Utrasonic topic: "High-intensity, low-frequency ultrasound"

High-intensity, low-frequency ultrasound, also known as high-power ultrasonics, is used for manifold applications such as mixing and homogenizing, wet-milling and dispersing, emulsification, extraction, disintegration and sonochemical reactions. High-power ultrasound is a processes intensifying method, which excels conventional methods by resulting in a narrower particle size distribution (e.g. by ultrasonic dispersing & homogenizing), giving higher yield (e.g. in ultrasonic extraction and sonochemistry), accelerated process speed and simple operation. Further advantages of ultrasonic processing are the linear scalability from lab to industrial size; being a non-thermal process, which prevents the thermal decomposition of heat-sensitive materials; and the option of retro-fitting existing systems for synergistic effects.
Hielscher Ultrasonic is spezialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of high-performance ultrasonic systems covering the full range from smaller lab and bench-top ultrasonicators to full-size production systems for high volume processes.
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Ultrasonically cavitation generated on the horn of the UIP1500hd - a 1.5kW ultrasonic device. For better visibility, the liquid has been illuminated with blue light from the bottom of the glass column.

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