Utrasonic topic: "What is Sonochemistry?"

Sonochemistry is the application of ultrasound to chemical reactions and processes. SOnication is used to intensify chemical reactions such as synthesis and catalysis. When intense ultrasound waves are couples into liquids, the phenomenon of acoustic cavitation occurs. Ultrasonic cavitation improves mass transfer between reactants, speeds up the reaction and/or allows to change the chemicals pathway.
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Ultrasonication is a very efficient technique to promote sol-gel routes.

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High-intensity ultrasonication is introduced into chemical reactors in order to increase yields, improve conversion rate and to influence chemical systems beneficially.

ოპტიმიზებული ქიმიური რეაქტორის ეფექტურობა მაღალი სიმძლავრის ულტრაბგერითი გამოკვლევით

Ultrasonication is well known to intensify and/or initiate chemical reactions. Therefore, the integration of high-performance ultrasound is considered as reliable tool to promote chemical reactors for improved reaction outcomes. Hielscher Ultrasonics offers various reactor solutions to tweak your chemical process.


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