Ultrasonic Leaching of Precious Metals

Power ultrasound is a effective technique to extract metals such as precious metals and rare earths. This process of ultrasonically assisted solid-liquid extraction is known as sono-leaching, lixiviation or washing. Robust industrial ultrasonicators can be easily installed to leach rare earths from ores, to treat mining slurries for a more complete recovery or to separate high-value metals (e.g. Cu, Zn, Ni) from less valuable metals.

The ultrasonic leaching promotes the reaction by mass transfer and dissolution so that higher yields are obtained in shorter extraction time.
The main benefits of ultrasonic leaching are:

  • higher yield
  • more complete leaching
  • reduced reagent consumption
  • milder conditions
  • simple feasibility testing
  • linear scale-up
  • easy installation of full-commercial ultrasound systems
  • very robust ultrasonicators for large volume streams
Ultrasonic leaching allows to extract higher yields in shorter times.

Ultrasound promotes the leaching of precious metals such as gold, silver, iron, or copper. © CreativeCommons

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Ultrasonic tissue homogenizers are often referred to as probe sonicator, sonic lyser, ultrasound disruptor, ultrasonic grinder, sono-ruptor, sonifier, sonic dismembrator, cell disrupter, ultrasonic disperser or dissolver. The different terms result from the various applications that can be fulfilled by sonication.

Power Ultrasound assists chemical processes such as catalysis, synthesis and other reactions. Thereby, sonication can be successfully applied for leaching, extraction or hydrodesulphurization processes.

48kW Ultrasonic Processors for High Volume Streams

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