UIP1000-Exd1.0kW ATEX Ultrasonic Mixer

The UIP1000-Exd (20kHz, 1000W) is designed for the ultrasonication of flammable liquids, e.g. solvents in hazardous environments (ATEX). It is used for applications, such as emulsifying, dispersing & particle fine milling, or homogenizing.

The ATEX certified UIP1000-Exd is manufactured for ultrasonic processing applications in hazardous areas.The UIP1000-Exd is ATEX certified in accordance with DIN EN 60079-0, 60079-1 and 60079-11 (EU-Standards II 2G Ex de IIA T4 ATEX and II 2G Ex d e ib [ib] IIA T4 ATEX). The UIP1000-Exd is a turn-key ultrasonication system for process R&D or industrial processing.

(Click for larger view!) Explosion-proof ultrasonic system (ATEX) for the ultrasonic processes in hazardous environments.The transducer, and the flow cell are constructed in stainless steel. The sonotrode is made of titanium. The UIP1000-Exd has the same performance features and applications as the basic UIP1000hd. Due to its explosion proof construction it can be used for the efficient inline mixing and dispersing of solvents, e.g. in the production of biodiesel or for the dispersing of solvent based paints or inks. The flow cell geometry can be easily adapted to the process requirements in terms of pipe/hose connections, internal volume or sonotrode size. Of course, the flow cell is pressurizable to up to 5.9barg (100psig) in order to work at higher cavitation intensities. The flow cell is jacketed for temperature control during ultrasonication.

(Click for larger view!) Explosion-proof ultrasonic mixer for the mixing, dispersing and emulsifying in hazardous environments (ATEX).The flow cell is located inside a stainless steel noise-insulating chamber. Typical processing capacities of the UIP1000-Exd range from 1 to 5m³ (220 to 1100 gallons) per day. The UIP1000-Exd is designed to require very little space. The complete ultrasonic system is 1.7m (67 inch) high and the footprint is approx. 0.25m² (2.7sqft). The operational ultrasonic unit weighs 110kg (243lbs). The UIP1000-Exd is available for 115V~ or 230V~ (single phase).

The explosion-proof design makes the UIP1000-Exd the perfect ultrasonic device for the manufacturing of paints, varnishes, inks, coatings and other chemical products. Further applications include the processing of fuels (e.g. biodiesel) or pharmaceutical applications (e.g. Hexane based extraction).

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  • UIP1000 Ultrasonic Generator

    ultrasonic frequency 20kHz, automatic frequency tuning system, amplitude 25 micron, amplitude adjustable from 50 to 100%, dry running protected, with interface for remote control or UPC-control, 3m cable transducer to generator, with mounting tools, transducer and generator explosion proof (ATEX, FM), titanium horn with female thread M14x1 System: approx. (LxWxH) 435x575x1700mm, 110kg

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Model Technical Verification Certification Numbers

IBExU08ATE1016(X) for transducer for ultrasonic processor type UIP1000T-Ex

IBExU08ATE1017(X) for generator for ultrasonic processor type UIP1000G-Ex

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