Ultrasound In Paper Manufacturing

Ultrasound can be used in manufacturing paper and in paper recycling processes for:

  • preventing watermarks or lines that would reduce the paper quality, by degassing the pulp
  • enhancing the fibrillation of the pulp fibres
    • replacement and/or enhancement of beating and/or refining stages
    • using less energy than conventional beating processes
    • fibre strength is maintained and chemical reactions (such as TDF bleaching) are assisted
  • enhancing the breakdown of wood chip into pulp or for the breakdown of used paper into pulp for reprocessing into recycled paper
  • extracting of dirt, oil, printed inks (de-inking), colorants, or lacquer from paper during the process of recycling (fibre cleaning)
  • dewatering
  • reduction of microbes in whitewater
  • spaying liquids onto the manufactured paper (such as coating)
  • Homogenizing atau Dispersing / Penyebaran of paper slurries

Most of these processes can be retrofitted to work inline. We will be glad to assist you in choosing the right equipment for your particular paper process.

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