Ultrasonic Sieve Shakers for Laboratories

The ultrasonic sieve shaker for laboratory sieves from Hielscher sieves, fractionates, classifies or separates powders quickly and reliably. The ultrasonic ring is simply clamped between standard lab sieves or test sieves. The ultrasonic vibrations are transmitted to all sieves in the sieve stack.

Ultrasonic Sieve Shaker for Efficient Powder Screening

Mineral or metallic powders, pigments or powder coatings, crystalline materials, spices, soil samples, cement powders or ceramic mixtures… – The Hielscher ultrasonic sieving system is suitable for almost all materials. In fact, many wet powders and slurries can be ultrasonically screened, too.

This video of the Ultrasonic Lab Sieve Shaker demonstrates the fast and reliable sieving using ultrasonic sieve agitation

Ultrasonic Lab Sieve Shaker - Hielscher Ultrasonics

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Using the ultrasonic sieve shaker is very easy: When stacking the test sieves, the ultrasonic ring is positioned between two sieves and tighten as usual. You can also use the ultrasonic sieve shaker together with conventional sieve shakers.

Ultrasonic sieve shaker with stacked sieves for powder screening.

Ultrasonic sieve shaker with stacked sieves for powder screening.

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Ultrasonic sieving has considerable advantages over traditional sieve shakers. The high-frequency vibrations, which agitate of the sieve mesh do not cause overstretching of the mesh. As a result, the mesh does not lose its tension prematurely. With ultrasonic sieves also larger powder quantities can be sieved easily at once.
Furthermore, using ultrasonic vibrations prevents that the material to be screened is shifted horizontally over the screen mesh. This prevents the material from being abraded. Especially with abrasive powders, conventional sieve shakers also cause a strong abrasive wear of the sieve mesh itself. With the Hielscher ultrasonic sieve shaker you can use your sieves much longer!

The ultrasonic vibrations activate the entire sieve surfaceright to the edge. This leads to more accurate sieving results.

Hielscher Ultrasonic Sieve ShakerEasy and Flexible to Use

Ultrasonic sieve shaker for efficient and reliable powder screening applications in laboratories.The Hielscher ultrasonic sieve shaker is available for all standard laboratory sieves and test sieves with 200mm or 8 inch diameter. In addition, Hielscher also manufactures sieve shakers for other diameters and for customer specific requirements.

Of course, the Hielscher ultrasonic sieve shaker can be operated continuously, e.g. to sieve powder coatings, metal powders or other materials continuously in production or to separate lumps and agglomerates from powders.

Ultrasonic sieve shaker with sieving tower for powder screening.

Ultrasonic sieve shaker with sieving tower: Ultrasonic vibrations agitate the sieves for efficient screening of powders.

The intensity of the ultrasonic vibrations can be easily adjusted on the generator, thereby controlling the intensity of sieving. A timer and a fully adjustable interval mode are of course standard.

Hielscher Ultrasonics devices are exclusively manufactured in Germany. Hielscher Ultrasonics is an owner-managed, ISO-certified company with 30 years of experience in ultrasonics.

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