Utrasonic topic: "Common applications of Ultrasonic Dispersers"

Ultrasonic dispersers are a reliable tool to disperse and deagglomerate micron- and nano-sized particles into uniform suspensions. Besides the common dispersing application, ultrasonic dispersers (also known as probe-type ultrasonicators) are used for manifold other processes in lab and industry.
The application fields of ultrasonic dispersers include liquid-solid mixtures, emulsification, extraction, disintegration and cell lysis, sonochemical reactions and many more.
Common applications of ultrasonic dispersers are the production of stable nano-emulsions and -suspensions; sample preparation e.g. soil samples to identify the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs); degassing and deaeration of samples; as well as the functionalization, activation and cleaning of particle surfaces (e.g. catalysts).

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1.5kW ultrasonic device for particle processing (Click to enlarge!)

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Industrial ultrasonic extraction system with 16kW for continuous inline manufacturing of high-quality botanical extracts from using water as extraction solvent.

High-Performance Adhesive FormulationsImproved by Ultrasonic Dispersion

High-performance adhesives are composed from epoxy, silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide, or acrylic systems containing various (nano-)fillers and additives, which give the adhesive special performance such as bond strength, light weight, durability, heat-resistance, and sustainability. Efficient and reliable mixing is required to

Ultrasonic dispersion is a highly efficient technology for detangling and deagglomerating nanoparticles. Therefore, ultrasonicators from Hielscher Ultrasonics are widely used in industry to produce larger-scale nanodispersions and nano-structured suspensions.

Reliable Nanoparticle Dispersion for Industrial Applications

High power ultrasonication can efficient and reliably break-up particle agglomerates and even disintegrate primary particles. Due to its high-performance dispersion performance, probe-type ultrasonicators are used as preferred method to create homogeneous nanoparticle suspensions. Reliable Nanoparticle Dispersion by Ultrasonication Many industries


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