also known as sonotrode, into a mixing vessel, such as into a batch tank or into a flow cell. The ultrasonic probe transmits vibrations of a very high frequency into the liquid or slurry and creates intense acoustic cavitation in the liquid. The implosion of the cavitation bubbles results in powerful shear forces, that disrupt and break droplets, agglomerates, aggregates, and even primary particles. As ultrasonic cavitation generates high-velocity cavitational streaming with up to 1000km/h, the cavitational liquid jets accelerate particles. When the accelerated particles collide with each other, the act as milling media. Subsequently, the colliding particles shatter and are are reduced to micron- or nano-size. In the ultrasonic cavitation field, pressures alternate quickly and repeatedly between vacuum and up to 1000bar. A rotary mixer with 4 mixer blades would need to operate at a staggering 300,000 RPM to achieve the same frequency of alternating pressure cycles. Conventional rotary mixers and rotor-stator mixers create no significant amount of cavitation because of their limitation in speed.

Acoustic or ultrasonic cavitation: bubble growth and implosion

Ultrasonic extraction is based on acoustic cavitation and its hydrodynamic shear forces.

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