Extracción síis ja' ultrasónica u psilocibina

Isolating psilocybin from fresh and dried fungi of the psilocybe species is known to be time-consuming and often quite inefficient. With ultrasonic extraction psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin and norbaeocystin are rapidly extracted from fresh and dried psilocibe mushrooms. Ultrasonic extraction breaks the cell walls of the mushroom so that the bioactive substances are completely released, so that a highly efficient and rapid extraction process is achieved.

Ultrasonic Psilocybin Extraction

Ultrasonic extraction is used successfully in many industries such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and fine-chemical industry to extract and isolate bioactive compounds and other substances from raw materials. The ultrasonic technique is considered as highly efficient, rapid, reliable, safe and easy to operate as well as environmental-friendly extraction method. Due to these advantages, the ultrasonically-assisted extraction (UAE) outperforms alternative extraction methods. Compounds such as psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin and norbaeocystin are already successfully extracted using Hielscher Ultrasonics equipment. The ultrasonic extraction of psychedelic compounds gives high yields of superior extract quality within a turbo-extraction procedure. Ultrasonic extraction is compatible with any solvent and allows for the production of full-spectrum extracts.

Ultrasonidos u ti'al jump'éel método extracción rápida yéetel susulkij producir extracto seta ka'anal calidad. Ti' le video, jump'éel UP400St ku meyajtiko'ob utia'al u extrakción shitake.

Cold-Water Mushroom Extraction using the ultrasonic extractor UP400St with 22mm probe S24d22L2

Ultrasonic probe S24d22L2 at ultrasonic processor UP400St for botanical extraction

Le ultrasonicador UP400St is a powerful extractor for the isolation of psilocybin from mushrooms

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Yanak ti' tu yilaje' k Política yojeta'al mixba'al.

extracción ultrasónica – A Cold Extraction Technique

Bioactive compounds are heat-sensitive, which means they degrade and decompose under high temperatures so that they loose their effect and potency. Therefore, most botanical extraction benefit from a non-thermal extraction method, which is not based on heat a basic working principle. Ultrasonic extraction is a purely mechanical extraction technique, which working principle is the generation of acoustic cavitation.
What is Ultrasonic Cavitation and How does it Impact Extraction?
For instance, when a liquid is sonicated with an ultrasound probe at 20kHz, 20,000 vibrations per second are transmitted into the medium. The ultrasonic waves travel through the liquid, where they create alternating high-pressure (compression) / low-pressure (rarefaction or expansion) cycles. During the low-pressure vacuum cycle, minute vacuum bubbles or cavities occur in the liquid, which grow over several pressure cycles. During the compression phase of the liquid and bubbles, the pressure is positive, while the rarefaction phase produces a vacuum (negative pressure.) During the compression-expansion cycles, the cavities in the liquid grow until they reach a size, at which they cannot absorb more energy. At this point, they implode violently. The implosion of those cavities results in various highly energetic sonomechanical effects, which are known as the phenomenon of acoustic / ultrasonic cavitation. During the implosion of ultrasonic cavitation bubbles, extreme energy dense forces such as high shear, liquid streaming and turbulences are created in the sonicated liquid. These cavitational forces disrupt cell walls of plant tissues and release the intracellular compounds, including bioactive substances such as the hallucinogenics psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin and norbaeocystin from mushroom species. The alternating high-pressure/low-pressure cycles also promote intense mass transfer rates, which results in the superior extraction yield obtained by sonication. Ultrasonic extraction can release the complete active substance content from botanicals.

Ultrasonic Psilocybin Extraction: Step-by-Step

You can extract psilocybin and other bioactive substances from mushrooms using water, ethanol or 200 proof ethyl alcohol as solvents.
Chop the fresh or dried psilocybin mushrooms into small bits and pieces. You can use caps and stems. Both contain the psychoactive compounds, however the caps consistently are richer in psilocybin. The spores do not contain psilocybin.
Place the chopped mushrooms in a glass beaker and fill it with cold water.
Optionally, you might place the glass beaker in an ice bath to keep the process temperature as cold as possible.
The sonicated slurry turn blue with blue water containing extracted psilocybin from the mushroom fruits.
Separate the mushroom pieces and debris by straining or filtering. Optionally, keep the mushroom material from filtration for a second extraction run using either water or ethanol.
Use an evaporation system to remove the solvent. 1 to 2 grams of dried magic mushrooms should yield in approx. 1cc of final extract. As mushrooms are a natural product, the content of psychedelic substances can vary.
Fill the final extract into a dark glass container or vial and store in the freezer.
By an optional crystallization step, the shelf-life of the psilocybin extract can be prolonged further.

