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Utrasonic ämne: "ultraljud kavitation"

Ultrasonic cavitation, also acoustic cavitation, describes the generation of intense cavitation by means of power ultrasound. When high power, low frequency ultrasound waves are coupled into liquid, alternating high-pressure / low-pressure cycles occur. During those alternating pressure cycles minute vacuum bubbles or gas pockets are generated. After the initial formation of the cavitation bubble, subsequent cavity dynamics involve growth and finally the collapse of the vacuum bubble. The cavities grow over several cycles until they reach a point, when the vacuum bubble cannot absorb more energy, so that the void implodes violently. During the bubble collapse, locally extreme energy-dense conditions occur. In these cavitationalhot spots, temperature of up to 5000K, pressures of up to 2000atm, corresondingly high temperature and pressure differentials as well as liquid jets with up to 120m/s.
These intense forces are used for manifold applications such as homogenization, emulsification of two or more immiscible phases, dispersion and deagglomeration of (nano-)particles, wet-milling, cell lysis, extraction, leaching, sonochemical reactions and many more.
Hielscher Ultrasonics is specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-performance ultrasonic processors and reactors. Covering the whole range from lab, bench-top and industrial ultrasonic systems, Hielscher can offer you the most suitable ultrasonic processor for your application and process target.
Read more about acoustic cavitation and its applications in lab, R&D and industry!

Ultraljud/akustisk kavitation skapar mycket intensiva krafter som öppnar cell väggarna kallas lysis (Klicka för att förstora!)Ultraljud/akustisk kavitation skapar mycket intensiva krafter som öppnar cell väggarna kallas lysis (Klicka för att förstora!)

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This page is a collection of videos. Ultrasonic Cold Extraction of Tea Ultrasonic Extraction of Mushrooms [video m4v="https://www.hielscher.com/flash/up100h-extraction-saffron-threads-p0853x0480.m4v" mp4="https://www.hielscher.com/flash/up100h-extraction-saffron-threads-p0853x0480.mp4" ogv="https://www.hielscher.com/flash/up100h-extraction-saffron-threads-p0853x0480.ogv" webm="https://www.hielscher.com/flash/up100h-extraction-saffron-threads-p0853x0480.webm" poster="https://www.hielscher.com/flash/up100h-extraction-saffron-threads-p0853x0480.jpg" loop="on"


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