Utrasonic topic: "Ultrasonic sonotrodes or probes"

A sonotrode is an accessory used in combination with an ultrasonic processor to transmit ultrasonic / acoustic waves into a liquid. The sonotrode is mostly a conical or tapered rod, also called ultrasonic probe, tip, horn or finger. Often made from titanium, ultrasonic sonotrodes / probes alternatively can made from other alloys, ceramic or glass.
The vibrations generated by the ultrasonic processor are transmitted via the sonotrode applies to a gas, liquid, solid or tissue. The displacement of the horizontal surface of the sonotrode is called amplitude. High amplitudes generated by high-power ultrasound used for manifold applications in research and industry include homogenization, dispersing, emulsification, wet-milling, extraction, disintegration, sonochemical reactions and many others.
Hielscher Ultrasonics manufactures various sonotrode sizes and geometries. The Hielscher CascatrodesTM are special design sonotrodes for the effective sonication at elevated ultrasonic power levels.

Ultrasonic sonotrodes at different sizes

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