Ma'alo'obtal u ultrasonido Hielscher

Chun tuukulo' utrasónico: "Fitoquímicos"

Phytochemical is an umbrella term for plant-derived (greek wordphytomeans plant) chemicals, which includes a wide variety of compounds that occur naturally in plants. Many phytochemicals are known for their beneficial effects on human health and are therefore highly valued compounds of nutrition. Terpenes, phytosterols, isothiocyanates, organosulfides, stylbenes, isoflavonoids, alkaloids, phenolic acids and anthocyanides are the most important sub-groups of phytochemicals, which include numerous phytochemicals such as caffeine and theobromine (alkaloids); allicin, glutathione and sulphoraphane (organosulfides); ptherostilbene and resveratrol (stylbenes); or epicatechin, naringin and quercitin (flavonoids) to name just a few.
To use phytochemicals as drugs or nutritional supplements, the plant chemicals must be isolated from the cell matrix. Ultrasonic extraction is a powerful and reliable method to release phytochemicals from plants such as vegetables, herbs, fruits, roots, and bark. Ultrasonic extraction equipment is used in small and large scale, e.g. for the production of terpenes from hemp and cannabis, quercetin from apples, tea and onion, allicin from garlic, caffeine from coffee, theobromine form cocoa beans or ellagic acid from pomegranate.
Intense ultrasound waves are used to create acoustic cavitation, whose shear forces disrupts cell walls and flush the phytochemicals from the cell interior into the solvent. As a non-thermal method, ultrasonic extraction prevents the thermal degradation of heat-sensitive compounds and results in high-quality extracts. High extraction efficiency, (almost) complete extraction, rapid processing and safe operation are further advantages of ultrasonic extraction.
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Ts'a'akal ultrasónico yéetel t.u.m 2kW UIP2000hdTTs'a'akal ultrasónico yéetel t.u.m 2kW UIP2000hdT

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Extracción capsaicina ultrasónica ti' calientes iik

Extracción capsaicina ultrasónica ti' calientes iik

Le capsaicina jach le noj bejo' sabor yéetel compuesto especiado ti' pimientos picantes, bey xan k'ajóolta'an je'el bix xkat. Utia'al u producir capsaicina ka'anal calidad bey sabor aromático yéetel ingrediente medicinal, k'a'abet jump'éel láaka extracción eficiente, ba'ale' O'olkij, utia'al Je'e bix u páajtale' le degradación. Le extracción ultrasónica le…
Extracción ultrasónica u polisacáridos u moots Astragalus Membranaceus

Extracción ultrasónica u polisacáridos u moots Astragalus Membranaceus

Jaanta' Astragalus membranceus (xan llamado Astragalus propinquus) ya'alik le cicloastragenol saponina, ka u activar le telomerasa yéetel bey jayik le longitud le telómeros. Longitud le telómeros ku asocia yéetel le longevidad. Le extracción ultrasónica le tu láaka superior utia'al u aislar le cicloastragenol…
UP400St jíita'al configuración extracción 8L

Extracción ultrasónica u compuestos bioactivos melón k'áaj

Melones amargos u (xan k'ajóolta'an bix manzana amarga, amarga k'úum, k'úum amarga, bálsamo-pera) leti' jump'éel fruta ka'anal ti' compuestos beneficiosos yo'osal ts'aak, bey antioxidantes, flavonoides, fitoesteroles, yéetel saponinas. Le sonicación Jach ma'alob conocida tumen intensificar extracción sustancias bioactivas le botánicos.…
Hielscher Ultrasonics' SonoStation jach jump'éel configuración ultrasónica ch'a'abil u biilankiltej utia'al u escala producción. (Beetik clic utia'al waaj a kóochkinsike'ex!).

Descafeinación ma' disolventes yéetel ultrasonido potencia

Le tuukula' convencional u descafeinación u uk'aj chuuk waj yéetel té k'a'abet u búukinta'al disolventes tóxicos. Le descafeinación ultrasónica jach jump'éel xoknáalo'obo' alternativa ba'ax ku cha'antik tselik le cafeína je'ela' jump'éel extracción yéetel ja' ma' u búukinta'al disolventes agresivos. Le descafeinación ultrasónica le jump'éel…

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