Utrasonic topic: "Ultrasonication: Applications and Benefits"

Ultrasonication is the application of intense ultrasound waves into liquids and slurries. The acoustic cavitation generated by intense sonication creates energy-dense conditions such as high pressure and temperature differentials as well as high shear forces and turbulences. Those forces agitate particles, break droplets and disrupt cells causing homogenisation, dispersion, emulsification and extraction effects. Read more about ultrasonication and its multiple applications!

Hielscher Ultrasonics assists you from first test to the commercialization of your application.

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Ultrasonicator UIP2000hdT with sonochemical inline reactor for highly efficient sonochemical applications such as sono-catalysis and sono-synthesis.

Synthesis and Functionalization of Zeolites using Sonication

Zeolites including nano-zeolites and zeolite derivatives can be efficiently and reliable synthesized, functionalized and deagglomerated using high-performance ultrasonication. Ultrasonic zeolite synthesis and treatment excels conventional hydrothermal synthesis by efficiency, simplicity, and simple linear scalability to large production. Ultrasonically synthesized zeolites


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