Utrasonic topic: "Ultrasonic Lysis and Cell Disruption"

Lysis is the term which describes the disruption of cell walls or membranes. Ultrasonic disruptors are a reliable tool to break cells in order to release intracellular compounds such as DNA, proteins, organelles, and phytochemicals. For ultrasonic lysis (aka cell disruption), high-intensity / low-frequency ultrasound waves are applied to disrupt the cell membranes. Since ultrasonication promotes mass transfer, the intracellular material is released into the surrounding solvent. The fluid containing the contents of lysed cells is called a lysate.
Cell lysis is the first step in cell fractionation, organelle isolation and protein extraction and purification.
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Ultrasonic extraction devices such as the UP200St or UP200Ht are powerful and reliable tools for the extraction of organic and inorganic compounds from samples. (Click to enlarge!)

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Ultrasonic cuphorn for the uniform and intense sonication of up to 5 closed tubes and vials for uniform and rapid sterile sample homogenisation.

Ultrasonic CupHorn

The Hielscher Ultrasonic CupHorn is the world's most advanced ultrasonic cuphorn. The ultrasonic intensity of the Hielscher CupHorn exceeds conventional ultrasonic baths by a thousand times. Precise control and user-friendliness ensure reliable and repeatable outcomes and comfortable operation. That’s why


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