Custom Development for Ultrasonic Process Solutions

Hielscher Ultrasonics has a highly experienced R&D team of technical designers and engineers, which allows to offer the development and customized manufacturing of high-power ultrasound systems and processes.

Our development services include the following services:

Our technical engineer services, which includes suggestions and approaches to solve specific problems, technical drawings (CAD) and documentation as well as recommendations regarding realization possibilities. Adjacently, the customized design will be realized as prototypebuilt and tested.

We offer solutions to overcome your process difficulties!

Ultrasonic solutions for demanding process requirements, e.g.:

  • high viscosities (e.g. polymers), low viscosities (e.g. solvents)
  • high temperatures (e.g. metal melts), low temperatures (e.g. liquid nitrogen)
  • high pressure (e.g. 300barg), low pressure (e.g. 0.010mbar)
  • solvents and supercritical liquids / fluids
We develop customized solutions for an optimal ultrasonic process!

Customized ultrasonic setup

Customized ultrasonic equipment:

  • custom frequency / power transducers and generators
  • airborne ultrasonics, e.g. standing wave for separation or levitation
  • air-cooled, convection-cooled or liquid-cooled transducers
  • wide range of generator supply voltages, e.g. 12VDC or 480VAC-3P
  • special ultrasonic reactors (volume, materials, geometries, designs) or integration into existing reactors
  • special ultrasonic probes / ultrasonic horns, that are adapted to special:
  • frequencies, e.g. 10kHz to 200kHz
    resonance patterns, e.g. axial, radial, torsional
    shapes and designs, e.g. spherical end, concave or convex end, distal end, cascatrode
    materials, such as titanium, ceramic, glass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, hasteloy, glass fiber, niobium, molybdenum,

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  • ultrasonic chemical reactors
  • customized sound insulation cabinets
  • custom controls and programming
  • automated sample/part handling systems
  • explosion proof designs and purgeable designs
  • private label or OEM manufacturing
  • custom ultrasonic cleaning machines
  • special certifications (e.g. material certificates, ATEX, UL,)
  • onsite installation service & training

Power ultrasound solutions for special applications:

  • ultrasonics for mechanical applications such as:
  • structural material testing (e.g. ASTM, crack detection)
    machine part agitation
    reactor wall / pipe wall agitation
    ultrasonic sieve frame agitation
    ultrasonic welding and bonding

    ultrasonic cutting (e.g. continuous ultrasonic inline cutting blades)
    ultrasonic metal forming, e.g. wire drawing
    ultrasonic drilling and milling

  • ultrasonics for machine integration, e.g. container leak testing
  • custom process evaluation and process development

Toll manufacturing:

Hielscher Ultrasonics has industrial high power ultrasonic systems to process your materials. Click here to learn more about our ultrasonic toll processing services!

Customized extruder block to couple power ultrasound into extrusion processes

Customized extruder block to couple power ultrasound into extrusion processes

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