Ultrasonic extractor UP400St (400 watts, 24kHz) for the extraction of psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin and norbaeocystin from mushrooms

UP400Sta 400 watts powerful ultrasonic probe-type extractor for the extraction of psilocybin from mushrooms

Ventajas le extracción ultrasónica

  • extracción asab completa
  • Rendimientos asab ka'anatako'ob
  • séeba'an tuukula'
  • Cold extraction / Non-thermal process
  • Compatible yéetel je'el disolvente
  • Chéen ch'a'abil yéetel seguro u operar
  • Yáanal mantenimiento

Psilocybin-Containing Mushrooms

The most well-known psilocybin-containing mushroom is the species Psilocybe cubensis. Ultrasonic extraction is used to extract full-spectrum extracts from mushrooms.Psilocybin can be found in more than 200 species of mushrooms of the four fungus genera Conocybe. Panaeolus, Psilocybe, Stropharia, which are all suitable for extracting the the active compound psilocybin ultrasonically. In general, mushrooms that contain psilocybin exhibit the following characteristics: They have dark spores, are lamella / gills fungi, grow mostly in humus-rich soil in meadows and woods of tropical and sub-tropical regions and exhibit blue bruises which occurs due to an oxidative reaction, when the mushroom is handled or damaged.
The most well-known species of psilocybin-containing mushroom is Psilocybe cubensis, which contains two psycho-active compounds, psilocybin and psilocin. Commonly known as shrooms, magic mushrooms, golden tops, cubes, or gold caps, Psilocybe cubensis belongs to the fungus family Hymenogastraceae, and was formerly known as Stropharia cubensis. As it is widely distributed and easy to cultivate, Psilocybe cubensis is the best-known pscilocybin-containing mushroom species.
Psilocybe cubensis is probably the most famous for its hallugcinogenic effects, which are caused mainly by the active compounds triggering psychedelic experiences after ingestion. Its major psychoactive compounds are:

  • Psilocybin (4-phosphoryloxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine)
  • Psilocin (4-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine)
  • Baeocystin (4-phosphoryloxy-N-methyltryptamine)
  • Norbaeocystin (4-phosphoryloxytryptamine)

Ventajas le kaambalilo'ob extracción ultrasónica

The advantages of ultrasonic extraction are the high extraction yield of psychedelic compounds (i.e. psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin, norbaeocystin), the free choice of solvent (e.g. water, ethanol, water-alcohol mixture etc.), as well as the simple and safe operation. Due to the intensive mechanical forces of sonication, ecological and mild solvents such as water, ethanol etc. are usually sufficient to achieve an extraordinary extraction rate and yield. As a result, ultrasonic extraction shortens the extraction time and enables a reduced use of solvents or the use of milder, gentler solvents. This means that ultrasonic extraction allows for both, higher extraction rates and healthier extracts (e.g. cold water extracts). Since the process temperature can be precisely controlled during the sonication, thermal decomposition of the extracts due to excessively high temperatures as well as evaporation of the substances are avoided.

Sophisticated Ultrasonicators for Mushroom Extraction

Hielscher Ultrasonics product portfolio covers the full range of high-performance ultrasonic extractors from small to large scale. Additional accessories allow for the easy assembly of the most suitable ultrasonic extractor configuration for your process. The optimal sonication setup depends on the envisaged capacity, volume, raw material, batch or inline process and timeline. Our long-experiences, well-trained staff will recommend you the most suitable ultrasonic extractor and will assist you during the establishing phase of your mushroom extraction process.

extracción ultrasónica – Lote yéetel tu internet ichil

Procesador ultrasónico UIP4000hdT ti', jump'éel potente reactor ultrasónico u 4 kWHielscher ultrasonicators can be used for batch and continuous flow-through processing. Depending on your process volume and hourly throughput, inline processing might be recommended for higher processing volumes. Whilst batching of large violumes is time- and labour-intensive, a continuous inline mixing process comes handy as it is more efficient, faster and requires significantly less labour. Hielscher Ultrasonics has the most suitable extraction setup for your extraction volume and process goals.

