Ultrasonic Wire Draw Cleaning

For ultrasonic wire draw cleaning, high-intensity ultrasound waves are superimposed on conventional wire dies. Intense vibrations are generated by high amplitudes of an ultrasonic processor and directly coupled via wire die into the metal working piece (e.g., wires, rods, tubes). Ultrasonic draw cleaning works efficiently by using water as cleaning agent. The ultrasonically agitated die operates at reduces friction, removes unwanted residues and refines the surface and morphology of the processed endless material. Overall, ultrasonic wire draw cleaning is highly energy- and cost-efficient cleaning technique, which results in superior material outcome.

Ultrasonic Wire Drawing and Draw Cleaning

Hielscher Ultrasonics manufactures an ultrasonically vibrating wire die holder that works with standard wire dies of up to 42mm outer diameter. The ultrasonic agitation reduces the line tension required for the diameter reduction significantly. This can be used to increase line speed or to increase the size reduction per drawing step. With this technology, many materials such as copper, steel or aluminum can be drawn with pure water instead of oil or drawing soap.

Ultrasonic wire drawing and draw cleaning improves metal surface morphology and quality significantly.

Ultrasonic wire drawing and draw cleaning: The left pic. shows the wire surface of drawn wire with water WITHOUT ultrasound; the right pic. shows drawn wire with water WITH ultrasound.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Wire Drawing and Draw Cleaning:

  • Surface reduction of up to 36,5% per drawing run (in contrast to the conventional 6%)
  • Higher wire drawing velocities (increase by the factor of 3 when compared to wire drawing without ultrasound)
  • Production of thinner wire diameters
  • Reduction of drawing traction (50% of drawing tensile force at vs/vz = 2-3; 25% of drawing tensile force at vs/vz = 6)
  • Ultrasound allows for substitution of lubrication (e.g. water) plus superior cleaning effectsImproved wire surface morphology and quality

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ultrasonically vibrating wire die holder that works with standard wire dies of up to 42mm outer diameter

ultrasonically vibrating wire die holder

Ultrasonic vibration reduces the friction between wire die and metal workpiece (e.g., wires, tubes, rods). Reducing the friction of drawing and thereby the required drawing forces saves energy costs and minimizes wear and tear of the drawing tools. Ultrasonic wire draw cleaning has been successfully applied to various endless materials, e.g. steel, aluminum, titanium and various alloys.

Ultrasonic wire drawing reduces friction, accelerates drawing speed and improves wire surface quality.

Ultrasonically-assisted drawing of aluminum wire (frequency = 19,4kHz, velocity = 30m/min). Process force during ultrasonic wire drawing in relation of sound speed and nominal process speed; A=26,45 µm (52,9 µm peak-peak), v=30 m/min.
Ultrasonically-assisted drawing of aluminum wire (frequency = 19,4kHz, velocity = 30m/min). Process force during ultrasonic wire drawing in relation of sound speed and nominal process speed; A=26,45 µm (52,9 µm peak-peak), v=30 m/min.

Wire Drawing and Cleaning with Water

Cleaning wire with water whilst a simultaneous surface finish of the endless metal or alloy material is improved. Ultrasonic vibrations also reduce uneven deformations of the wire, which enhances surface quality further. The cleaning effects of ultrasonic draw cleaning on non-lubricated wire uses water as cleaning agent and is operated at room temperature. The superposition of high-power ultrasound waves on any conventional wire die improves the overall process efficiency, enables to clean wires efficaciously with water and enhances the surface morphology and quality of metallic endless materials.

Major Advantages of Hielscher Wire Draw Cleaning Systems

  • unlubricated drawing / cleaning at room temperature
  • work with any standard die
  • high amplitudes, intense vibrations
  • longitudinal application of forces
Ultrasonic wire drawing system with wire die

Hielscher’s ultrasonic wire drawing systems are compatible with any standard wire die.

A typical setting of wire draw cleaning with the UIP1000hdT

  • wire drawing speed: 120 m/min
  • amplitude 50µm (= max. sound velocity 188 m/min)
  • any conventional wire die

The application of ultrasonic vibrations to the drawing and draw cleaning of any metal endless material exhibits significant benefits to the process efficiency (accelerated speed, reduced friction, water as cleaning agent, drawing without lubrication using water) and the finished product (improved surface morphology and quality).

Ultrasonically vibrating wire die for enhanced wire drawing

Improved wire drawing with ultrasonically agitated wire die

Why Should You Consider Ultrasonic Wire Draw Cleaning?

  • applicable to all metals and alloys
  • reduced friction between die and wire
  • simultaneous cleaning with water
  • increased drawing speed
  • works at room temperature
  • minimized forming forces
  • reduced flow stress
  • improved surface morphology
  • energy and cost efficient
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High-Performance Ultrasonic Processors for Wire Draw Cleaning

Ultrasonic processor UIP1000hdT for vibrating wire dies for improved wire drawing and cleaningHielscher Ultrasonics’ wire draw cleaning systems combine the industrial high-power ultrasonic processor UIP1000hdT with any standard wire die in order to couple intense vibrations onto the drawing tool.
Hielscher Ultrasonics industrial-grade ultrasonic processors are reliable and robust. Continuous operation for 24/7/365 under full load and in demanding environments is a feature of Hielscher’s high-performance ultrasonic equipment.

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