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Over 20 years of experience in ultrasonic processing makes Hielscher the leading expert for industrial ultrasonic processes. We guide our customers from their first process ideas through process optimization to the final scale-up to commercial productiondevelopping the perfect solution for individual ultrasonic processes. Our broad product range of powerful and reliable industrial ultrasonic equipment as well as our customized designs allow for the perfect ultrasonic process solution. We are your partner for high intense industrial ultrasonication!

Our well-trained staff has many years of experience in ultrasonic processing. We proactively support our customers from the first ideas and trials to the final installation of the industrial processing of large volume streams. In close and confidential cooperation, Hielscher assists its customers from feasibility testing through process optimization to the final scale-up and integration of the final ultrasonic system.

Hielscher Ultrasonics is your leading expert for ultrasonic processes!

High Power Ultrasonic Processing

The sophisticated development of an ultrasonic process includes three major steps:

1. Feasibility: Is it working?

If a customer approaches us with his process idea, the first step is to investigate if ultrasound provides the desired effects. Therefore, first feasibility trials can be carried outnormally in batch modeon small laboratory/ bench-top scale. Such feasibility tests are relatively easy to undertake. The specific material is sonicated in small volumes at different ultrasound intensities and setting. The results give a good indication if the target goal can be achieved by sonication.
Sophisticated feasibility test can be carried out at the customersside or at Hielscher’s ultrasonic processing facility. Contact us with your processing ideas!

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2. Optimization: What is most efficient process setup?

After a successful feasibility testing, it becomes interesting what the ultrasonic process will cost on industrial processing scale. Hielscher’s high power ultrasonicators allow for the optimization of the process and the fully linear scaleability of the ultrasonic process to industrial production stage. All our bench-top devices are built on industrial grade: inline sonication at heavy duty & 24/7 operation, very reliable and robust. On bench-top scale, all important processing parameters can be influenced on target so that the most beneficial, efficient and effective process setup will be found:

  • optimal ultrasound intensity (amplitude, flow rate)
  • optimal pressure
  • optimal process temperature
  • ideal setup (single pass or recirculation)

An elaborated optimization can be carried out at the customersside or at Hielscher’s ultrasonic processing facility. Contact us regarding your process targets!

Ultrasonic bench-top setup for sophisticated process optimization.

Ultrasonic bench-top setup for process optimization.

3. Scale-up: How to process on full-commercial production scale?

When the ultrasonic process has been optimized, the ideal process parameters can be linearly scaled up to production size. The process capacity can be precisely calculated on basis of the results obtained during optimization. Hielscher’s staff helps you to integrate the industrial ultrasonic devices into your production lineeither by designing the ultrasonic equipment for a new production facility or by retrofitting the ultrasonicators into an already existing plant.
Our broad product range and our skilled engineers allow for the most suitable adaption and for optimal results. Installation, service and training are of course part of our worldwide available service offerings.

3 Steps to Successful Ultrasonic Processing: Feasibility- Optimization - Scale-up

Ultrasonic Process Consulting: Hielscher guides you from feasibility and optimization to commercial production!

Industrial Ultrasonic Equipment

Hielscher’s industrial ultrasonicators are available at different sizessuitable to the individual process targets. A broad range of ultrasonic accessories (different probe sizes and shapes e.g. for extremely high amplitudes, high pressures, high temperatures; booster horns; flow cells, etc.) completes the assortment for industrial ultrasonic processing. Intense processes can be easily and reliable fullfilled with individual ultrasonic setups adapted to the specific process conditions.

Containerized high power ultrasound system for heavy duty applications such as coal liquefaction, extraction and leaching. (Click to enlarge!)

High Power Ultrasound System of 2x60kW for Heavy Duty Applications

Hielscher’s High Power Ultrasonic Equipment:

  • broad off-the-shelf product range
  • high amplitudes up to 180µm with standard sonotrodes (higher upon request)
  • very high and low process temperatures: from liquid nitrogen to liquid aluminum
  • high viscous liquids and pastesalso containing larger pieces
  • ATEX/ FM certified ultrasonic processors off-the-shelf available
  • many ultrasonic technology and process patents

Talk to us about your process! We will be glad to assist you from the very first ideas to the realisation of the commercial process!

Service, Maintenance and Training

Even if our ultrasonicators are easy to operate and need only very little maintenance, Hielscher is always glad to assists you with additional services around the topic of ultrasonic processing!

Power Ultrasound assists chemical processes such as catalysis, synthesis and other reactions. Thereby, sonication can be successfully applied for leaching, extraction or hydrodesulphurization processes.

48 kW Ultrasonic Processors
for High Volume Streams

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Facts Worth Knowing

Ultrasonic tissue homogenizers are often referred to as probe sonicator/ sonificator, sonic lyser, ultrasound disruptor, ultrasonic grinder, sono-ruptor, sonifier, sonic dismembrator, cell disrupter, ultrasonic disperser, emulsifier or dissolver. The different terms result from the various applications that can be fulfilled by sonication.

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