Extractores ultrasónicos utia'al Amal Buka'aj u ba'al u producto

Le gama yik'áalil Hielscher Ultrasonics baal tuláakal le espectro procesadores ultrasónicos, tak ultrasonicadores laboratorio compactos te' sistemas piloto yéetel sobremesa tak procesadores ultrasónicos jaatsatako'ob industriales yéetel Buka'aj u ba'al utia'al procesar kuuch camiones tumen p'isib. Le gama completa ti' yik'áalil ku cha'antik k ofrecer ti' le extractor ultrasónico asab yáax utia'al u yo'olal prima, Buka'aj u ba'al u tuukula' yéetel ku producción.
Le kaambalilo'ob ti' sobremesa ultrasónicos le ideales utia'al u pruebas viabilidad yéetel optimización procesos. Le escalado lineal ku ti' le parámetros u tuukula' establecidos ku beetik bixake' jach chéen ch'a'abil u ya'abtal le k'iinil procesamiento lotes asab mejen ti' le producción jaatsatako'ob comercial. Le escalado ascendente u je'el u meentik yo'osal le instalación jump'éel unidad extractora ultrasónica asab potente wa u agrupación ti' clústeres ya'ab ultrasonicadores ti' paralelo. Yéetel le UIP16000, Hielscher k'u'ubul le extractor ultrasónico asab potente ti' le yóok'ol kaaba'.

Amplitudes controlables yéetel precisión tia'al ya'ala'al máaxo'ob máano'ob óptimos

Hielscher's industrial processors of the hdT series can be comfortable and user-friendly operated via browser remote control.All Hielscher ultrasonicators are precisely controllable and thereby reliable work horses in production. The amplitude is one of the crucial process parameters that influence the efficiency and effectiveness of ultrasonic extraction of bioactive phyto-nutrients and hallucinogenic compounds from botanicals. Raw material such as soft fresh mushrooms require milder sonication and lower amplitude settings, whilst dried mushrooms might require sonication at higher amplitudes to release the intracellular content. All Hielscher Ultrasonics’ le procesadores permiten le ajuste preciso ti' le amplitud. Sonotrodes yéetel bak refuerzo k'iine' accesorios ku permiten modificar le amplitud ti' jump'éel rango láayli' asab amplio. Le procesadores ultrasónicos industriales ti' Hielscher páajtal ofrecer amplitudes jach altas ka ofrecer le intensidad ultrasónica k'a'abeto'ob utia'al u aplicaciones exigentes. Le amplitudes tak 200 m ku páajtal ejecutar uchik bix continua ti' funcionamiento 24 leti' 7.
Le ajustes ku amplitud unajilo'ob tu'ux yaan yéetel le supervisión permanente ti' le parámetros le tuukula' ultrasónico yéetel software na'at ts'a'abaj u posibilidad u k'aax u neek' yéetel le condiciones ultrasónicas asab eficaces. Sonicación óptima tia'al ti' ya'ala'al máaxo'ob máano'ob extracción!
Robustez le nu'ukulil ultrasónico u Hielscher ku cha'antik jump'éel funcionamiento 24 leti' 7 ichil meyaj aalo'ob yéetel tu entornos exigentes. Le je'ela' ku beetik u le nu'ukulil ultrasónico u Hielscher Je'en tu'uxe' jump'éel nu'ukula' meyaj fiable cumpla yéetel u requisitos extracción.

Pruebas fáciles yéetel ma' riesgos

Le procesos ultrasónicos ku páajtal escalar completamente linealmente. Lela' u k'áat u ya'al ka janalnake'ex resultado ts'o'ok logrado utilizando jump'éel ultrasonicador u laboratorio wa u sobremesa, ku páajtal escalar exactamente u ti' jump'éelili' kuchil-tíip'ik utilizando exactamente mismos parámetros le tuukula'. Le je'ela' ku beetik u le ultrasonicación bixake' beetike' uts utia'al pruebas viabilidad xma' ku ti', optimización procesos yéetel posterior implementación ti' le fabricación comercial. Búukint u ti' máax ku To'one' utia'al u kanik bix u sonicación u ya'abtal le rendimiento yéetel le ma'alobil u brotes.

