Cavitation Erosion Testing ASTM G32-92

Controllable and reproducible ultrasonication is needed to perform cavitation erosion testing in accordance with ASTM Standard G32-92. Hielscher ultrasonic devices can be used for the direct and indirect erosion testing of samples.

Hielscher manufactures ultrasonic processors, that have a fixed frequency (e.g. 20kHz) and an adjustable amplitude. Such ultrasonic devices can be used for the testing of the erosion resistance of materials according to the ASTM G32-92.
Cavitation Erosion Testing is not limited to the specifications of the ASTM G32 standard. For more detailed information on cavitation erosion testing, please click here!

The typical setup (right picture) for erosion testing consists of:

  • ultrasonic generator
  • ultrasonic transducer
  • (booster horn)
  • sonotrode
  • jacketed (cooled) fluid container

In case of the direct cavitation, the sample is attached to the sonotrode tip. In case of an indirect cavitation testing, the sample is positioned facing the sonotrode in a distance of 0.5 to 0.7mm from the sonotrode tip surface.

The fluid is distilled water at 25±2 degC at ambient pressure.

To obtain accurate results it is important to run at a specified amplitude, e.g. at 50 micron. Hielscher ultrasonic processors monitor the mechanical amplitude every 1/20000th of a second (20kHz). This ensures, that the sample is exposed to the accurate amplitude during the full sonication time.

ASTM G32-92 Cavitation Test Setup

The devices UIP500hd, UIP1000hd and UIP2000hd are suitable for ASTM G32-92 testing. We can supply each of these units with an accurate amplitude measurement protocol of the mechanical amplitude at the sonotrode tip. We recommend using either of these devices with a sonotrode BS2d22 (22mm diameter) and a stand ST2.

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