Aqua-FuelsNOx Reduction by Ultrasonic Emulsification

Aqua-fuels are water-in-fuel blends, which provide a cleaner, more efficient burning fuel type. Ultrasonic emulsification are used for instance to mix heavy fuel oils with water, that are used on marine vessels to reduce the emission of nitrous oxide (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter significantly. At the same time, the fuel consumption can be cut by up to 5%. Ultrasonic aqua-fuels makes your marine vessel greener and saves you money!

Stable Water-Fuel Emulsions

Ultrasonically produced aqua-fuels are instant in-line stable water-in-oil emulsion fuels through an innovative, highly effcient ultrasonic cavitation homogenizing system. While ensuring better combustion< conditions and lower fuel consumption, air pollutants emissions such as NOx, black carbon/soot and other, are significantly reduced. Combustion system and exhaust components also get cleaner (boiler and economizers tubes, turbine and engine parts) which result in lower maintenance costs. Ultrasonic emulsification of water-fuels reduces emissions and saves fuel!
Aqua-fuels can be produced from multiple fuel types via ultrasonic oil-water emulsification, including lighter fuels (LFO, IFO, MDO, or GO), and heavy fuel oil (HFO) to achieve emission and fuel savings.

Aquafuel emulsification system producing ultrasonically emulsified water-fuels

Aqua-Fuel Technology

The installation of an ultrasonic aqua-fuel homogenizer requires no modifications to the engines and no interruptions to engine operation. The ultrasonic aqua-fuel emulsifier is an in-line system, no additional tanks are required. Powerful industrial ultrasonicators such as the UIP2000hdT, UIP4000hdT or UIP6000hdT are built for heavy duty applications in demanding environments and supply the required shear forces and can easily process liquid streams of high viscosities and at high flow rates. Such robust aqua-fuel sonicator requires only low maintenance and is safe and easily to operate.

Ultrasonic homogenizers produce micro- and nano-emulsions.

After sonication, the asphaltene particles are reduced to nano-size and uniformly distributed

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Ultrasonically Emulsified Aqua-Fuels

  • NOx reduction
  • CO2 reduction
  • Soot reduction
  • Fuel savings
  • Inline system
  • Turnkey solution
  • Fast ROI
  • низькі експлуатаційні витрати
  • Easy & safe operation

Aquafuel emulsification system with 5x Hielscher sonicators

Sonicators for Aqua-Fuel Emulsification

Hielscher Ultrasonics designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance ultrasonicators for the reliable emulsification of water into fuels, so-called aquafuels.
The excellent emulsification performance of Hielscher sonicators lead to improved combustion efficiency, reduced emissions, and increased overall performance. Hielscher ultrasonic emulsification systems use the working principle of high-intensity ultrasound and the thereby generated acoustic cavitation in order to create minute and uniform water-in-fuel-water droplets.
Aqua-fuels produced using ultrasonic emulsification burn more efficiently, leading to reduced emissions of harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). This is due to the improved mixing and combustion of the emulsified fuel.
Aqua-fuels emulsified with Hielscher sonicators exhibit improved ignition characteristics, such as shorter ignition delay times. This leads to better engine performance and reduced fuel consumption.
These improvements are supported by scientific research and contribute to more efficient and environmentally friendly combustion processes.

Why Hielscher Ultrasonics?

  • high efficiency
  • state-of-the-art technology
  • reliability & robustness
  • adjustable, precise process control
  • batch & inline
  • for any volume
  • intelligent software
  • smart features (e.g., programmable, data protocolling, remote control)
  • easy and safe to operate
  • низькі експлуатаційні витрати
  • CIP (clean-in-place)

Design, Manufacturing and ConsultingQuality Made in Germany

Hielscher ultrasonicators are well-known for their highest quality and design standards. Robustness and easy operation allow the smooth integration of our ultrasonicators into industrial facilities. Rough conditions and demanding environments are easily handled by Hielscher ultrasonicators.

Hielscher Ultrasonics is an ISO certified company and put special emphasis on high-performance ultrasonicators featuring state-of-the-art technology and user-friendliness. Of course, Hielscher ultrasonicators are CE compliant and meet the requirements of UL, CSA and RoHs.

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Facts Worth Knowing

Ultrasonic tissue homogenizers are often referred to as probe sonicator/ sonificator, sonic lyser, ultrasound disruptor, ultrasonic grinder, sono-ruptor, sonifier, sonic dismembrator, cell disrupter, ultrasonic disperser, emulsifier or dissolver. The different terms result from the various applications that can be fulfilled by sonication.

High performance ultrasonics! The Hielscher product range covers the full spectrum from the compact lab ultrasonicator over bench-top units to full-industrial ultrasonic systems.

Hielscher Ultrasonics manufactures high-performance ultrasonic homogenizers from lab to industrial size.

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