Wóolis calidad – Diseñado yéetel fabricado ti' Alemania

Bix u empresa familiar yéetel familiar, Hielscher prioriza le asab ka'anatako'ob estándares calidad utia'al u procesadores ultrasónicos. Le ultrasonicadores táan diseñados, fabricados yéetel probados u yiit ti' k sede ti' Teltow, naats' Berlín, Alemania. Le robustez yéetel fiabilidad le nu'ukulil ultrasónico u Hielscher u suutikuba'ob juntúul tsíimin meyaj ti' u producción. Le funcionamiento 24 leti' 7 molayil kuuch yéetel tu entornos exigentes jach jump'éel característica ku yúuchul ti' le mezcladores ka'anal rendimiento Hielscher.

Tech je'el u páajtal u maan Hielscher procesador ultrasónico ti' je'el Buka'aj jela'an yéetel exactamente configurado utia'al u requisitos tuukula' extracción setas. Tak u Ts'a'akal hongos ti' jump'éel chan vaso u precipitados laboratorio tak le mezcla continua ti' flujo yéetel lodos setas ti' industrial, Hielscher Ultrasonidos k'u'ubul jump'éel ultrasonicador adecuado ti' tech! Much Búukint u ti' máax ku To'one' – Táan k encantados u recomendar le configuración ultrasónica beetike' uts!
Le uláak' tabla ku ts'aik ti' jump'éel indicación le Buka'aj u ba'al u procesamiento u aproximado k ultrasonicators:

Volumen lote Tasa flujo Dispositivos recomendados
1 u 500mL 10 200 mL leti' min UP100H
10 u 2000mL 20 400 mL leti' min. UP200Ht, UP400St
0.1 ti' 20L 0.2 u 4 L leti' min UIP2000hdT
10 ti' 100L 2 10 L leti' min UIP4000hdT
N.a. 10 100 L leti' min UIP16000
N.a. asab nojoch Cluster u UIP16000

Ti' máax ku yéetel to'on! Leti' k'áatiko'ob k!

Solicitar a wojeltik

Meyaj le uláak' formulario utia'al solicitar a'alajil t'aan adicional yo'osal procesadores ultrasónicos, aplicaciones yéetel tojol. K encantados u discutir u tuukula' yéetel tech ka ofrecer ti' jump'éel ultrasónico yaan u cumpla yéetel u requisitos!

Yanak ti' tu yilaje' k Política yojeta'al mixba'al.

Ultrasonic high-shear homogenizers are used in lab, bench-top, pilot and industrial processing.

Hielscher Ultrasonidos fabrica homogeneizadores ultrasónicos u ka'anal rendimiento utia'al u aplicaciones mezcla, dispersión, emulsión yéetel extracción ti' laboratorio, piloto yéetel escala industrial.

Literatura leti' Referencias

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Hechos u tojol le su'utalil K'ajóolt

Hongos mágicos

Hongos, ku ya'alik sustancias psicoactivas leti' psychedelic je'ebix psilocybin yéetel psilocin, baeocystin, le k'ajóolta'ano'ob bix setas psychedelic, hongos mágicos, hongos, trufas yéetel papilla. U yojelo'ob chan asab u 180 ba'alche'ob hongos ku ya'alik psilocibina wa u psilocina derivado.
Setas u Psilocybin le ilegales ti' ya'ab noj lu'umilo'obo', e.g. le E.e.u.u., Canadá, Europa, India. Tu, USA, ku clasifican bey juntúul horario sustancia, controlada kex ts'oonak, le FDA yéetel le DEA séen permitido Jayp'éel mejen, ma'alob controlados xook ti' humanos yóok'ol u potencial uti'al u ti' le ma'alo'ob meyaj ku beetik drogas ts'akankil ka psiquiátricas. Le táanil le psilocibina yéetel láak'o'ob psicodélicos séen sido investigados tumen u táanil yéetel u páajtal Ts'a'akal ti' le trastornos bey cefaleas, trastornos k óol yéetel le adicción.


