Utrasonic topic: "How to facilitate the Sample Preparation "

In daily laboratory work, sample preparation is a procedure in which a sample is treated prior to its analysis. Ultrasonic lab homogenizers are a reliable and powerful tool to prepare samples before common analysis steps such as chromatography (e.g. GC, LC, UPLC, IC), mass spectrometry (e.g. GC/MS, TD GC-MS, LC/MS), microscopy (e.g. SEM, TEM), surface analysis (e.g. SEM, TEM, EDX, XRD, FTIR), elemental analysis techniques etc.
Ultrasoniators fulfil common sample preparation tasks such as homogenising of solids and liquids, emulsifying of two or more immiscible liquids, dispersing powders, milling of nanoparticles, extracting of bioactive compounds or analytes, deaerating and degassing of samples etc. rapidly and reliable.
Since Hielscher ultrasonic devices can precisely controlled, all sonication results are reproducible. Furthermore, all ultrasonically obtained results can be linearly scaled to smaller or larger volumes. This facilitates the reproduction of sample preparation and analytical results significantly.

Hielscher Ultrasonics manufactures various ultrasonic lab homogenizers such as hand-held and stand-mounted devices, the VialTweeter for the simultaneous indirect sonication of up to 10 vials without cross-contamination or the SonoStep, a sample prep unit which combines sonication, stirring and pumping in one compact system. Digital touch-screen, integrated SD for automatic data protocoling and sample illumination ensure user-friendliness and comfort.
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Hielscher Ultrasonics UP200Ht (200W, 26kHz) ultrasonicator

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