UIP16000 – Most Powerful Ultrasonic Processor

16,000 watts of ultrasonic power make the UIP16000 the most powerful ultrasonic processor in the world. It is designed to work in clusters of three or more units, for large volume processing, such as to homogenize, disperse or deagglomerate.

Industrial High-Shear Homogenizer using Power Ultrasound

High-power ultrasound probe for industrial applications: The Hielscher Cascatrode™️As ultrasonic applications can be scaled up on a straight-line basis, the processing capacity increases with the ultrasonic power. At production level, processes often require more power than 40kW. For such processing applications, we recommend using a cluster of UIP10000 or UIP16000.

The UIP16000 combines a very high power with a minimal footprint. In a typical setup, the UIP16000 requires 2 cabinets of 600mm x 600mm footprint only. This makes it easy to retrofit the ultrasonic processor into existing systems. Each UIP16000 works as a self contained unit, including generator, transducer, sonotrode, flow cell and closed loop refrigeration. The stainless steel cabinets come with noise-insulated walls to reduce the noise emissions outside of the cabinet.

Process Scale Up

Each ultrasonic application requires a certain optimal combination of sonication amplitude, liquid pressure and temperature. This optimal configuration can be found in small lab or bench-top scale test, e.g. by using a UIP1000hd (1kW) with flow cell. The UIP1000hd allows for a variation of the sonication parameters in a wide range. Once the optimal parameter configuration has been identified, the process efficiency can be scaled up linearly. Therefore, the turnkey system comes pre-configured to work at the optimal parameter configuration. The table below shows general processing capacities for a 4x16kW system.

High-perfromance sonicator UIP16000 for high-volume processes such as homogenizing, dispersing, emulsification, milling or extraction.

Sonicator UIP16000

4x16kW Processing Capacity
biodiesel transesterification
12 to 50m³/hr
емульгування, e.g. oil/water
6 to 32m³/hr
cell extraction, e.g. algae
1 to 12m³/hr
Диспергування / deagglomeration
0.3 to 6m³/hr
wet milling and grinding
0.2 to 4m³/hr

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High-Performance Sonicator: Easy Installation, Simple System Start-Up

The UIP16000 is designed to facilitate the installation and start-up. The cabinets come pre-configured. It needs to be connected to the process media supply, power supply, and cooling water, only. Data interfaces are optionally available.

As mentioned above we recommend the conduct of process feasibility trials and a process optimization in small to medium scale. We will be glad to assist you in selecting the right equipment for such preliminary tests and for the final full-scale setup.
Alternatively, you can conduct process trials in our process laboratory.

Чому Hielscher Ultrasonics?

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  • Найсучасніші технології
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  • CIP (прибирання на місці)

Проектування, виробництво та консалтинг – Якість зроблено в Німеччині

Hielscher sonicators are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany. Hielscher Ultrasonics emphasizes highest quality standards and robustness of its ultrasonic homogenizers. That's why Hielscher Ultrasonics is recognized worldwide for superior ultrasonic mixing technology.Ультразвукові апарати Hielscher добре відомі своїми найвищими стандартами якості та дизайну. Надійність і простота експлуатації дозволяють плавно інтегрувати наші ультразвукові апарати в промислові об'єкти. З важкими умовами та вимогливими умовами легко справляються ультразвукові апарати Hielscher.

Hielscher Ultrasonics є сертифікованою компанією ISO і приділяє особливу увагу високопродуктивним ультразвуковим апаратам, які відрізняються найсучаснішими технологіями та зручністю для використання. Звичайно, ультразвукові апарати Hielscher відповідають вимогам CE та відповідають вимогам UL, CSA та RoHs.

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Find the Right Sonicator for Your Process Volumes

Hielscher sonicators are available at any power and processing capacity. Whether you want to ultrasonically homogenize small volumes in a vial or lab beaker or you want to industrially process large liquid streams for mass production, Hielscher has the suitable ultrasonic homogenizer in the portfolio.

Наведена нижче таблиця дає уявлення про приблизну потужність обробки наших ультразвукових апаратів:

Об'єм партіїВитратаРекомендовані пристрої
0від .5 до 1.5 млН.А.VialTweeter
Від 1 до 500 млВід 10 до 200 мл/хвUP100H
Від 10 до 2000 млВід 20 до 400 мл/хвUP200Ht, UP400St
0від 1 до 20 л0від .2 до 4 л/хвUIP2000HDT
Від 10 до 100 лВід 2 до 10 л/хвUIP4000HDT
Від 15 до 150 лВід 3 до 15 л/хвUIP6000HDT
Н.А.Від 10 до 100 л/хвUIP16000
Н.А.Більшекластер UIP16000


This video explains, why you should consider Hielscher sonicators for your mixing, extraction, emulsification, dispersing, homogenizing or degassing applications. Learn how ultrasonication improves liquid products, reduces production costs, and can help you to make new and better products.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Ultrasonics in Your Production

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Ultrasonic transducer UIP16000 with cascatrode

Ultrasonic transducer UIP16000 with cascatrode

High performance ultrasonics! The Hielscher product range covers the full spectrum from the compact lab ultrasonicator over bench-top units to full-industrial ultrasonic systems.

Hielscher Ultrasonics manufactures high-performance ultrasonic homogenizers from lab to industrial size.

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