Psilocybe cubensis jach juntúul ti' le hongos mágicos asab populares u k'u'ubul jump'éel concentración psilocibina mediano u yan 0,63 ti chúumuk psilocibina yéetel 0,60 ti chúumuk psilocin ti' setas le'obi'. Interior setas cultivadas tu su mayoría yaan concentraciones asab altas ti' u compuestos activos.

Azurenscens p'el. 1.78 0.38 0.35
Bohemica p'el. 1.34 0.11 0.02
P'el semilanceata 0.98 0.02 0.36
Baeocystis p'el. 0.85 0.59 0.10
P'el cyanescens 0.85 0.36 0.03
P'el tampanensis 0.68 0.32 N.a.
P'el cubensis 0.63 0.60 0.025
P'el weilii 0.61 0.27 0.05
Hoogshagenii p'el. 0.60 0.10 N.a.
Stuntzii p'el. 0.36 0.12 0.02
Cyanofibrillosa p'el. 0.21 0.04 N.a.
Liniformans p'el. 0.16 N.a. 0.005


Psilocibina le jump'éel sustancia psicoactiva, alucinógena encontrada ti' hongos le géneros Psilocybe, Panaeolina, Panaeolus, Copelandia, Conocybe, Gymnopilus, Stropharia yéetel Pluteus yéetel u considera bey juntúul estupefaciente.
Beyxan ti' kaambalilo'ob psilocybin, psilocin yéetel baeocystin le ka'ap'éel asab sustancias activas encontradas ti' hongos.
Potencia le setas je'el variar ya'ab ts'o'ok u le setas ku jump'éel producto ku yúuchul, ba'ax ku síijil ti' núukik u jeets'. Le ya'la'alo' pak'chaje' le setas diferencian ti' potencia, jach (je'ebix, u ka vástago u yaantal jejeláas concentraciones le compuestos psicoactivos). Vencimiento a meyaj variaciones, le maceración, homogeneización yéetel extracción ultrasónica k'a'ana'antal wáantik xu'ulsiko'ob ku ti' inesperadamente k'a'ankach (wa débiles) dosis psilocibina.
Búukinta'al yéetel táanil: ka' le ma'alo'ob meyaj ku beetik psilocibina, u ts'o'ok divulgado amplia gama subjetivos táanil ku bino'ob tak sentimientos desorientación, letargo, giddiness, euforia, ki'imak óolil, yéetel depresión. Aprox. jump'éel tercio le usuarios experimentan sentimientos ti' ansiedad wa paranoia. Dosis u bajas le droga táan u béeytal u inducir táanil alucinantes, u alucinaciones wicho'ob cerrados, ka / wa sinestesia (le yaan u sensaciones táctiles le ilik le boonilo'ob). U dosis asab altas, u psilocibina u inducir le intensificación ti' le respuestas afectivas, le Buka'aj u ba'al mejorada ti' le introspección, le regresión ti' u tuukul primitivo yéetel infantil, yéetel le activación trazas u vívidas le memoria. Le alucinaciones visuales ti' leelek' náats'al ka páajtal u jach detalladas, kex jela'an ka'atéen confunden yéetel le súutulo'ob jaajil.
Informes anecdóticos, bey xook recientes sugieren ti' jump'éel tin juunal ma'alo'ob meyaj ku beetik psilocibina u ma'alo'obkíinsiko'ob u tuukul reativo yéetel le empatía yéetel tune' je'el u jump'éel Ts'a'akal potencial utia'al u comportamiento nu'ukulo'ob cognitivo yaan ba'ax ka ts'aa. Ya'ala'al máaxo'ob máano'ob le xooko' “Tuukul creativo yéetel empatía” 2019) indican ti' le psilocibina yutstal u tuukul divergente yéetel le empatía emocional sáamal ka' u búukinta'al. Le mejoras ti' u tuukul convergente, le empatía emocional específica ti' valencia yéetel del bienestar persistieron Ukp'éel k'iin ka' u búukinta'al. Cambios subagudos ti' le empatía correlacionados yéetel cambios ti' del bienestar. Le xooko' ku ye'esik u jump'éel tin juunal ma'alo'ob meyaj ku beetik psilocibina ti' jump'éel entorno ts'aa u yaantal asociada yéetel le mejora subaguda u tuukul creativo, le empatía yéetel del bienestar subjetivo.