UPcontrol V2.3 WINPC-Interface

As an option, our ultrasonic processors can be equipped or retrofitted with an UPcontrol package. This PC-control gives automation of the ultrasonic process parameters, such as amplitude, pulse/cycle, operating time or alternatively the actual energy input. It serves for the monitoring and recording of those parameters, too. You can display the following features in a time based table or diagram.

  • gross ultrasonic power,
  • effective ultrasonic power, that is transmitted into the liquid medium,
  • effective energy input, and
  • temperature (optional).

Ultrasonic software controlThe PC-control is connected to a laptop or a PC (MS Windows®) using the serial or USB interface. The PC-control serves as an efficient support in optimizing processes and in creating a compulsory test record.

Below, you find the appropriate PC-card for each ultrasonic device.

laboratory device UP50HUP400SUPC-LabUPCT-Lab
industry device UIP500hd – UIP16000UPC-IUPCT-I

In addition to the standard PC-control Hielscher Ultrasonics offers, an interface which allows for communication of the ultrasonic system with a central PLC for industrial applications.

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