Industry-Specific Ultrasonic Solutions

Hielscher ultrasonic devices are used in many industries, such as renewable fuels & biomass, food & beverage, paint & ink, coatings, wire and cable, or chemical processing.

Algae Growth and Algae Oil Extraction

Strong synergetic effects can be observed when combining enzymatic treatment with sonication.

Hielscher ultrasonic devices are applied to continuous algae reactors to remove algae film from the transparent surface. After the algae growth and thickening, ultrasonic cavitation is used for the extraction of algae oil, proteins and other valuable compounds.

Biodiesel from Vegetable Oil and Animal Fat

Upgrade plants with Hielscher ultrasonic mixing reactors to imporve efficiency and biodiesel yield!

Biodiesel is a renewable fuelan alternative to diesel fuel made from petroleum. Biodiesel is made by transesterification from sources, such as vegetable oil, algae oil, animal fats or grease. The manufacturing of biodiesel involves the catalytic reaction with alcohol. Ultrasonic mixing of the oil, fat or grease with the alcohol improves the reaction speed and yield significantly. This reduces investment and operational costs.

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Chemistry / Sonochemistry

Ultrasonic cavitation generated by highly intense ultrasonic waves in aqueous media.Sonochemistry is the application of ultrasound to chemical reactions and processes. The mechanism causing sonochemical effects in liquids is the phenomenon of acoustic cavitation. The sonochemical effects to chemical reactions and processes include increase in reaction speed and/or output, more efficient energy usage, performance improvement of phase transfer catalysts, activation of metals and solids or increase in the reactivity of reagents or catalysts.

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Ultrasonic Dispersion and Synthesis of Nanomaterials

Ultrasonic dispersing of nanomaterials, such as silica.Hielscher ultrasonic devices are used in the synthesis of nanomaterials as well as in the formulation of compounds and composites containing nano-materials. This includes the use of ultrasonics during precipitation and the deagglomeration of nano-size materials, like metal oxides or carbon nanotubes.

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Ultrasonic batch reactor for industrial processes.

The closed batch reactor made from stainless steel is equipped with the ultrasonicator UIP2000hdT (2kW, 20kHz).

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Sonicators for the Dispersion of Ink & Инкјет

Ultrasonic dispersing, milling and grinding of inkjet inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)The dispersing and size reduction of pigments in inkjet inks and printing inks is a typical application of Hielscher ultrasonic devices. The ultrasonic cavitation deagglomerates micro-size and nano-size materials to single-dispersed particles.

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Паинт & Цоатинг

Ultrasound is used in the formulation of paints and coatings for:

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Ultrasonic Wire, Cable and Strip Cleaning

Highly intense ultrasonics for the cleaning of wire and cable.Ultrasonic cleaning is an environmentally friendly alternative for the cleaning of continuous materials, such as wire and cable, tape or tubes. The effect of the cavitation generated by the ultrasonic power removes lubrication residues like oil or grease, soaps, stearates or dust.

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Ultrasonics for the Production and Refining of Oil & Gas and Renewable Fuels

Ultrasonic devices are used in fuel research facilities and the production of fuels, such as biodiesel, bioethanol or biogas

Hielscher ultrasonic devices are used in fuel research facilities and processing plants for the ultrasonication of mineral and renewable fuels. This applications include >NOx-reduction, the desulfurization of crude oils and diesel, biodiesel manufacturing, sludge disintegration and bioethanol production.

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Sonicators for the Manufacturing of Food & пића

Ultrasonic processing of foods to increase shelf life and flavor.The use of ultrasonics in the food industry is not limited to the disintegration of cells, the inactivation of enzymes and to the dispersion and emulsification of food ingredients and additives. Hielscher ultrasonic devices are also used in the leak testing of soda bottles and cans as well as in the degassing of liquids, or the crystal fragmentation, e.g. sugar crystals in chocolate. Ultrasonication is a non-thermal alternative to conventional heat-treatment for liquid food and drinks, such as sauces, honey, smoothies, or milk.

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This video explains, why you should consider Hielscher sonicators for your mixing, extraction, emulsification, dispersing, homogenizing or degassing applications. Learn how ultrasonication improves liquid products, reduces production costs, and can help you to make new and better products.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Ultrasonics in Your Production

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Sonication for the Cosmetic Industry

SunscreenThe formulation of new cosmetic products involves many processing challenges, such as the disintegration of cells and solids, or the dispersion and dissolving of powders into liquids. For such processes, as well as for the production of stable emulsions, degassing и Хомогенизирање Hielscher offers ultrasonic mixing equipment for use in both, laboratory research and industrial production.

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Ultrasonicator UP200St (200W) dispersing carbon black in water using 1%wt Tween80 as surfactant.

Ultrasonic Dispersion of Carbon Black using the ultrasonicator UP200St

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